Catopedia – 😼Best Merge Idler

Author: Octopus Games LLC

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Catopedia – 😼Best Merge Idler – Can you find a secret?🙀

Detailed info

File size: 81M
Update time: September 3, 2021
Current version: 1.1.21
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Octopus Games LLC
Price: Free
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Customer review


Every time the game shows the cats merging into a new cat, the rate the game window pops up preventing me from seeing the merging animation.

khushi salman


marci burrow

I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ this game

Ali Hannan

I like merge games like cats

Maija Ziedgrava :3

All cats are cute! Especially Amber!

Ashna Thapa

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Bev Rus


Timbojones Underwood

fun and time consuming.

Babu Biswas


Danielle Garfoot

I enjoy playing this game.

Kathy Britvich

Very nice and cute game

Addison Vickers

I think it is the best game ever! Theirs almost no ads and cute cats, but sometimes you have to wait to get more money to get more cats, other than that it,s great.

Marky Cielo Lucero

My Favorate Pet is Cat.....

Sara Corey

I absolutely can't stop playing this game.

Royalty Oirtiz

I can't breed my cats 😩


I love is game is Soo much fun

Nicole Stanley

Every time I get a new cat they always look so cute and it makes me have happy tears it's like I can't stop playing ever but usually when I have to go to bed I feel sad only if I'm playing this game!!!!

Lillie Davis

I love kittens cats I love the all

Simone Potier McCrocklin

I like this game I actually know those kittens names and I can't say those kittens names u know

kl voshall

Overall a fun game. Just slow.

Patsy K. Fields

The cats are beautiful. Can't wait to see what the next one looks like. I'm a cat lover .This is the perfect game for me. Thank you for making this fun game. I finally have room for all the cats I want.

Mirela Viditki

I love cats and I like this game and I like merging the cats and I like to build a cat house and it is very amazing and thank you for making it because it is so cute and silly and to cool😸💖🐈😻🥀🐾😎😜🙏😁😝

carrie mier

I love all the kitties

Alice Malloy

It's so cute I love it

hasan eftekhari

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Sara Andre

Love to play this game

Shane Miles

Love this game..

Alyssa Cook

Good game

Kathleen Maturo

Great game

michele Perry

I love this game

Dalendra Ganesh

Nice games

Pallabi Sain

I only say I love the game 😍 what is show that what I get .

Farah AlJamaan


Juantina Krings

Cute and fun

Becky Haboian

I love this game I like all the different cats

Ann Villers

My game just updated can't play it at the moment. Because after it updated there is writing all over the game and you can't see the game no more. That's a shame it's a pretty good game until it updated. I hope it gets fixed because I do enjoy playing it.

Lin Lae Htwe

It all is so cute🥰🥰😘

Christine Kamna

Super cue and relaxing

Norlaili Sopin


Jenny Mullings

Me and my sister love this game so much it is a great game if u enjoy merging things and love cats

Josephat Kagwi

It's one of the best game I have ever played and I can campaign for it very much if it had real cash in form of money to motivate the competitors in to buying ads without feeling a pinch.The competitors in this game can reach more than trillion in numbers if winners get a motivation weekly, monthly,and then yearly.It'my best and I love it.

Denise Ryan

I love this game coz the cats are gorgeous... and it's just cats... I downside is time and gems aren't received like they should be.. very few gems...

Alliana Martinez

It's so fun because you keep merging 2 cats together. and make a new one And it's so much Fun Everybody should know about this game if it's not popular, it should be popular, because it's so much fun. If people don't like this game, they suck.

Jodi Lynn Mason

Just started playing but so far it is one of the funnest merge games I've ever played

Cindy Anderson

You know this is catapidia and this is absolutely cute

Saeed Saeed

The only reason I do not like it because my little brother keeps taking my phone to play the game.

Amy Urista

It's a COOL game but it's slow! I personally like the original Merge Dogs better 🤫!

Victoria Miller

Love it!

David Sebastian

i love this game its becaus makes me thing of my real cats


Gets boring really easy never really played it

Lau - San

It's an ad infestation, but it's implemented in a way that I wouldn't mind watching them for more rewards, unlike most mobile games. They're optional, so the game has to make revenue somehow. Other than that, I like the graphics and its idea of a idle game. You can exit the app and still earn in-game money that way... If you're looking for a mindless game, then this is good for cat lovers like me.

Jo Caley

Lovely game hardley any ads


I just love it

Daryl Holmes

It's a good game but I can't login to Facebook


Love it

Dyana Connell

oh my goodness! i love this!

Grayson Everhart

I am on a mission to review advertised games. This game is too time consuming and has too many ads. It also shoves in-game purchases in your face all the time.

Sam Lawton

Great fun

Paul Jones


Pamela Mcmillan

so i rate this a three because its a fun and cute game but it gets boring after a while

Steve Lyman

It has so much cute kitty.

Usama Issa

I LOVE IT!!!!✌✌💖💖💖❤❤❤❤😭😭🖐🖐🖒🖒👌👌👍👏👏💥💥

hannah neaveill

Easy game if you are looking for something for a small child.

Kristin ycy3 i wyatt


De'Sean Nelson

Very beautiful and cute game you have here

Cedric Adedje

This game is a lot better than the old version that I used to play. Also, I'm thinking that I might end it very soon. Like I don't know maybe Father's Day.

Judy Lines

Awesome game

BullzEye Wolfz

Cute but kinda annoying when the ads pop up

Pat Napper

Game teaches you how to proceed. It is easy but good to keep the brain working and I love cats

Valetta Burton


Shivesh Suman

It's so fun and cool I know you wait bags so long but you don't this game has a shop you have to try it now!!! Tho it has plenty of purchases if you installed or no longer install it now! The game has ads but I DONT CARE ABOUT THE ADS though because its fun than cool 😎 you can change pillows!!it's cooler then hope they update it that will be BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! Tip:try catopedia right now today!!

Cathy Zook

Hannah B

Its a very fun game were you can merge cats and there was barley no ads.It also has very easy to see like 20/20 vison.Its so fun and i really hope theres an update for this very fun and adorable game.

Loraine Collinsworth

Fun and relaxing, with very cute cats!


I love this game because , it helps your nolige expandwith kittens and it's for kitten lovers!

Jennifer Hedington

Super cute game, fun to play

Marcelle D

5 stars for the cats. 2 stars for the faulty weekly competition. Third week in a row I finish first but get demoted when the results are out. What is the point of having a leaderboard in the game if it doesn't sync properly ?

Adrienne Malachi


zaneta troczynska

This app is so good like i play it all day li love it

Shelby Giger

Bad it gust bad

aesthetic girl Shook

I love it

Carlitos Chaparo

U have to wait for more coins but it's fun

Patti Thiele


Safiya Moradi


Akayla Morrison

4 cuz the vampire Kitty look scary and ugly

Thomas Laflamme

Its fun to merge that is all I have to say keep up the great work


I love this game I sneak it in the night to so if you like making new things this is the game for you

Ashley Aldridge

This is the first game of three years I have found that I stayed on for four hours and I love it and I think you are going to have fun with it to!!!!!!!!!

Sarah Garcia

It's amazing

Bayleigh Mann

Amazing 😘🥰😍🤩

Takiya Terry

Love it it's fun.

Tara Bell

I love the cats but not 😈🐈🐱🐱🐱🐈🐈🐱🐱🐈🐈

Wadiurrahman 2010

This game is perfact

McKinsey Siepe-Pick

I love the game cuz I love cats

vicki younger

(Fun) very addictive

Amy Tripp

Love it

William Stiles

Fun to play the game

Ashley Hernandez

I like the game is super fun yess cats

C.h bigback


brenna livermore

I love it they are so cute😍😍😍😍