Cats Hotel: The Grand Meow ( Adorable game )

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Cats Hotel: The Grand Meow ( Adorable game ) – In this cute game, you have to decorate an adorable hotel for virtual cats. Change the interior, furnish the building, and meet furry guests. Collect all adorable kitties in the hotel🐾

The game is really simple but cute. And each cat has its own unique story!

Decorate a hotel for your furry friends in this cat game. Choose an interior design, get new items, and make a cozy atmosphere for the world’s most adorable visitors. Help your kawaii cats by solving fun puzzles, and watch how they love you back with all nine lives. Transform your hotel into a cute and adorable home!

The rules are simple: the hotel always needs items for cats and a full food bowl. Play every day to keep your hotel tidy, meet new furry kitties, and learn their stories. Upgrade your hotel and buy new items to attract new or treat loyal guests.

● Change your hotel’s design
Choose from several unique interiors, from anime style hot springs (Onsen) to an eco-friendly Green Roof Garden. Transform a simple room into a stunning hotel. Interior options to suit any mood and whim!

● Get new items and upgrade your hotel
Dozens of fun items available to make your hotel uniquely charming and cozy.

● Meet your guests
Hang out with the most adorable feline friends and follow their heartwarming stories. All little cats are talking periodically. Just listen to your virtual pets and don’t forget to make a photo with all new guests.

● Treat your guests
What cat doesn’t love food?! Choose from different meal options at your hotel. Just don’t forget to refill the bowl!

● Help your cats and beat challenges
Sometimes your furry guests will have fun little puzzles and brainteasers for you.

● Share with friends on social media
Take staged photos with your cats and amuse your friends with funny pictures.

This is a kitty game where cute pets are waiting for your attention. Please keep an eye on the cat food in a bowl and interesting objects in a room.

Furry friends are waiting for you! Take care of cute CATS in this hotel simulator game. Make the cutest hotel in the world!

Calm down and relax with this adorable and beautiful cat hotel game.

Cats hotel: The Grand Meow is LGBTQ+ friendly game.

Cats hotel: The Grand Meow is free to play, but some in-game items (interiors, in-game currency, etc.) are also available to purchase.

If you have any questions, feedback or issues with the game, we’ll be happy to hear from you at

Detailed info

File size: 78M
Update time: March 9, 2021
Current version: 1.6.4
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: Ohayo Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Isabella Williamson

Honestly a really good game love the consept and just in general a really cute game. This is a five star. you should totally download!!!!!!!

Rya Anderson

I actually really like it it's good the cats are cute but it does take a while for new cats to come in

Cassie's Life

I love this game ...its so aesthetic

Lucy Paige

I love it Very fun 5 stars

Anna T.

Simple but cute...not anything you can constantly's a set it and come back kinda game.


I love this game it's so adorable 🌸

Kirbo UwU

Is good

yasmine chebbi

Pure joy

A Google user

This game is so cute. You get to see a lot of new and adorable cats. This game is super kawaii. Over all you should get this game because its the cutest game in the whole world.


Its so adorable and cute i love it❤️💛💚💙💜🖤💖💓💞💕💟❣️

Justin Mackritis

This is one of my childs favorite games 10/10

Asiya Tobak

It's very cute and I really like it though I might need to be patient but that's totally ok for me and yes it is very waiting to earn money but to me I'm puurfectly ok with it💕💕💕

Barry B. Benson

I think its super fun but I do really wish that the gold coins were easier to get but overall I think its pretty fun

cloudyweather kitty

I hope all poor cats in the world live in this warm cute hotel & be cuddled with yarns.😿 I ADORE CATS MEOW!!!!!!!😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻 PLEASE HELP & RESCUE THEM 🙏 ❤ THEY ARE TOO CUTE ❤

Miria Neva Art

MEOW CUTE GAME BUT PLEASE UPDATE & FIX BUGS; everyday kitties are telling me this: "If you embellish the interior of the hot spring with even one bonsai, you will inspire a sophisticated connoisseur of the beautiful". I bought all interiors & applied them with a bonsai house, a bonsai tree & tree fort but the connoisseur isn't coming. I completed ALL the game & bought everything & I discovered all cats except the connoisseur & 1 more. Please fix so I'll be able to complete the game. Meow!! 😻

The Kardboard King

Very wholesome good game. Best cat game. Highly reccomend :3

Inioluwa Samuels

a very intresting game has a lot of fun features and I love it so much

RAygUn AnxietY

This game is really nice I like it

Ooi Fiona

It would be nice if can have button to mute the sound. Love the characters of the cat.

Johnson Nkwoala

Is incredible I love the game And the cats😻😻💙😻😻🐱🐱

Cc Foley

I made a real money purchase for gold coins and it went through on my end but the game said "internet error" and never gave me my coins. There was definitely no internet error on my end. Edit: The issue was resolved in 24 hours. Cute game but I don't trust it 100%.

Ronnie Hutchings

This game is so fun if you don't have it you get it

Evelyn Aulla

I won't let me install this game 😡😡 I have internet by the way

Oriana Situ-Chivers

Lovely game but I have had to uninstall as there's no way to turn the music off and it was doing my head in

Love Neko

Cute but the random adds is a no no but its good to play when your bored

Erin Avila

Fun and cute

Nica ibe

This app is sooo cute ilove it, because im a cat lover that's why i love this game soo much 😊

Frizzy Mango

I love this game it is so relaxing to play and so cute especially when the cat's are playing love you're game I rate 5 stars!

Olivia Gober

cats are cool, some stuff too expensive and i can't have the whole room at first. Kinda ok, but it costs too many coins to buy the 2nd half of the room.

Tygra de Mello

Very cute, I would love if in a future update you include a section to replay the mini games you have unlocked so you have something else to do. Like the fish puzzle or the painting.

estudos mary

very cute game

Sumaiyah Sumaiyah

its great but it would be better if we could get money quicker

*twinkittenblack black


vincesonix6 and vincesonia900 squads

He so cute 😊🥰🥰😘

Miyah Amaraich

Its very fun 100%

Yan Kutsune

Very cute tho.

Genevieve Smith

The best in my apinion.

Blue Woodles

I like it :)


i think i would've loved this game if it weren't for the glitches. ill try again if it gets fixed!💗


The game has some cats that piss me of.