Cats Pets: Store Shopping Games For Boys And Girls

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These kitty games are just right for the ones who like shopping games for kids! It’s a great mix of girls and boys games. Everyone can enjoy it! Go ahead friend!

Cats Pets have a new task – to buy food from the shopping list! They need a lot of goods from the store! Download shopping games for boys and girls to help kitties!

Kitties know everything about having fun! Don’t believe?
They knew about all boys games and all girls games since the times they were little kittens! They know exactly how to play kids games! That’s why kitties thought of inviting you in new cat games for kids! Wanna join?

Kittens and their friends got shopping lists from their parents and are going to the supermarket!
Choose a character you’d like to help in that shopping list game, take a trolley and pull products from the shelves.
Be attentive! You don’t need extra goods, only those that mentioned!
Pay for goods at the cash desk! Don’t forget to greet a supermarket cashier!
Help all characters, they all have different shopping lists!

There’s a surprise for you in the games for children 5 to 10 – different cats mini games for kids:
Weigh products!
Look for toys!
Slide on wet floor (we won’t tell anyone)!
Get to know how cash register works!
Discover other activities for kids!
Get all the joy of the shop game!

What else you can do in grocery games? Download and find out shop game secrets!

Open new products and make the game more fun and entertaining!
Play shopping games for kids and have fun!

Cats pets is a bunch of cats kids games that are fun but educational at the same time. Load Cats Pets: Store Shopping Games For Boys And Girls! Check out more games for children 5 to 10 with Cats pets!

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