Cats & Soup

Author: HIDEA

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Cats & Soup – Everything about the cat game

Cut, chop, and boil to make a delicious soup together with cats
Decorate the home for cats that want to live in a cool house
Forget your stress with Cat and Soup, and enjoy the healing life

Detailed info

File size: 51M
Update time: October 21, 2021
Current version: 1.6.4
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: HIDEA
Price: Free
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Customer review

Marry Ann Panuncio

so far its good and i enjoy it

Herman Spencer

This game is cat asmr and lots of cute cats to watch work. I love it!

Bad Maybe Good


lemon cvrdboard

i love this funky little cat game

Nana Bam bam


hi there

I've had this game for awhile it's a nice way to just sit back and see little cute cats making things. I haven't ran into any problems since I've started. I would like to see event costumes tho like for Halloween you could have a challenge to sell things and if you hit that amount you get like face paint. I would also like to see if you could pick your bread of cat that you want instead of it being random. I think it'll be funny to see your cats in real life in a game making soup and juice

Neolani Paez

it's cute and relaxing😎


quite relaxing. the cats are very cute, i enjoy watching them cook and listening to the music. no negative opinions here

seham tafader

This changed my life. Cured my depression and cancer. Genius, truly. Masterpiece of the modern age; for years to come, I cant think of anything that can top this. Infact this is so good that I no longer need the basic human necessities like eating, sleeping and interaction. I just stay in bed playing this game and I havent ate or slept in 2749 days. Best decision of all time.

Han Solo

I've finished the game today, I've built everything and I'm looking forward a new update. I love it!

Tigger Pattern

so fun... it was hard to understand at first but I totally recommend it

aesthetic energy inc.

it's a cute calming and fun little game

Drew Dehetre


Mandy Stock

A peaceful game with cute cats and nice warm colors. The music is also calming. BUT, I feel like it takes too long to save up enough money to get different recipes, functions, and rest spots. Most of the time, you're just clicking on food to get money. Not a whole lot to do in the game.

Thor Odinsson

Its just a freemium playing ads simulator game with a cute cat filter on.

snow good

this is a relaxing cool game and I love you to use it if I'm stressed or I just want something fun to do

Reborn Atom

Pretty boring game. You only push buttons all the time and collect food. And SO MANY ADS! I am watching more ads than actually watching cats. Not calming, not cool. And the cats look more like guinea pigs. /uninst

Pomegranate Thedragon

beautiful just beautiful this is my new comfort game


So adorable!


Pretty chill And nice game 🐱

Cirstea Sofia

I love this game and the cats are so cute and adorable 😻

Dovah Kiin

fun and calming

Khris Valerio

Its so cute. and the vibes so relaxing. I love the graphics too. ❤️❤️

Ahmad Rafiq

the grafic is so good now i not bored anymore

Lily Gretzinger

Amazing game with adorable graphics!

Lina Zuseth Gómez Castillo

Cute and entertainment me

Jm Basi

It's great...

Rendell Dela Cruz


Ursal Realty


Maisha Putri

this game was sooo freakin cute, the graphic was perfect✨. this was like endless game and good to play when u r bored, also if u quit the game we will still making coins so u dont have to always opening the game to make coins. i rlly recomend this game

Caroline Fowler

Love it!

Jeremy pollard

relaxing an cute

Jacob Robinson AKA ScreenWatcher

totally relaxing. highly recommend


o jogo parou depois de um tempo, e eu tive que recomeçar tudo de novo :/ se isso continuar pode atrapalhar o divertimento do jogo


My comfort game❤️

Angel Grace Manuel

so much fun 😊

Ricardo - San

One of the most relaxing game i ever played, The graphic is cute, the cat is soo cute, the bgm is relaxing and satisfying. but there are too many ads. anyways, would be great if there are a minigames to play with the cat. Thanks to developer.

Zaibun Nisa

It's a calm game! 😊

Marcelino Corales



It's calming and i really love it

Muhammad Syahmi

Relaxing game


what a cute game~


Its soothing.

Kessie Vidad

So cutee. I play this game when bf is busy ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

Christiana Goodgion

such a cute game!

Evie Marshall

I love this game it's super cute and quiet. it is a little laggy but that's just my internet lol

Breinard Cruz


Shiela Mae dela Peña

I just love it

Nakano Miku

I love this game is so cute

يوسف متولى

احلى لعبه فى العالم

Marichatfan 123

One of my favorite games of all time!! Only thing is that it would be soooo cute if you could pet them on the little screen you name them on. Other then that it is perfect In every way 😊

mitesh Arangasamy


Ella Ocegueda

mmmm gooood soup its AMAZING totally recomend.

Lice Lord

This game is so cute and calming

Aj Kenny

it's chill and fun


Just watching the kitty's do their thing is sooo cute, and the animation style is absolute fire!!!


the cats a sooooo cute


really cool

Logan Khaira

Cute as hell omd

Bugs Days


Phonetically Correct

Very relaxing

Opinions from fil

Amazing game! add can get annoying, but lovely game!


I love this game, it only gives ads if you're trying to earn something and it's nice and calming

Avalexis 18

Love everything about this game it's puurrrfect!

Roblox Talon

Most fun game to play when bored and a little amazing for a mobile game0

the inferno

very relaxing and cute.

Madison Edwards

It is a very cute game. I like the art alot

P. M. S Aditya

it was so peaceful😊

Snuggles Cuddles


anugrah lestari



pretty good play when bored


Great fun and easy to play

Chloe Noah

it's soo cute and relaxing 😌


this game so fun and sound chill

• SewersharkPlayer •

its so cute!!!

Madison Adkins


Lightning Claws

ads are optional, style is beautifully crafted, highly recommend

Ashley Frost

these little kitties are soooo cute ;-;


very fun and the cats are so adorable I see no problem with it as the moment

Suzi. 6

love itt🥺🤍🤍🤍

Brianna Omo - Osagie

good game

Pius Ho Chieng

Its a cute game and slightly fun but after a while I can't play it anymore. The constent popups getting me to watch ads is very overwhelming. Also very distracting because popups like the gift box icon keeps having a notification for and it annoys me when I can't get rid of it. I don't care that it is a lunch break game or whatever, the constent push to get me to watch ads is what got me to ultimately stop playing it.



Kelsey Lamb

Very calming. Great to play on graveyard shifts

Stelios Koulp.

good game

godzilla6669 godzilla

I love this game so much, it's so adorable and I like it.

Magical Boy

I Love It!!!!

Alex Material Gurl

One of the cutest games I love the game so much no glitches just cuteness!


:) cute adorable game to calm down your anxiety or waiting for your stop on a train while listening to music, or maybe just while you're sitting in bed cuddling with your partner! 💖💕 highly recommend to all ages!



Qayyim danish

Cute cat

Chayaphol K

The red notifications do not go away after clicked it. Very frustrating. Beside that, the game is very chill and relax.

LylaClare Kosobucki

really cute and fun EDIT 5 TO 1*. After waiting 16 flipping minutes for an ad to end after the 30 second ad part I'm done. Maybe ther extra time was because my phone wasn't loading but it was loading the app when I clicked on it soooo. 2nd time I got the ad. 1st time wait i waited 30 sec, clicked next then at least 5 minutes for it to close the first time. I know all idle games are basically just ad games but the ad for STATE OF SURVIVAL ZOMBIE WAR did it for me. There are multiple 1 min ads too

Jayr Margallo

So cuteeeeee 😺😺


Don't waste your time game isn't worth it 😡😡😡😡

No Commentary Walkthroughs

Bit boring

Sami Smith

It's very good but it's hard to get coins like 1b for a stupid corn farm thing but I recommend you get this it's free anyway stay safe!

Koda Ahlstrom


Mia Fay San Diego

i love it


Love it