Change and Drop

Author: MondayOFF

1M+ install


I’m the best ball collector!

It is very simple and casual ball drop game 馃檪
AND HARDER than you think!

Gather balls and feel the fantastic!

路 路 路 路 路 路 Game Feature 路 路 路 路 路 路 路

禄 Simply touch to play game
禄 Just play this game on your 10 minutes of free time 馃檪

Developer – Best Hyper Casual Game Developer South Korea

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Feb 16, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: MondayOFF
Price: Free
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Customer review

jacob corpuz

lol haha 馃嚨馃嚟馃挭馃馃憠馃憟馃枙馃枙馃枙馃枙馃枙馃枙馃枙 Lol

Herberth Valle

Excellent interface with electronic iA

hoorad rashidi

Great 馃憤 馃憣 good 馃憤 馃憣

Ian P

Adverts every 30 seconds


Another one of those soulless cashgrabs, however, it has a unique idea and sometimes is enjoyable.

Jad Daher

Too many ads

Kumaresh Maddy

Many ads

Mostafa Salari

毓丕賱蹖蹖蹖蹖蹖蹖蹖蹖蹖蹖蹖蹖蹖蹖蹖蹖蹖鄣郯郯郯郯郯郯郯郯郯郯郯郯郯 鉀勷煂堚泟馃寛鉀勷煂

Muhammad Ali

Horrible game it always get hanged and too manny ads.

Hafid Geulai


vaibhav tiwari

To much lag Will get bored not a worthy at alll

5Cat Playz

This game is the boringest Game ever. You do the same thing again and again like I feel more and more bored just thinking about it. also there's a fake ranking cause I turned of my Wi-Fi for no ads and a real ranking needs internet Because people should be online so to check the ranking. Are you trying to make a fool out of the players? 馃槀 don't download if you wanna be bored :/ Also this game's levels can be solved by a 4 year old as well it's too easy-

Megan Courson

馃榿馃憤 Good stuff

Lex Xed


Addie Vlogzss14

I get ads every one round its annoying


Really fun game, but pls add more skins. And BTW turn on airplane mode for no ads.

賲賱蹖讴丕 氐丕丿賯蹖

毓丕賱蹖 賴爻鬲

chucky mell

Way to many ads

Mahd Mansoor

1. Adds 2.for the first 4 to 5 thousand places on the ranking board its all good after that I nearly even get 700 in the box I somehow got 6538 in the box and I was up by only 23 places(I'm at 4568 at this point) Like what in the world when I first played the game I had 1700 or so in the box's and I went up by 700 in the ranks. get better at making games wierdo

boudissa abderrezzaq

the game is bad

Corey Carew

It's pretty relaxing

Bahram Forouhi


Keivan Pahlavan


sarthak shrimali

Waste of time

mahsa ata

tons of ads after every level, becomes boring as hell after few days because everything is the same, no challenges, and most importantly i think the ranking in this game is fake the names in the list apear couple of times and make no sense i guess they made a fake ranking to make it less boring

Aaron Cooper


Sly Wolf

Listen to the one star reviews. Trust them!!! I wish I did. Contacting my lawyer to see if I can sue for wasted time.

Kunzang Chimi Thukten

Can't play this game in phone. It hanged my phone. Worst app

marneedi sourya mayank

It's a good game . Not boring to play continuously for a week but after a week or so it is a bit boring as there are no difference like levels or skins etc. Everything is same even after so many times we win and that doesn't give us a feeling as we played really amazing game.

For Pubg player's

No good for everyone

smokycashew 58

Really good concept and good game but it has tons of ads, I'll play for 30 seconds, win then a ad will play, every time.

Malachi Tardieu

Good but too laggy

amir amiri


Kanajl. Sltapara

999999999鈦99999999999999999999鈦99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999o999999999999999999999999990999999999 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

Poojan Shah

Too many ads

Mona Sabbah

Too much advs.very boaring advs. Make me feeling nervous instead of joy

Ermia Hosaini

爻賱丕賲蹖 亘丕夭蹖 亘丕夭蹖 毓丕賱蹖 亘賵丿

Ebrahim Mehrani

爻賱丕賲 賲賴卮乇 亘賵丿

Kajal Jha

Good game


too many ads

Nael Al Abbasi

Ton of ads

Andrej Polansky

Good, smooth and satisfying game.

mahmoud heydari


Shaily A. Momeny


Hamed Eghbali

very adds

Jerrald schultz

So many ads. You spent more time watching and listening to ads then you do playing. I do not recommend this game.

Junaid Rehman

the game play and concept is great, engaging and challenging game however ads after each stage get on your nerves

Amir Hajar

mmm ok god

Tara Tehranchi



way too many damn ads.

Neda Naseri

亘丕夭蹖 禺蹖賱蹖 禺賵亘蹖 丕爻鬲

毓賱賷 賲丨爻賳 毓亘丿丕賱夭賴乇丞 丕賱卮毓亘丞 /丨 氐亘丕丨賷


Sanjeet Sahni


丌賳蹖爻丕 賮乇禺蹖

毓丕賱蹖 亘賵丿 丨鬲賲丕 賳氐亘卮 讴賳蹖丿 倬賳噩 爻鬲丕乇賲 亘乇丕卮 讴賲賴

Athalla Keefe

This game is good

The Ansh Vaghu

Medium range but boreing game

Zs贸fi Demeter

Really fun game, I love the concept and the execution and everything, my issue is the ads, the amount of ads in this game is UNBEARABLE. Yeah I know everyone has to make money somehow but this is just straight up annoying. Like, there's an ad after almost every round... Please try to do something about this otherwise I really don't know if I'll keep playing.

Sebastian Angulo

I bug the game馃槼. But the game is so fun :). ok lag

Anthony Anderson

3 types of ads being shoved down or throats really!? Ads between lvls and banners are nothing new but audio ads that can't be muted for 10 seconds? Fun games but the number of ads is an uninstall

Jignesh Modi

too many ads

Zeynab Asadi


it's purple rose


Alex shipman

Forced ads

fatemeh mortazavi


Lonnie Zeitz


Mahmood Farahrooz

Adds will make you crazy. 馃槕 I uninstalled the app after 5 minutes of playing.

Khan Khan

夭丕禺丕賳 禺丕賳 蹖賲

Krishna Modi

Donylt install this game

hihellothere lol bruh

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Andrea Mcconnell

Its horrible and is a copycat of a other game but just worse and the ads are like machine guns have them every second

Vlad Brendak

Brocken laggy pice of "cake"

Tapas Das

I love this game this is new games and my favorite game Change and Drop

lonewolf Carson

I got to the 1 slot

Muhammad Yaqoob

some time

Sk Maruf



Why this game is not supporting in my phone

Muhammad Taha

I Loved It

mahnaz rismanchian


倬亘亘賳 亘倬亘倬亘


Michael Joseph


Matin Ghasemi

禺丕賴卮賳 賲蹖卮賴 賮丕乇爻蹖 亘賳賵蹖爻蹖賳 賱鬲賮賳 賲賳 丕賳诏蹖賱蹖爻蹖 亘賱丿 賳蹖爻鬲賲 禺丕丕丕丕丕丕丕丕丕丕丕丕丕丕丕丕丕丕賴賴賴賴賴賴賴賴賴賴賴賴卮卮卮卮卮卮卮卮爻卮爻卮爻卮爻卮卮賳 丕賱蹖蹖蹖蹖蹖蹖蹖蹖蹖蹖蹖蹖蹖蹖蹖蹖蹖蹖蹖

Melika Ghaffarzadeh

禺乇 賮

Mudit Prajapati

I love this game too play

Ram Venkat


Firash Hakimi


Asad Marmash

Filled with ads. Right after every game. Each game takes around a minute so you are watching an ad every minute quite literally.

bagration muxranski

Lovely and beautiful game

masoud ebadi

Bad very dad

Mario 莽eli

Very comfortabe

Muhammad Imran Anwar

good game 鈽猴笍..I love it ad .. thumbs up..... but the coins you get is in too small amount 馃挼馃挵..please if you can solve the problem..鉁呪渽鉁呪渽鉁呪渽鉁呪渽鉁呪渽鉁呪渽鉁呪渽鉁呪渽鉁咅煈嶐煈嶐煈嶐煈嶐煈嶐煈嶐煈嶐煈嶐煈嶐煈嶐煈嶐煈嶐煈嶐煈嶐煈嶐煈嶐煈嶐煈嶐煈嶐煈嶐煈嶐煈嶐煈嶐煈嶐煈嶐煉叼煉叼煉叼煉叼煉叼煉叼煉叼煉叼煉叼煉叼煉叼煉叼煉叼煉叼煉叼煉碘瓙猸愨瓙猸愨瓙猸愨瓙猸愨瓙猸愨瓙

Yassine Lassoued

annoying ads

shaiesh roye



Advert had relaxing music, game is the opposite

Kartikeya K


Mahendra Rai

This game is very very very very very very very very very very very very very very good

said sadalla

I can reach 1st to I win easy all levels

SH Hridoy

it's sucks !!!!

Power Trade Agency


Richard K RVREVO

Advert looked great. But made it hard to get hooked on the first level. Unistalled within 30 seconds of playing

Dolly Khan

5 five