Cats in Time – Relaxing Puzzle Game


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Cats in Time – Relaxing Puzzle Game – Puzzle game in which you explore 3D dioramas, solve puzzles and save tiny cats!

Detailed info

File size: 144M
Update time: May 3, 2021
Current version: 1.3636.2
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: PINE STUDIO
Price: Free
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Customer review

Katt the Warrior (PP)

The game REQUIRES you to watch ads if you want to finish 😡 (If you want a better explanation then check out Amanda Rhodes' review)

Regina Ruby (Venator Lupin)

Updates any time soon? Really looking forward to it.

lynn berry

This is so my sort of game. Fantastic puzzles and gets those brain cells working. Great fun too. Can't wait for more levels.

Constance B.

If I give you 5 stars, can we get an update on when we might get updates? Fun game, but still has a few bugs, including bug report form won't send (bug) The game itself is fun and relaxing. Some of the puzzles are easy, some require some thought (and occasionally cat logic) Annoying bugs - some levels you can't leave unless you close the game, a couple of levels don't have photos (one level didn't until I replayed the game), one of the traps couldn't be reset if you messed up (had a cat stuck).

Tiffany Brown

I love it. simple puzzle game that is entertaining.

Fons A

Fun 3D puzzle game with great graphics and level design easy to understand. This is a relaxing escape room game.

Geraldine Burney

I wish more games like this were made.

Ryan “Irish” D

The only thing I want to see added (besides levels) is some sort of post card counter. I'm currently going back through all the levels to try to find them

Abel Fabian


Kevin H

I got this game (in full) using Google play pass which I pay for monthly. This app has been so much more awful to use than it needed to be, but the gameplay was so good I couldn't give it less than four stars. For starters, play pass means I get to play without microtransactions or ads, but this is the first game I've ever played that locked me out if I wasn't connected to the internet and I'm currently in a country with limited internet access.

Eva Schoenleitner

Fun game, but wants 5.50 CHF after only 2 levels

Sarah Cheeseman

Enjoyed the game, but with limited free play and no way to purchase to continue I was forced to delete. Too bad I would have liked to continue, if the price wasn't too much.

Pheonix Shelton

I love the game but there are way to many adds. It's ridiculous

Leaona Jarrett

It said no in app purchases but they are

tracey kemper

Paid for it and levels are still locked! Come on unlock them all ready! Tickets tock

Alita Farah Diana

My 6 yo son likes this game so much! I can tell this is not only game for having fun but also explore creativity and use the logic. Very very recommended for family time ♥️

Marko Jankowics


Daniel Kinton

Great game, I just wanted to play on my chromebook, but there is a texture glitch where the frame of things in flashing offset to the side and walls are disappearing every other frame.

Maverick Kucia

the game is cute, and the controls are simple and easy to use. the puzzles are a little easy, but varied enough that it keeps it exciting. one complaint I do have is that it drains your battery very quickly.

Josiah Sirag

Not worth playing. The whole game can be finished quickly, with 1 or 2 step puzzles that have the answers handed to you with little to no work, especially since half the cats are out in the open. I understand that this probably geared towards children so the easy puzzles isn't why I gave it two stars. It has a nice looks to it, but they force you to go to the store and watch an ad to play every level. And half the game is behind a pay wall. Why would I pay $6 (or $7 without bundle) for the game?

Zer0 Studioz

Forcing either ads or $5.99 to play more than just the first level? Why not just make this a full priced game instead of tricking people? Uninstalled

Nicolette Sciarappo

Love the puzzles!

Space Captain

Pros: Relaxing, we'll made, fun, great visuals. Cons: Besides cats, you're supposed to collect bits of paper, but the paper doesn't do anything, or fit into the narative at all. Also, you can't just buy the game and have ad free access to all of it. You can pay for little bits of the game at a time, over and over again, and there are still ads for the next level. Oh and the feedback button doesn't work.

Scaciana DeLacy

Requires you to watch ads to play levels. Cute game, but not good enough to warrant watching ads for every single level.

Angye Arias

Very pretty and addicting game. Love finding the cats in weird places. The puzles get slightly harder as you progress the game, so worth it. Just need more levelsssssss to relax some more and addict some more.

Debbie Hume

It won't let me finish level 10 I'm on the watermill part with the diamond shape piece and it won't let me put the piece into the place that's supposed to go in

Jenn Zapata

I really loved playing this. When will the new levels be released?

Forrest Hughes

I'm not watching an ad to play the next level, and the way it zooms in when you click on a part of the level, is annoying.

Jennie Hersh

So much fun! And the cats are cute, too. Extremely relaxing for me. Thanks for a great app 🙂

Brutal Drizzt


Chris Collins

it's fun lol I didn't expect to enjoy it so much

Still Unchained

Taking up space on my phone for months "coming soon"? No update, meanwhile I see releases on other platforms? Fair gameplay but so derivative it feels like a reskin.

Kelsey C

Beautiful game, ads are minimal and not distracting. I wish there was difficulty levels just so I didn't finish the levels so quickly, then I could do them all a few different ways

khanroi just khanroi

So far I love it! Very enjoyable game play, moving around is simple, puzzles are on the easy side but I expect that will change as I progress. This game is visually stunning and I can interact with so much! You have to give this game a try, there is so much to enjoy! See you around the cat box!

Victoria Sciancalepore

I downloaded this with Play Pass a while ago and was able to play every level. Now I have to pay for some of them, even though it says I should have no in-app purchases? Confused.



Darlean Jackson

What are the pieces of paper for? Why am I only allowed to watch so many ads before I can not go any further?


Love this game. End of. X

Carla Johnson

Wish there was more

Martin Haboyan

Forcing players to watch ads in order to play beyond the first level of a free game is an incredibly scummy practice. People like you shouldn't be making games.

Robert Luthi

Cats in Time is an easy, fun diversion

reece Pierce

Tried finding those blue things but no hints for it

Siddhi Ganesh

I like this game but this game have some negative points first is this game need internet connection, after every level you have to watch advertisement and then the next level will be unlocked and second is this game has limited stages to play so it might be disappointing for player otherwise I'll give 5 stars to this game

Davetta Oliver

I like the game until level 12 appears to have a glitch in the program. All you see is an empty space and little dots moving in one of hints. . Email the developer and no response as of yet.


Absolutely love the game. Just wish there was a button that brings you back to the menu. Aside from that I am really excited for new levels.

Billie Henry

Liked the game but got to and passed the sunken ship and now it goes to a black screen and does nothing.

Shannon Colson

Don't bother unless you pay you can't play.

Moon Moon


Phillip Blair

Excellent game. Patiently waiting for the 2022 expansion.

Sophie Parker

Played them all, normal and kid mode. Eagerly waiting more levels ☺️

slim 601

Game is fantastic but lots of ads

Dale Hersh

It's a fun game like it a lot

Mc D

Love this when are the new levels released


Crashes too much


3 stars as would be enjoyable... But watched an add for stage 2 & it didn't register. Having finished all free levels by Jan 2022... STILL waiting in August for the 'coming soon 2022' new levels.

Jenn King

I love this game its fun and it's got cute 🐈

TJ White

Nice silly game, can listen to an audiobook at the same time

Eva Dale

This is the best game I've played in a while. The puzzles are just the right level of tricky but doable. I love the different types of challenges they give.


when will there be more levels?


No landscape mode??

Adam Werner


Jana Buehler

I love this game!!!!! I want more!!!

sophia daniels

I dunno... I've played like one level... my Google wallet balance finally showed up for the in app purchase to be able to pay this game without ads... and then the game started nagging me for a review... gonna leave it at two stars so I can drop it to one star the next time it asks for a review.

ahesan sait

Like the game, but hate the fact that you need to watch an ad to play next level, come on how low are you gonna get? Just make it premium at a reasonable price! 510₹ for this??? That too just 14 levels??

Rica T

I like the puzzles except for the ads you have to watch in order to go to the next level. Or else you have to pay if you don't want the ads

Taylor Conaway

Lovely, panoramic hidden object game that has quick but challenging puzzles, cute cats and a great atmosphere. Extra content was an instant buy.

tabitha dragonsong

oh my goodness so much fun! it's adorable too!thanks!

Casey Hartley

I think it's good is good game relaxing and fun cats traveling through time as 100% good it's relaxing 😌 it's peaceful

D Ri

Loved but ran out of levels. Need to add more levels!

jacob haddad

Horrible, the levels are fine, but you only get the first one. All the other ones cost $0.99,not that expensive but for every level stupid. You have an option to watch an add but if you get off the app, you need to rewatch the add.

pink pug

Doesn't work and is broken

Christopher Gregory york

it's adorable and cuuuute


Love it. I love kitties. Just 1 little suggestion, can you please create a couple of other games like this with all animals that people like to keep as pets? That would be awesome. A suggested name would be "Pets In Time". Thank you for hopefully taking these suggestions to mind.

Babys Gramma

great, pretty, low stress.

Amber nbk

I loved this game it wasn't too take l hard and always watch hints, i with there were more already!

Jan Schattling

Great but expensive. The game is so much fun but the additional levels are way overpriced. I don't get how these could cost more than the full game for the PC.

Joshua Wagner

it's on play pass! super cute, fun, and unique enough from the doors games!!

Amy L

Would love to play it but can't open it

Sarah Dunn

Fun and clever game! I enjoyed it very much, and am disappointed that the publisher had no other titles

MK McElhinney

Seemed like a fun game until i realized half the levels are locked behind pay walls. No thanks.

Michael Burkland


Jennifer E

Love this game, some are easy others as you gain experience get more difficult

Kimberly Kane

I stumbled across this game by accident and decided the cats were totally cute so I just had to download it. Once I figured it out,I couldn't stop playing!! I absolutely love this game...everything from the puzzles, the cats and the actual level designs. The one problem that I have is that I just wish there were more levels!!! I really hope you guys are working on adding additional levels sooner than later!!

Alison Rollins

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Some of the puzzles were pretty hard, but thank God for the hints! Please make more games like this!

Patricia Hodge (Poppymom)

This game is a lot of fun but I have a problem having to watch an ad to finish a level when I had to watch one to play it to begin with. There are also only 26 levels, which took me a few days to get through. More levels are "coming soon".

Rachelle Tellez

A cute game but if you don't buy the package then you have to watch an ad after each challenge to go to the next level. Sorry but I had to delete.

SuperRedoMason !!! (Herobrine)


Cathy Blumenfeld

Almost just what I was looking for. Fun, cute puzzle. Check! No private information grift. Check. The music becomes disappointing. But most of all, the constant begging for money, and insisting on ads, replaces the joy from what might've been a real winner, with dismay. If I want that feel, I can just read the news. Better luck next ... time.

Kat Michiels

Stylus support needed, currently doesn't recognize stulus response. Sounds psycho, but I don't like the way swiping feels with my fingers so I won't go past the tutorial

Carolyn Griffin

The feedback doesn't work, certainly hints don't show objects and others don't show how to get somewhere and what it does show you can't find

Aishwarya Mandlik

Dr Er Aishwarya Mandlik Google

Matthew Verslype

Started good, then a bug prevented me from playing the next level. I watched the ad to play the next level, but then it did nothing and you have to pay...

Tim Dyson

It's okay. The 'puzzels' are basic but the cute design make it an interesting time waster.

Debi Wells

Full disclosure: I'm playing this on Google Play Pass. I really like this game. I took off one star because after a minute or two it makes my battery hotter than the sun. Not sure why that is, but it's really concerning.

Cheryl Whatley

I like the game but having to watch a video b4 each new level is ridiculous. Uninstalling.

Angela Russo

Satisfying, fun and relaxing. Maybe a little too easy but that's okay if you just want to have fun. Game runs super smooth. I completed the game but was never awarded the "Tourist" or the "Time Traveler" achievements. Not sure if this is a Google Play issue?

shevaun ashmeade

it's purr-fect



rsng frce


Emily Hall

Level 29 won't load and I haven't heard back after sending a bug report with screen recording. I paid for premium and I can't play any further