🧊 — Slide across rooms as an ice block, float like a cloud, hookshot around with your tail, and utilize a bunch of other abilities!
🗺️ — Explore 120 different rooms.
📖 — Experience the story and find out how and why the world came to be.
🖊️ — Create your own rooms with the included editor!

Cats are Liquid – A Better Place is a 2D platformer about a liquid cat and her friends.

Play as the cat, in a place created just for you and your friends. You get to go on a nice adventure with them where nothing goes wrong and everything is perfect, as long as your friends stay there, right by your side.

This game contains dark story elements, including strong feelings of abandonment and detachment from reality. This game is not for children.

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Mar 27, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Last Quarter Studios Limited Partnership
Price: Free
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Customer review

Sofia DR

The game is very fun and addicting! Sure, the levels get hard but the story telling and characters make up for it.

Roblox Gamer salt and fish

Quite nice, I am too stupid and lazy to get the ending but it is fun

Deniro Wilson

Awesome game very easy and quite intresting


The story is decent with a cool ending. At one point you get to control more cats, each one giving you powers.

Param Sharma

Best game I've played in a while

Marcos Hurtado

It looks better that it really is


What a great game. The platforming is a lot of fun, and the story made me cry like, 5 times. 10/10, would love to see more from these developers :)

Christian Hill

Ending was a tad confusing but other than that it was a fantastic game.

Audrain Laxina

I wish they made a new game

Alla Khachikian

This game is amazing but the second part that Wass out before ended up on suicide wow such a family friendly ending ☺️

Burebista Victoras

It was fun and nice

Jacob Connor

It's good, the movements and gimmicks, but the editor is too confusing and hard to work, also sooooo cute, and so sad when the cat makes the little meows when they get hurt, also, green doesn't have any effects when he gets hurt. #lovin it. I HATE THAT LITTLE CUBE

Eoghan fisk


ACG Entry

Overall absolutely a phenomenal game!! No microtransactions barely any ads with a mountain of fun content. The levels were very well designed and it took me a long time to finish them all, yet it never got stale due to the story progressing and new abilitys being introduced and removed when they began to feel stale. I haven't even gotten into the user created levels yet. I would highly recommend.

E Man

Very good very nice

Evan Ghimire

Make cats are liquid a good cat a 2D game about a Cat Liquid and her 2 friends

Austine Castro

It's a good game and nice story

JackTheRipper 1

The best mobile game I've ever played it gives me so many emotions that I don't even understand this game is simple yet amazing I 100 percent recommend this game for anyone who's looking for a fun platformer

Youssef Merimi

The game is perfect just needs one thing in game community levels where we can play other ppl levels without downloading them besides that the is ✨perfect✨

Dania Sofea

An amazing platform game! I enjoyed playing it even though i often rage bc of how.. intense it is! A creative idea of making a game. The character is really cute and the storyline is really interesting. Totally recommend playing this <3

Andraws Bataq

Favirite game is so FUN! There 120 levels and you can make your own levels. So I will give it a 10 out of 10

NV Death

This game is very fun but challenging has no adds and is fun if considering to get this game I'd say yes and this has to be one of the best games I ever played.

Matthew Dowden


4. games

no ads and great story simple game play beautiful graphics great music also thanks for making this game much love 💕💕

Milo Schneider

i sobbed at this game maybe im emotional but damn she needed to find her friends quick

TehNoz YT

Make a better place 2 please Very good game ngl!

Josh Perrry

Seriously I'm not going to lie but this game is I CRACKDROP CRINGE Seriously It is a Cringe version (✅️+✔️=☑️) Of 🤬☠️ SUPER MARIO LEVEL EDITING 💯 👌

Dessy Fatmawati

halo motherfukcer


It's so cute and the graphics are nice. The levels had some difficulty when you go through it but it's totally doable and enjoyable! I love this game ❤️ I've already finished it and there's also no ads which was nice :)))

‹水› kinnoe; twokkii [\\\]

Great game

Evelyn Plays

Its lagging iwen that I can't play the game but I think it would probs be good because I LOVED cats are liquid 1 it was amazing 😍 just this game doesn't work for me so that's what I don't like but prob good 👍

Matt From Wii sports

Nah still fine


I was into the storyline Until it made no sense at all but overall the rest of the gameplay and mechanics is an absolute W

Toasted Bread

Ive had an amazing experience with this game. It's fun and easygoing.

poke fan

The game is overall good but the story is not clear

Josue Martinez

Very Fun game! As games progresses more characters are unlocked and more fun unlocked! Amazing experience!

ahsan arshad

Good keep it up

Akame Stoff

They fixed it :)

Saday Bhat

It's a really well built game, the graphics isn't really great but you won't feel it's lacking anywhere TBH I really liked it, the difficulty was normal and I didn't face any lags or anything. The only thing was the story, I felt a bit sad at the end but nvm. Overall it's a really good game.

Sri kiran


john ronquillo

Thank you for making me cry. Really loved it.

Rosalie Gapusan


Angel Hernandez

Amazing rage game

C. N.

The og is better. This is utter trash. I don't even get this.

Zitouni Riyad

Who thought that using a full ultra white screen as a loading screen ? Bro its like a flash grenade i have to close my eyes evey time between levels so i dont catch eye cancer

Jonah Wickham

Nice, very nice, good game.

Dirt Boy


Pricilla Pricilla

It's a very entertaining game when you're bored and it's really good 5/5 good game 👍🏻

Cesar Lucas

Its very good. I loved cats so I downloaded this game but I got something better a fun mobile game personally its the best mobile game I played

Raja Kumar

Bro at least give a happy ending where there all friends get unite

Ayoub Najjar

This game is so annoying because after each level or every time you lose, the screen flashes and blind you. And I feel I will vomit every time I play it.Not worth downloading.

Nightmare Moth

I really like this game! But I kind of want to know how the cat knows the Purple One.

Nathan Gilliland

I love this game and the story,it brought tears to my eyes.and I love the idea.please make another game

Aryan Patil

best game

Jessica Livia

Its a really good game, great storyline, and fun gameplay. Somehow I kinda relate to the cat's story 🥲 (Oh one thing, please make the narration faster and just tap to skip) but overall its fantastic!

jaden Tristan

It's good it's just good


what a beautifull lore.. its make me sad.. but its still good !

Isaiah Lambert

Cool game butiys realy Brite and my eyes can't Handel Brite lites do pls fix ty bye

Rohan Ahirwar

I finished the game and it was quite simple and i liked it specially the liquid form of cat

Haiden Meisner

Best phone game I've played

al3x d3mon

Nice story and gameplay

Amber Williams

This is a great game, but the 1st one is a but better. The story on this one is OK, but I love how you can make your own levels. I would recommend this. It's fun, creative, 10/10. 👍



GuangXin Song


Sista Love

Yes. Lol

pheonix arrowsmith

I love this game dearly. It's truly a high quality use of time. It's so cute, the physics are a little funky but I think that's just part of the experience. After completing this, I highly recommend trying out the other one. I forgor what it's called, but the logo is the same just black.

Drake Woolley

Why a depressingly ending but other wise it's a good peaceful game with a good song

Vini Kaul

Oh My God. Loved this platformer game so much. The graphics, the music, the story, the sound effects, everything is so simple, yet so magical. A perfect example of Simplicity at its best. The obstacles are so cool, so familiar, yet so unique and different in their own way. I am so impressed.

Omprakash Regar

Best game ever

Aliyyu Studio

Best game

Muhammad Nur Syakir

I downloaded this to play a cute and calming game, but was met with an unexpected in-game narrative. It was a pleasant surprise though. The controls are fine and the levels aren't too difficult in my opinion. I haven't played the first game so I give this review without bias. Overall, gameplay is cute and fun and the narrative strikes the heart.

Cosmic Pitona

As someone who LOVES cats this game is so cool and cute and entertaining. This is a great game

ninja pro

Great music, good graphics, various spaces and different powers, and its unique story make me give this game five stars.

akixz 123

This game is really the best i like the cat its so cute i will call it glowey

Silvia Burns

loved, simple and addictive to play

Amelie Turner

This is a great game!! But when I was building a world, I designed the rooms in order but when trying to share it, it muddled up the order of rooms, putting the last one first and never showing the second one. Is there a way to fix this bug?

Israa Hassan

The game is fun but after level 3 in world 2 it lag and i couldn't go to the next level

Arrayyan Ansar

The cat is soooo liquid, and the obstacles is crazy!

Monica Cat

I love this game! I have no problems with it. It works perferctly withought glitching. I realy like the deseighns from the levels and the story. Of course, it's hard, but not impossible. It's great! I realy wish you guys would make more worlds and continue the story. I'm realy curiouse if the cat will like being FOREVER alone in these worlds...

ᴄ ᴀ s ʜ ᴍ ᴇ ʀ ᴇ

Game was great it was relaxing and nostalgic controls are great also the graphics the story line was very lovely its just the ending it was kinda sad overall it was a lovely game


Amazing game! I was apsaloutley captivated and apologised to the cat each time I accidentally died.

Vescan Eduard

A nice game , way better than the first one , still , the wall jump was better than just climbing the wall

Anthony Niño Mata

I love the story line of it i can't wait to see more of this

Mr Blaza

It's great......but also SAD


Now this, this is a good mobile game!

Kittythecat 0001

Love it

Vitarka Bhattacharyya

Completed. Good game. Very good finishing, almost encountered no problem. Difficulty is just normal. If you're struggling with a level, I'd recommend take a break. This action always worked for me. Story isn't very clear but simply is a cute addition. Abilities are cool. Progress can be saved and played within multiple devices. Overall a very good game.

Elijah Ruffo

This game line is sweet and fun

Cali Salvio

This game made me cry when i played this i cry for like 5 mins while playing this

Yarelis Vila

Deez nuts

Robert TV

Cute and fun!

An Angel

It's a very fun game. Some levels are heavy but it's anyways cool

Mahir Labib

Best game though sometimes it's boring.

Jannah Monforte

I've been playing for like 30 minutes or more but the reason I rate it 2 stars is because of the room 2 on level 2 it is my problem was when I was on the edge I didn't know what o do there there was just lava and and I didn't rate it 1 because it is also very emotional with her friends and the way they forgot her

Lilone Willy

It sooooo great. 👍 I love how the this one was connected to the other one when it was over. I still wish there was a other one but good job.

Logan Skowron

Great game, I can't wait for the third one.

Sarah LeClair

I love the story and the cats are soo cute even tho it's pretty hard it's still deserve a 5 star 🌟 🤩

isi isi

Best offline game I ever seen

p e d r o

I loved every sec of it :)

Pilar Marie Sofia Acero

I love the levels it's a bit challenging but I rate this 2 stars beacause the ending is sad but please make part 3 and the ending better please and thank you