Cats in Time – Relaxing Puzzle Game


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Cats in Time – Relaxing Puzzle Game – Puzzle game in which you explore 3D dioramas, solve puzzles and save tiny cats!

Detailed info

File size: 144M
Update time: May 3, 2021
Current version: 1.3636.2
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: PINE STUDIO
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jeri Johnson

I love this game it's very easy to get the top score if you just use your thinking cap. Please make more

Lee Coffelt

I enjoy playing this game, especially since I was able to unlock all levels using Google Play Pass. The graphics are well done and the game play is challenging enough to enjoy but not so hard as to frustrate. A couple observations: 1) Battery drain is intense - keep a charger handy 2) It's way too hard to try to find out how many postcards have been collected. Should be visible in main game screen 3) What the heck are the postcards for?

roxanne campana

Glitch in level 12

lauren hochman

this is a really fun, challenging game. The puzzles are fun and not overly difficult.

nessa hm?

The game is cute and fun, but the hints are useless. They show you how to find cats that you have already found. If they fixed it so that the hints only show you unsolved puzzles, that would be so much better. As it is, when i get stuck on the last cat it's not worth it to watch dozens of ads just to keep getting hints for puzzles i have already solved. I'm much more likely to just stop playing the game, which is sad because it's such a cute game. Please fix this! Thank you :)

Mohamed Khairy



this is a great game and all, but how do you get back to the level select? I don't see a menu button or anything, and do the picture pieces have any purpose? do they make something? please put some effort into what I'm collecting

Andy Moore

Great game! Most of the puzzles are pretty straight forward, but there are some head scratchers in there too. Looking forward to more levels!

Tracey Parker

Played level one, then wants you to watch ad to play next level, watched ad and still can't play next level.

Martin Lundberg



listed as offline game, but it's not. ads are required to unlock each new level or buy small unlock packs repeatedly. puzzles are simplistic. otherwise, it's very cute and upbeat. please don't list a game as offline if it's not 100% an offline game on install.

Bushra Qasim

amazing 🤩 but for the next level ,had to watch add which is irritated me ... but bearable

Ritchard Beaumont

Good while it lasted but stopped working after first game, wouldn't play ad to move onto next level. Just wanted me to pay so deleted it

The divel /الشيطان

it good and the puzzles not so hard but the problem when you want to play the next level you need to watch ads first

Natalie Beck

Pat's for no ads but still have to watch an ad to go to next level. Not impressed!

Katelyn White

Love it- just wish for more levels!

irshad shafiq


lulu vonfufu

Great game but quick to finish. I enjoyed the game it's very relaxing but I had finished the levels in a few hours even purchasing the additional levels. The collector pieces don't seem to have anywhere for them to be assembled and the new content doesn't have a start date so I'm now a fiver out of pocket without any knowledge of when I can complete it

Jennifer May

Fun, addictive. Make more levels! It crashes on the last level, might want to fix that to be a more elegant finish. Also, it is a battery suck. Makes my phone very hot and drains the battery. Didn't deter me from playing it. Just knew not to when I didn't have a charger handy.

Jan Dailey

worst game ever! no stars given

Crema de la Vida

I think the puzzles are quite clever but the mandatory long ads between levels is annoying enough that I'm going to uninstall it.

nekia hardwell

Played it liked it and waiting on the next levels!

Kelly Kat

Very fun! Great puzzles!

Mor Tel Tsur

Fun game, lots of bugs

Christy W

Stopped working after world 2. While having to play an ad after every level to get to next is a bit much, the function should still work. Good concept but needs better execution.


Nice easy puzzles, sometimes when I had to twist blocks for different patterns it wasn't responsive had to keep trying to get them to turn. But overall great fun can't wait for more.

Michał G

Fun puzzle game with cats and smooth gameplay.


2 stars as would be enjoyable... But watched an add for stage 2 & it didn't register. Having finished all free levels by Jan 2022... STILL waiting for the 'coming soon 2022' NEW free levels.

Nageswary Ramasamy

Susah sgt

Pasnicha Chuaplaiwech




melodie melodie

gorgeous and super fun puzzler. great job team 👏👏👏

Doreen Boley

Fun and easy puzzle game. No ads. If you like escape type games, you should try it.

Troy H

This game is great. no other words needed

Davetta Oliver

I like the game until of the levels appears to have a glitch in the program. All you see is an empty space and little dots moving but that's it. Email the developer and no response as of yet.

Jole hiswife

Engaging and colorful. sadly, it's pay to play and advertising just to open most levels. The 'hints' are very limited, and no leads on how to collect the paper pieces.

Christine Trott

I was having fun with this game but it keeps crashing when I try to go to level 29.

Tami Lister

Exceptional game, cleverly written, worth every penny, no hidden political agendas, clean game

Carina Beall

Very interesting, well made game that does real life good!

Love Flower

Cute cats and challenging puzzles gave me fun experience. This game is really cute and the ads didn't get in the way of the gamplay at all!

Kat C.

Cute puzzle game. It has good graphics and decent gameplay. You'd enjoy it specially if you love cats. I just wish the whole package was cheaper.

Robyn Lawson

So fun!

Matthew Hudson

Why would you even have this in the play pass if I still have to watch an ad to unlock further levels. Either remove it from the pass or unlock the levels like you're supposed to

Pushkar C. Athavale

Great game

Kate Bowen

Loved it.

Mike gates

fun puzzle game mildly challenging

Nikki Schafer

I love the puzzle & the cats! not too difficult!

Vishi Shekhawat

I have play pass but it is not unlock

M Duliere

Fun game. Can't wait for more puzzles to come out

James Peterkin

Nice graphics and real good controls


Really good game! I can't wait for the next levels. I've found every cat and card pieces. I really like the puzzles and the cats are adorable. When is the next levels coming out?


Loved it. I have lots of other games on PC, but this took over. I paid for the extra content an really enjoyed it. Can't wait for more. One question. What was the point in collecting the picture pieces?

Alex Tsitovich

Cute cats, nice hats. The logo window puzzle in the future map during the first time attempt was not loaded. I had to decrease graphics settings and reload the map.

R. William Rissler

super fun

Megan Nold

Love the game. Especially with game pass. But, there aren't very many levels! Always a bummer to love a game and run out of levels.


Cute game, fun puzzles, and very relaxing. 😊

Living Life

Awesome game. Enjoyed playing. Thank you!

Queen Thunderfist

I own this game on both Steam and mobile - paid for both. I love this style of puzzle game and Cats in Time does it in a very enjoyable way. It's not very hard - great for when you want to work your brain a little bit. The levels are well-designed and really fun to just click around in and look at. You can tell the devs put a lot of love and care into this game's design.

Beta Hampton

Really cute and fun puzzles but so many ads & only half of he levels are free. The rest require purchase.

Hiram Deleon jr.

the game is working very well so far on my galaxy tab a7 lite so far in low quailty.

Zoe Brown

Cant get on to the other levels nd when I tap the ad button nothing happens so can't move on in the game which is bad

Miranda Krsnik

Stressful the hints don't give clear instruction. Will uninstall


I love hidden object/puzzle games so i thought this would be super cute because you get to save kitties! I had no trouble playing this game. Once i was done with all the levels available i went back to find all the postcards i missed. I can't wait for more levels and i have a wish/suggestion to the wonderful developers, i love the orange kitty but what about other colors/combinations? I think it would be fun and cute seeing the different kitties. 😸

deon Turner


Ken Cherry

Love the game, puzzles are good, and just hard enough to keep it entertaining. Ok now I waiting on level 22 and beyond. When will that be? Soon I hope. It's spring/summer 22. And for you players who complain about the ads. People "Play Pass" is so worth the money and they have a lot of games. Good job devs, come on with the rest of the story.

Lola Lolo

So glad for Play Pass.! I installed before but had to uninstall because the ADS were obnoxious.!! To start the game you had to watch an ad.... And anything at all...ADS.!!!! And I REALLY liked this game but I refuse to be manipulated..!!!

veronica jm Manurung

Good graphic, so far so good

Amanda Rhodes

While it's a fun game, the ads are absolutely crazy! In order to play a level, you have to watch an ad. Don't remember if you finished a level, well ya gotta watch another ad just to go back in it. There's technically 4 levels in each area but only if you buy the other 2 levels. Game lives off microtransactions like EA and gets ad revenue up the wazoo.

Philip Jackson

It's a shame, it's nicely made but more of these games are popping up and are not more then a clicking exercise. 5 levels in and I'm bored because there's zero challenge to it. If it gets more challenging later I shouldn't have to wait, by level 5 you know how the game is played.

kyle beaver

Love this app.

Susan C

cute game!

Liz Barnett

Too many dang adds Would be a hellof a lot better if you didn't have to click on an add to go to the next level. Adds suck & they're too long..

Westcoast Reba_red

loads of fun and gets your brain working

Trevor Mcdaniel

I want to play the other levels coming soon but they have been that way for a month or so

Jonathan Mulligan

Really fun relaxing game. Each level is a 3D diorama and they're all beautiful. Looks like there's more levels to come too! If you're looking for a nice puzzle game, then you've found it!

Alain J

Just started this game, some memory required but overall it seems pretty okay so far.

Jill Johnson

seems like fun.

Shirley Mason

Happy little game. Really pleasing

Anna Biffle

REALLY really laggy. Prob a decent game if the controls worked like they should:(

Michelle Knowles

Fun game, & I've enjoyed playing it, but I'm eagerly awaiting more levels, which the game shows are coming, supposedly this year. When will they arrive? When they do, I'll give 5 stars. 🙂

Ach Hadda

fun game but easy so far

Lemau Nguyen

Cause this game the best game ever played

Christina Pereira

Fun, challenging game with adorable cats to rescue.

kevin adkins

holy cuddlycatconundrums this is Stony fun

Natalie Campbell

Good untill you reach the fire station then the thing won't turn on the side of the truck so you can't get the last cat out. I've tried updating, restarting and hints but nothing fixes issue.. please sort it out soon developers

Giannis Shiammas


Sue Robinson

It would be fun if the hints worked. When you get stuck you can't go on without a hint but nothing happens. If this was fixed I'd give it 5 stars. The concept is good, the puzzles fun but the way it is now it's just frustrating. Update: hints work now! I love it!!! I'd give it 10 stars if I could bc the puzzles are genius & fun!


amzing game

Iffah mardhiah Lim

the puzzle made my iq sharp

Theresa Engel

Worse game ive played in my life and you got to pay r98 to unlock levels thats just insane

sarah milton hall

I dont want to give any stars because I installed it and it didn't work I think it needs fixing

David Riechel

Boring! Tech issues with trying to watch the 1st ad. So not worth it.

Zann Gassert

Super cute and fun but short. Finished in a day on play pass but it was a fun day.

Gerri Oliver

just started playing

Christina Romney

This game is great BUT there are not many levels and to get more levels they charge $2 per new extra levels. Still after the purchase there are not many levels. The puzzle play and graphics are phenomenal. But hate watching an ad after every level and then to play more you need to buy.

Sanyogita D


Leny Gunawan

It's adorable game... The graphics is awesome like I travel the time too... The puzzle also very fun n addicted. Can't wait for more free level. Please added soon...🤩🤩

Samantha Kuusk


Ron Misfeldt

Adorable cats and fun puzzles to pass the time

Gregg Moyer

Good game but I'd really like to know what the picture pieces I'm collecting on each level are for, and have a way to check how many of the 3 on each level I've collected without closing out the game to get to the main menu. The only other time it does show the amount is for a moment while picking 1 up.