Underworld Office, in Underworld Station, where the living and ghosts are intertwined. Charlie opens their eyes there but doesn’t remember a thing. In order to find their memory, Charlie needs the help of ghosts who are so full of personality, they’re overflowing with uniqueness. But things don’t go as planned. At all.

We present this slightly darker side of the underworld for the players who have grown since [Underworld Office].

📖A visual novel, story game
People grow and mature. We open our eyes to other sides of the world we live in. A more mature Eugene, the star of Underworld Office, and Charlie, who doesn’t have a memory, show us a different side of the Underworld Office. Jump into a unique new world with this chat-based adventure story game where you make the choices!

🎮Game features
– A gruesome but moving story
– An simple and easy game you can play just by tapping on a choice
– A light novel style mystery text adventure game
– A game that will heal your heart as you immerse yourself in the story
– Presents a unique world view just like Undertale does
– Unique, chat-based indie game
– Spunky characters and a fun cast of supporting characters
– Lots of endings to collect, achievements to unlock so you can play multiple times

💯 – If you love mystery games, story games, ghost games, chatting games, make your own adventure games, and visual novels, you’ll love this!

📌Even more!
-Enjoy this visual novel story game with featuring ghosts
-From cute to crabby, meet unique ghost characters
-Solve the ghosts’ mysterious puzzles hidden in their unknown stories.
-This is a choice-based choose your own adventure game that unfolds based on the choices you make.
-There are more stories to be told. We’ll bring you more visual novels, adventure games, and story games.
-Try 7days, also from Buff Studios. Instead of novel-based reading game like Seoul 2033, this game is just like chatting on a messenger app!

👍 You’ll love Charlie in Underworld if you…
– Enjoy visual novels, ghost games, adventure games, and chatting games.
– Enjoy fantasy stories or light novels
– Enjoy moving stories or stories that provide healing for lonely people
– Enjoy free games, indie games, relaxing games
– Enjoy light novels, mystery novels, story games, chatting games
– If you’re tired of plain old story games, this will be the game of your life!
– Enjoy Undertale, Duskwood, 30 Days and other unique indie games.

Please contact regarding bugs or if you have suggestions. We’ll keep creating even more fun visual novels, story games, relaxing games, indie games, and adventure games.

💌 We need your help to make even better games in genres like story games, mystery games. Share this story game with your friends and family, this will really mean a lot to us!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 12, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Buff Studio (Story Games, Calm Games)
Price: Free
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Customer review


Amazing storyline, dont play unless you have played The Underworld Office (the first part of the story)

Mary Andrea Mae Toledo

This game is so cool!! The animation the ways!! I like it!!

Christian Axel



such an awesome game. im not usually one to finish a game, but this got me hooked real quick. thank you for all of your hardwork, i enjoyed this.

ha he

Amazing 👏

Devin Nocterum

I'm really glad I downloaded this game. Still playing it atm. The part with Hayden really touched my spirit. My mum died in March and I've been having a hard time grieving. These games help me because they make me feel my emotions more. Music is soothing, the characters are very well done and the story is amazing. I can't psy much cuz I'm broke but I buy tickets and watch ads.

Sandriwi Aquarii

Está chido

Olayemi Obasanmi

I don't even know the meaning of this game, the graphics are bad and everything about the game is just not good, think it's some kind of a game that's interesting. I don't know the meaning of the game, underworld my feet. Didn't even deserve the 1*

James Paul

I love this game!


I can't describe how much I love this game. Underworld Office has always been one of my favorite games, and the second I saw this I knew I had to get it. I love you see grown Eugene and also she/they Charlie. River will always be my favorite though lol. It has an amazing plot and characters, and the little scenes that are drawn are amazing out of context and in! Overall an amazing game, I definitely recommend.

Charlie Sadler

You don't need to play the first one to play this, it's an excellent story and I can't wait to see what they make next

Rawr fam

I'm bearly on chapter 3, but I fell in love with this game, the artwork is amazing, whilst I can say the same about the story!

No Name



It's AMAZING, the story is good

Allison Vega

Its a really fun interesting game, and I love how you can get hearts so quickly- its kinda smart if they were trying to get more add revenue or something by making it accessible and quick so the game is still easy and fun to play. Love this game and the creators. They've made a bunch of great games with amazing animations!


I literally love this game, but it gets 4 stars cuz of having to watch and add for the tickets, even if I understand why

Miranda Jaramillo

A really interesting continuation of the Underworld Office story and IMO even more engaging than the original!

Rhodelee Bel Marielle Cabaluna

I personally liked this one over the underworld office.


Only a bit into the game. But so far I love the ticket system, and how easy it is to get free tickets in time with quick reading. And the characters are so lovable.

Liam Maurice Yumol

This game needs to have a season 3 please do a season 3 i really want that I'm done on the underworld office and I'm done here to please do a seasoned 3 that's what i really really want...

Salama Karam

Woah!,I was looking for a game like this before! I like the music, details,storyline, characters desgin& personality and the art style! It's amazing!

Ria Cuevas

Love the game. Very grateful for the content warning. I love the story and I learned a lot of insightful things. The art/animation has really improved. The pause/play button and clues on how to get certain photos/achievements are really helpful. The translation is already good, but I feel like the English could use more improvement to sound more natural? The ticket system is alright, way more generous than other games, so love that. All in all, it was a great experience :>

Oka Dee



I AM OBSESSSED I am obbsessed because I finished your last game and this just fills that urge for more no pressure but I would love another game like this I mean I can't say anything else because I don't wanna spoil but thanks I really like these games

snow phelix

The boss is under Eugene lol 😆 i love it thank you for making this


I cried. Love it! More please! I'm still not done with the story so I will write a better review next time ♥️

Aqdawya Yusoff

Goosebumps👍👍👍👍great game for second time after underworld office

Drosophila Melanogaster

Very entertaining, best if played right after Underworld Office

Ilona Wijaya

I am soooo excited since I've downloaded the underworld office 4 months ago. And now they even have Charlie in the group😆😆😆 I am also very proud of Eugene who have grown into a brave person🥰 🥰

Bhawana Dhandhania

Beautiful, it's a heart breaking story that also makes u somehow feel better. It's some of the best storytelling. Play it for the experience


Welp, after a plenty of months from playing Underworld office, this game did not dissapoint. The animations? THE ANIMATIONS ♡♡ In terms of the plot, it did not make me emotional like the first one. Rather, it makes you uncomfortable as you start rethinking about your morality. Which is pretty nice change from the somber tone of the first game! I loved the difference between the two. I loved that Eugene as a character doesn't stay stagnant. Tickets-wise, no problems. Good game!

talita fitri

permainan ini sangat bagus!!!! ★★★★★★★ tetapi, bisakah an memberi tambahan bahasa Indonesia ke dalam permainan ini? saya tidak bisa memahami bahasa yang ada di dalam permainan ini t_______t kuharap anda membaca ulasan ini! saya menungu!!!!


Damn this is cool

Ash Longo

An awesome sequel to the first game, once again the art is amazing and the story is well-paced and interesting. You also don't have to pour a bunch of money into it to have a good experience All you have to do is watch an ad every once in awhile to keep playing.

Its pretty good

Bendy Brine

It is one of the best games I haven't yet gotten to an ending but so far it is amazing I am happy that there are not alot of ads

Taurus_from_ The_White_Hall

Game hay! Cốt truyện có chiều sâu! (Chỉ tiếc là quảng cáo đôi khi hơi bị lỗi, nhưng điều đó không làm giảm trải nghiệm game :) )


Tan bueno como Underworld Office!

Olga Vasquez

This is actually really nice! I love the characters and storyline. It's nice how you can play this without internet whenever your bored :)

kork gucci

this game is just perfect. amazing story and characters. and the art is SO pretty.

Samriddhi Kunwar

Love the story line and best part it's soo easy too use p.s non addictive as has a ticket limit

Aitana CM

It really is a game that lefts a lot to learn I dont wanna give spoilers of the app it may be hard to umderstand at the start but it turn out to be amezing thats all

Shakil Laskar

This game is soooo good , just like the first one the story is as good as ever ,when ever i play this game it connects me to the characters and their stories .i just love this game

Kurt Oliver

awesome! it's sad yet kinda funny and really cute! :'>

Hiba Shaikh

This game is amazing... The storyline is great and touching and even the art is pleasing. Anyone who likes a good story would love this and i totally recommended others to give it a try. It deserves so much more attention and is really underrated. I absolutely love it!!

Foxie Gameing

I am only three chapters in and I'm loving it.


This sequel is amazing. The growth of the characters, the plot twists, and explanation of the past of the characters made it a great game to play



Jeannice Priscilla Tunggal

everything about this is just amazing, i love it so much, each and every past story of each characters, it's very well made. Same with the previous game underworld office


Havent played it yet but from what I'm seeing it's Charlies backstory from underworld office or what happened to charlie after the continue working for the office ending

Diem Tran thi

<3 nội dung hay

Ceren Akyüz

Everything is cute and dreamy

Angel _4895

Even tho I am currently crying this game us super cool So happy underworld office got a sequel! Only problem is that when I'm trying to have tickets by watching an ad it's says that there are no tickets or it's just keep saying "loading ad" of you could fix that I'd be very happy :]

Prajna Debnath

Won't let me watch ads for tickets. Deleted and reinstalled as well. Didn't work. The other games work fine so idk, maybe a bug? Edit: I guess they fixed the bug! Works fine now! And the story's great!!


Loving the story so far. Encountered some problem with the tickets 'cause the ads won't load but the story's great and the art is amazing!

Trinity Johnson

Feels just like the first one. I remember the new main character too, and all the character I know are here. Thank you guys, I was hoping for a sequel. Only thing I'd ask is that tickets don't spend so quick and that we work a little on the translations and Grammer, sometimes the English used is a little confusing, but not enough to interfere with the game. Just enough to notice for a sec. Overall, I'm into Chapter 3, great job once again. I'm looking forward to the rest.

Rishi tomar

Amazing story and the art is a visual eye candy

Indie margaret Quiñal

Thank you for fixing the ad issue, I give this app 5 stars because it's mostly my favorite:)

Priyam Tarafder

I am so interested in knowing more about the characters of the Underworld Office, but the ads for the tickets simply won't load. At all. First they said something like"oops no fill" and now they simply show "loading ads" but even after waiting for 5 minutes nothing appears. And this bug is seen also in 7 Days, , and The Underworld Office.


This game is actually fun i really had fun this and another horror game by this company are really amazing this company should make only horror game cuz are really good

Carolina Paz

Very good game 💙


This story was absolutely amazing. Keep up the good work!

Eric Emberson

Hello studio I would like to review and report some thing about this game its very fun,the story is entertaining and very heart warming and sad but the game is not the issue it is the "claim tickets" its a bit worrying because even if I tap it its saying "loading ad..." pretty normal but then it randomly show those "banner ads" and then doesn't show an actual ad which is frustrating and trust me I've repeatedly refreshing the app countless times and it doesn't work and Also it's not my wifi...


Extremely epic game as always

Sabine Callas

Im crying. This game is so beautiful and the fact i can feel what Hayden and Charlie went through made me sob.

1 Whitehead

I absolutely love this game, after playing Underworld Office I am so happy this game came out!! Please continue this storyline, I will be checking out your other games :)


Another great game with a great story! I've enjoyed each characters' arcs and how Charlie is written. The only issues I've had however are the bugs around the ads, and my purchase for the tickets that didn't come through. I've tried clicking restore purchase multiple times but the pop up only bugs out, making me unable to get the tickets nor my money back. It didn't hinder with my experience with the story, but I do hope it gets fixed soon!


It keeps crashing at starting point when character reveals their keepsakes,the time when Charlie reveals his pair of scizzors

Kunal Yadav

Sounds visuals animations and story are good

oroblox krew fam

Ok ok this was I wonderful experience everything in the game was amazing and I immediately became obsessed with this game overall this is a great game and made my day( I'm not caping lol ).

Noor Mohammed

It was pretty decent at first but the repetitiveness of it kinda makes it lose its charm after a while

_Alex._. Levi_

It's a really good game,good plot ,characters,visuals,all beautifull,the only thing that's annoying is that If you don't have the paid version,since this one is the free one,you have to refill your tickets watching ads or paying,but honestly it's not that bad,since they're quite fast.I recommend the app and also It's cool how you have multiple ending depending on the choices.

Lekk \\\\

I LOVE THIS GAME, I PLAYED UNDERWORLD OFFICE FIRST SO I WAS REALLY EXCITED FOR THIS, AND I WAS SCARED BECAUSE SEQUELS ARENT USUALLY THAT GOOD AND SOMETIMES EVEN RUIN THE WHOLE STORY, BUT THIS WASNT THE CASE, I LOVED THE STORY AND EVERYTHING. Just one issue, I wasn't able to play it like all at once because when I wanted to see an ad it gave me an error named "No fill" and I don't know what was that or how to fix it. Other than that great game

Dog lovers Friendship squad

Omg its sooo good 10/10 will recommend

Chim Choms



Very good game, good story but it has a bug where it keeps saying no fill when you try to watch ads


Overall I really loved this game! What I didn't enjoy were the random ads when I would tap on an option. That aside, I had no issues and loved that we got to see more of Charlie and their story after their appearance in the first game

Zoey AwesomeSauce

This is the perfect continuation of Underworld Office, only two chapters in but its absolutely fantastic

Lívia Dias

Already got one ending,and one thing i can say is,DAMN! what a good game!I kinda got stuck in one part because i did not know what to choose,after choosing,i wished i c made the choice earlier,because damn,what a good game!

Jonah Raiza A. Bacarat

The story is soo good i almost cried at one chapter


Ah yeah, the salty taste of my fxkin tears as I play the game 🤭 10/10 recommend 😍

Mohit Sabarwal

I like this game alot like the ending oh my god it was sooo cool i was disappointed when it was finished but ok i really enjoy this game


There has been a glitch that keeps happening with my game...Im f2p and everytime i try to get more tickets by watching ads, a message pops up that reads, "oops! It is No Fill. Until Solving No Fill, Need some times." With a button that says "Confirm" at the button...I have no clue what it means but yes I love your guys' game its fantastic i got 1 ending and this glitch has been blocking me from getting more endings please fix

e a

this game's gotta be one of the best I've played, on mobile. I'm down to chapter 3 and it's very good so far, so yes i would recommend you do give it a try, tho there is one downside which "some people" won't like, and it's that you have to buy tickets to continue the game but i don't really see that as a problem either since y'know, they aren't costly at all and the dev or devs deserve that much, tbh more than that for creating such a masterpiece so i don't see a problem with it.

Sofeyah Amira

This story is amazing!

The Cheshire Cat

Best games played ever!

Hanan . H

Love it.

Rigor Mortis

Stupid ticket system


Great game but I can't play it anymore. I couldn't get tickets through watching ads and it just says that it is failed. Please solve this soon as you could🙏 Edit: It's already working!

Kenny 66

5 stars for this game. It's amazing, from the depiction, animation, sound, music and characters, everything is really good. The somewhat unexpected plot also makes this game seem to have a surprise for me. One thing, I can't choose the option to watch ads to get new tickets. Thats all.

Wella Doldolia


Poof The Floof

I'm crying, just finished Hayden's chapter. It's so beautifully sad, the translation and dialogue could use some work but the emotions are there. I feel it.

shehab fathy

I will give it 4 because it is the highest rate i might give for a game good things the story is written with great effort and the change in the background is something really, The choices really related to charlie's character ( whether good or bad ),all of this is for free! The "Dark dots"is the speech is a bit harsh ( but more like charlie ),the story is short ( like 6 hours completion ),& the ads system is really frustrating And in the end May god leads you to the right path 🤲 Thanks U

Jovon Dixon

This is a pretty enjoyable game.

Jeffrey Samraj

Very interesting. The ad system to get tickets isn't annoying. Though it could give 50 tickets instead of 25

Hilary Jiji

Just finished it for the first time after playing it for the first time too, I ended with the good ending but I feel heavy. I love the story, the graphics, the plot and everything about this, thanks for making such a game and I really love it.


I love it so much 💕

JasonPlayz Gaming

A nice throw back to underworld office

Theresa Marie Pascual

Whenever I try to claim tickets, it always says "Failed to load content [0]". It's been days now, but nothing had changed. I can't continue playing. I even re-installed the game. Please fix this. Thank you. Edit: Still no response from the developers.

Mauricia Nikayla Pahilan

This is amazing I recommend you to watch the first part, the animation is beautiful, the story is really great, I hope the creators will continue making amazing story's!😁👍