Cave Shooter-Instant Shooting


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Cave Shooter-Instant Shooting – Play with one hand, shoot to clear stages, mix skills to craft your own style!

Detailed info

File size: 821M
Update time: September 13, 2021
Current version: 1.0.31
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: EYOUGAME(USS)
Price: Free
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Customer review

yanuar risqi

Nice game

Paolo delos Santos

Cant even play the game after spending money on it. It always force close.

Nutella Chan

I played this game when it's first release but I already realized some of the major problem first is the Screen POV this game would be much better if it's in landscape and second is the difficulty is into another level like you can't really past a certain lvl without paying but even after paying it still can't guarantee of winning because of the mobs atk and movements

ßęSmilesR '

Good game

Theo Wahyudi

actually I really like this game. but I would love to see the creators of this game or maybe your child, play the game themselves. because this game is too F hard ! I've spent 40 bucks and it's not helping at all. very stingy stamina system, and even no bonus from top up. F idiot !

Dung Le Ba


Ram Sundhar

Pay to win game, even at the starting it will be very tough to clear the chapter 2 u need to pay to get good equipments.

Alex G

greatest game in it's genere

Arkaaa Everything

Seru aja


Can't easily advance anymore. I played for 2 3 months non stop and here is the review. 2 star. Uninstalled. Now i'm playing combat quest 2 and it is also similar, getting hard to advance.

kartika Jendra


Alvin Landicho

I can't logged in. Always closing whenever I try loggin in

Jan Koehler

Excellent game. Loads of fun and lots of options for the player.

John Isiah Pinton

Nice game , been playing it for quite some time and im still enjoying it. They also have an active community.

Mitrije Sevac

Doesn't work properly..

Marwan Souissi

It is a good game, fairly simple control but my only two issues are the aiming, for instance I would be about to kill an enemy when my character would suddenly just switch to another sometimes even farther target. My second issue is how hard it is to acquire good gear for free players.

Anderson Lima

Overall good, but very hard and very ad reliant (there's ads for praying, ads when you defeat a boss, ads to revive, ads for this, ads for that). Also the stages should be more like Archero, because you sometimes get hit from something on the side of the screen and it's impossible to dodge. I don't feel like playing anymore because it got so difficult that I don't have a chance to reach the boss with a decent amount of health and even if I did, it wouldn't make any difference. But good game.

Francisco Morris

Why the hell does it need access to my photos, etc

Huhurez Catalin

The best from Google play 😁

Random Content

Crash all the time ,fixit soon

Exziee Gee

Cant start the game after i bought some pearls yesterday i can still play but today it always crashed

Mic Tan

Uninstalled it. Used to enjoy it but keeps crashing now. Also pay to win.

Jojo Kun

Good game, HIGHLY inspired by Hades Pc, basically archero and Hades made a baby, love it, keep it up!

martinlau lau

There is a bug where the pearl drop from enemies does not add to the total pearl I gained and the aiming is really bad especially dealing with the enemy can jump (when enemy jump it directly aim to other enemy far from the character even there is other near the character)

Ramer Cerillo

This is clearly PAY TO WIN. EVEN IF YOU PAY leveling and getting stronger is so way difficult. No improvement in the game. Small room and lot of mobs. Reward are way small

indra laksono

Best game among similar type of games

Calvin Loi

I cannot believe after so long, you still did not improve the auto shooting ai. You already have monster that jumps across the map with no limitation on their jump distance, no predictable Monster movement or attack patterns for players to dodge. Boss shoots attacks with almost instant hit. Is your game intent to just make the players suffer?

Junyglendelle atienza

Gameplay and graphics are good. Not a boring game at all. However, it gives you the sense of a "pay to win" vibe. I hope they will have more events soon with amazing rewards and also improve the loot rate of legendary and rare items.

Colyn Burger

Update issue... Even after update the game does not allow me access. Keeps saying I need to update??!! Love the game takes time and Consentration. Just getting past a few levels is not easy. But still fun

Ron Adrian Dionaldo

The game is very fun and graphics are good. But it is unbeatable. This is obviously pay to win. And even when I tried to spend some money, the levels are still difficult. Each game also runs almost 30 minutes, so it's a major time killer. Updating to 3 stars. Very fun to play, but grinding takes so much patience. And you need luck.

Ryukendu Lee

I love this game too much

Super Boat1211

Fusing gems should not cost forge gems, talent gems cost for talents are too expensive, boss are too strong even with high grade mythical weapons, all weapons should have unlimited range, too little basic archero type skills, add front arrow +1 skill, stage design is very unfair too many traps, boss aiming line too thin to see, too much armored enemies. Gameplay balance still messed up

Michael Adrian Alcazar

Max equipment and high upgrades yet got stuck for a month now due to very difficult mobs and bosses. I think the only way to move forward is to pay so much

Kenny Chua

Game is fun and exciting. However after the last update, game keeps crashing after every level

Alex aroma

I applied for help of my lost account with all proof of billing but they cannot manage and keep asking things that I don't remeber.. example server number.. that time they merge the server and i dont remembee it.. the game is good but helpdesk just saying "you must remeber your server". Only there is one name in the game that im using.. please try to recover my account.

Aditya Dixit

Good game really, but after one update load time has increased. At 1st i thought game isn't loading at all but it was. Now a days entire phone starts lagging because it. Please work on it.

junkoy chan

Hades on mobile..

Ishigar Astia

The game is hard.

Ramzy Arviano

I like skills per god, combined , etc. But this game is too difficult for me. Even i keep grinding.. frustrating mobs... And bosses..

mahadev singh

No event in server 328..

Jaycab's Diner

I like it most!

Vinsent Buela

Is it a good game? Sure, is it free to play friendly? I guess, if You're lucky Enough to get good gear. is it pay to win? Not really, unless you spend a fortune!, there's little progress even if you spend. Is it balance? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! the stamina is so small you can barely grind for gear, there's little to no other way to get strong unless got Mythic gear from drop or the chest, there is literally no defense stat and the gems are absolutely useless!!! Just give us more stamina please!!!

ryan martinez

Feels like they wont like you to finish stages. Im the type who enjoy challenge, but this is just too much.

uwais28 Shahid


Dillah Morni


Aaron Paul Mores


Soren Jorolan

Magical and entertaining

Djay De ocampo

Needs more improvement and level difficulty adjustments

lol lol

Game broke after recent update.cant move files to SD card even though I still have 40 GB storage left. Android 7.0

Iskangki Castro

i really enjoyed playing this game. two thumbs up

Danny Ting

Too time wasting. NPC too hard. But not impossible. You need put so much time just that's absurd.

thu riya


Arkane Xombie

Pay top moolahs if you want to have a chance on getting far in this game.

JieHang Loh

stupid event. impossible for new players to play.

Arifbigbro99 Indarto

sebenarnya ini game lumayan santai tapi kenaikan tingkat kesulitan dan power charakternya tidak seimbang jadi membuat agak membosankan karena harus mengulang-ulang terus untuk mendapatkan material semoga kedepan bisa diberi fitur dungeon untuk mendapatkan gold, crystal, dll jadi lebihudah dalam menaikkan status charakternya dan kl bisa dibuat bisa coop dengan player lain dan dibuat untuk f2p tidak terlalu berbeda dengan player sultan

Romeo Tinasas

Good game

Rommel Miguel

For me this game is one of a kind, yes the monster is tough, but it's up to you how you will finish the chapter, you don't to pay to get strong, just keep playing until you get your best gear. 5 star for this awesome game!!!

Dedy Honda

Not balanced between monster and player. Even if you got mythic item fully enhanced. Monster too OP. 1 hit kill.

richard manuel

Good for hardcore gamers +5 stars!! i'm F2P and at end game within 2 months.

Clyde Katigbak

For those who are saying the game is pay to win are just dumb. The game isnt for you. Period. I rated 4stars is just because the pearls you get from adventures, etc.. doesnt add up to your total pearls earned.

Kriangkrai Rattanasereekiat

Its too difficult without paying, the monster are OP.So if you are not Pay-to-win gamer then stay away.

OBEY 0110

🔥 awesome

Kim Hong

Invalid device ID? I have been playing this game on the same phone and one day, this error message popped up, please assist!


game needs an update i cant grab my stage rewards!! it wont let me and have to restart the game everytime to grab it

Ryan Inmay

Enjoyable at early game. Bosses obviously too OP some of them can blink whereever you are so it inevitable. Leveling up status (atk, evd, crit rate) soo expensive and increase only a little bit. Exp crit rate only increase 0,5% each level while gather the ingredient for the whole week. Conclusion: mostly leading to p2w while you still gonna lose to the bosses Bonus: the game use model from dota2 such as Phantom assasin and rikimaru only with diffrent color Cheap

Bunda Olla

good game play, and nice graphic but is hard to get a new wepon and hero is took forever .. :( not f2p frendly

Budi Mulyanto

Well uninstall it now goodbye, warning very very pay to win stuff don't install this one

Akmal Rasidi

It hard and unbeatable at high level

Cheng Yi Lim

This game is too tough to play. The monsters are obviously overpower. And the pets ARE INSANELY hard te get, even for the shards. The dev will need to do something to improve the combats and loots.


It was enjoyable, take some time to advance through the chapters. Kinda disappointed when my progress got reset without previous warning

Hamidah Assan

One of the fun games i hv ever played

Amirul Iman


Christoper Castillo

The Best game Ang Ganda laro in.....

Moon Series

So difficult and way too expensive

Haziq Rizqy


Jerry Quek

Heavily pay to win game, wasting time .

Paksi Ariston

This game's difficulty is beyond insane, some enemies will jump to you at incredible length, throw chasing rock, unavoidable typhoon, and of course the respawn enemy back to life if you can't kill it's ghost form. And the aiming system is not good, I'm can't shoot monster in front of me, always shoot the farthest one from the screen. I don't enjoy it at all because I'm still low level but the enemies are insane


I dont know why most people give 1-star review. This game is fun and addictive, the only problem is the energy cap is too low. Other than that, i dont see a problem at all.

Brandon Zack

Unfair toward f2p. P2P game. Find other game similar to this bttr than keep grinding

Mesaiah Isaiah

Just wow I have no words to describe on how long to log-in in the game its just way too long. FIX THE LOG-IN ISSUE.

Blue Rosario


Wesley Ho

Paid some money, gain some gear, but still stuck at certain level. Started another character, no pay no win at all. Give up.

Abraham David

Awesome 😎👍

Jomelio Bandal

Cant play offline mode.🤮🤬👎😠


level balancing is bad

Rjayy PH


Rafani Samrahidi

pay to win game

Chetan Sharma


Dawn Wind


Jef Jef

Cant see enemy attacks incoming so you cant dodge, drop rate for mythical items is very low. Game beats you by putting you inside a small room with GAZILLION enemies. Progress is very slow in this game. Will uninstall. Id give this .5 stars if possible but minimum is 1 star. If they fix the game POV i will give 4 stars.

Lance Gabriel Sy

This is completely pay to win

Futewo Kun

1st week of playing I still love how creative is the artist of this game. But the main problem is the difficulty scaling in every chapter like it the difficulty jumps too high every chapter and not to mention other monsters are too OP but the other one is the screen I suggest the developer to make the screen landscape so it can fit into our phones

Ifham Haider

Stupid game

Christopher Guevara

of all the archery games ive played this is by far the worst trash game.. if you guys are reading this just trust me.. better uninstall this game.. i wish i could give a 0 to negative star rating

UnSur Mountable

Really enjoying the game but it crashes when ever I watch an add

andro nonato

Aim is terrible sloooooooooowwwww when u have xbow most of your arrows misses the target when the target move to a certain direction.. also with the aiming system, some enemies is already in front of you while your attack pointing at different mobs even if you adjust yourself move a certain point just to adjust to attack enemies in front of you but still your aiming point pointing other mobs not infront of you..

William Sidharta

Not Recommended for Free Player...

Cidnie Seed

Challenging ang heavy grinding game. There are other better games like this. Im leaving

Dew anoob

App sometime quit when watch ad.

Benne TRas

เกมไม่สมดุล, มองเห็นแม๊พแค่ส่วนนึง แต่มอสเตอร์บางตัวกระโดนแทบจะสุดแม๊พ, ไม่มีเลือดดรอป มอนตีแรง มอนเยอะ สกิวมอนกว้าง!! รอดยังไงก่อน 1 ของแรร์ไม่เคยดรอป!! คอนเทนเกมน้อยมาก!!! มีให้เล่นแค่สองแบบ แย่!!!!