Cat Brain World – Tricky Puzzle Game

Author: Funnyeve

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Cat Brain World – Tricky Puzzle Game – Brain training game that can be solved by breaking the mindset

Detailed info

File size: 73M
Update time: August 27, 2021
Current version: 1.0.3
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Funnyeve
Price: Free
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Customer review


That cute cat🙂

evelynn tune

Unique puzzle game with a cute story !

N. Shirley

This game is really fun 😁 It's entertaining and tricky puzzles keep your brain exercised 😸

live life to the fullest 13

This game is so frustrating and fun at same time I absoutly love it really keeps you on your toes its addicting so much fun also really gets you thinking

Precious Tricia May Sasi





It starts out okay, but quickly turns into a series of "Gotcha" moments and convoluted explanations. The free hints usually are more confusing than helpful, forcing you to watch a series of ads for a Yam hint. After failing a couple of times, you guessed it, ad time.

Maychaella sevellita

Its so good it test your iq


It's sooooo cuuuute >.< 😭

Mysha Tazmeen

The game is great but why is it not going past level 56? I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and even then level 57 is not coming. There is a construction sign over it? I don't understand why?

Syeda N. Jannat Sinagdha

I really like this game, its puzzels are really unique most of the tricky puzzle games i have played so far tend to have a lot of similar puzzles but this game actually got me questioning my thinking to solve it. Most of the levels are quite hard and have interesting ways to solve them and i know it can make you mad but after finding the answer it makes you want to play it more! I recommend it for whoever wants to improve critical thinking and be able to think of solutions at a moments time!

charlesmoimoi li

This is the first time i played and it was amazing! i also like the art.

Elisabeth .Thomas

Fun way to pass the time

Afiq Shukor

Funneh and cute

Coco TV



Good and funny 👍👍😘😘😘

Mbela Getou



amazing download

Handri Sidharta

Funny story

Gracie Moore

It sucks

Amelia Christiawan

Very good, hard enough, can't wait for the update (Gameplay Emilya C Youtube)

Jennifer Trejo

I love it

Darryl Dobson

When i get to level 10 the game crashes and dosnt let me go back on the game

Calep Ray

Really cute and fun game.

Dona Emerson

Funny little game

Miranda Vedvik

Very fun and absolutely adorable! All the puzzles are clever, and the art is amazing. The storyline is odd, but charming. 10/10 recommend

Conrad Stone

Good Game 🙂

Alaina Kimble

Aaaah I'm not smart enough for this it's impossible!!!

Carolina Aviles

It's a very cute and you have to sometimes think outside the box


This game sucks

Rawan Hussein

It is an amazing game but there are some down hills.Some are very trickey qnd some are rather easy to solve.The hints should be avalible qll the time but thats the point of the game,to figure it put your self

Neisha Campbell


Kiyomii Sunn

I have never been more frustrated at a game than THIS ONE.... Its just so annoying and difficult! The asthetic with the cats is fine but i just HATE this game for some reason. The puzzles are too hard and irritating, i only played a few levels before i just wanted to quit. Being pressured with 60 seconds of time doesnt help either, plus the limited attempts also makes it frustrating. And only getting more tries with ads is stupid!

Anya Franco

It is really fun and you shouldn't have any regrets on getting it

Carlos Madrid

Cute Story

Janine Robinson

this game is trash, everytime I use all my cat food it never lets me back into the level, and when I watch ads for cat food, it doesn't give me the cat food, fix this you morons

Gamzee Kat

I like puzzle games and games with stories so this is a good mix for me

Elizabeth Vaughan

It test my mind and i am so much smarter

Carmen Ortiz

It is the best cus it is fun to ges and you can win prises and ather stuff...

Corinda Smith

It's very nice and tricky and it has a storyline that helped me understand what it is really about Give 5 out of 5

Auxane Yang

At first it was great, the puzzles are great, loved the game, but after you run out of canned food there is nothing to play the levels and get hints except watching ads or paying, so it really isn't enjoyable! (except I'm missing something?) Please add daily rewards or canned food after every level

Beth Smith

Just really irritating. The puzzles are annoying and if you fail you have to watch ads to continue. Dont waste your time


Very fun and cute game

mira rouge

Good game but when I run out of tries the app is useless

QT Honors



I'm stuck and so stuck that I can't do anything controls are super duper bad

Aksana Vaiciulyte

Very good and not that hard so far I love it 🐱🐱

Sam Jones

Cool and fun

S jy

Love the wacky teasers, excerise for the brain

caren jalandoni


Casia Coutroupis

It's a good game, but I run out of canned fish really fast, and now I ran out, I tried to watch an ad and it says no ad available, it's a good game, please fix this.

MuhamadNor IDHAM예준

Love this game so much..

Lyndon Kruger

Hmmmm I will tell them how I feel wink wink hehe

Hoe Tran

dw nothing will be here

Johnson Mathew

It's a well made, fun, but challenging game. I enjoyed it but can their be like a hint thing? So if I don't know I can use a hint it help me

Isaias Oba-Underwood

It's fun and I like the art style

Maritza Hendrix

Not so much adds! Awsome game to investigate and solve! Love how cuye the cats are! 5 star's good game.


I love how cute the art is

Random eagle


Louie Andrew Capulso

more levels now. Some levels are hard. not because I don't know the solution, but the controls is just bad.

Ûńìx ZíèsTø

My 7 brain cells arent enough for this but its a great game :D

Ed Edwards

The game has excellent graphics good way to kill time

Victoria Lambert



Very nice game

UrJust2Ez4Me Test Channel

1. Cute, 2. Fun


Nice game to spend time

Tiffany Hoffman

No adds unless you want canned food awesome 👍👍👍👍

Suspicious Soup

The worst game I've ever played after every single level it "trys to take calls" and it trys to give it's self permissions not even mentioning at the beginning of the game the levels are way to hard

VJ13 Online

The game is cute but it's hard for me to understand this game among many puzzle apps I played


The game keeps asking to record audio which I find very suspicious 😬

Cleo B

Don't download to hard to get the third flipping cat

Hope Morrison

1. Make the hints available for the whole duration of the puzzle. It's frustrating unlocking a hint, failing, retrying, and having to buy the hint again. 2. The hit box for some objects is either too small or not in the correct place. For example, the puzzle where you cut the purple wire. I tried so many times, dragging the scissors over the whole wire and it finally registered on the very edge of the wire. 3. The way some things are worded is hard to understand. But keep going and work hard!

Ana Ortiz

I have no problems with this game, it has a cute art style and story, and the answers are hard but not impossible. Just right!

Deonna Richardson

It's a pretty good game in my opinion

Roka ahmad Ahmad


Sehroz Zain

Best game ever 👍👍👍😉

Malak N


Thu Do

This game is so fun. Please open more level

Gina Larson

Now that I can play it, I can give a higher score. That said, a lot of the promised features are still not in the game... I look forward to seeing it improve!


The game is very short with only ten levels. I know it is supposed to be updated over time, but it's been well over a week since I downloaded it and there's still only 10 levels. You could play one level a day and still have to wait just to be able to play. Personally, I think the game should be completed before being put out to avoid this issue. Also, if you run out of energy by failing levels, you can only restore the energy with ads. There's no timer to regain energy like most other games.


I love MiM's games and cat

Lina Inverse

Very comfortable to play with. You cannot be more stress unlike other games. ❤️ More games to construct.. ❤️😊

Suchitra Bose

This is the cutest game ever🥰🥰🥰

Noelle O'Connor

I enjoyed this game very much! But it's WAY too short. There are only ten levels! Finished it in under a half hour, the levels were cute, clever and silly. Too short to spend money on or have take up space on my phone. Updates will supposedly come out in increments of ten, but it's been 2 months with no update, much too long to wait for a half hour of gameplay. :(

Anisa Kundu

Hi funnyeve, I love this game. I have got planety and the doll shop game. But I have been waiting for level 11 very long. Please tell when it's coming. Anothe suggestion I would like to give is to give updates and news in the game. Since Maybe many kids would be playing this game who don't have social media. Hope you can take this suggestion make this better!

Vrushti Gala

Pretty fun

adhy pradnyana

Its fun but i need to uninstul again bicause i have no can and the AD is erorr 😞

Taylor Quenneville

It's fun, but they really shouldn't have implemented the "hey keep playing" notifications before they put enough levels in to make that possible. I'd love to keep playing, I've completed the 10 levels.

Mariya Fatima

This game is fun, cute, lovely and awesome and I just like it very much but only thing I hate and want that you plz remove that it is "Follow us on instagram" which is. In level 11 if we didn't do than we can't go further I mean not everyone can have instagram they might have some problem so plz we can do like that too but don't do that means if you won't follow us you won't be able to go on so plz remove that plzzzzz🥺

Lorelai Lin

It seems fun but I can't say much else because I ran out of canned food, and I can't watch ads. Maybe add a timed energy system so that it doesn't become a pay to play type of game. Maybe daily login gifts of canned food?

Roshani Marathi

Bad only 11 levels 😧😧 please make more levels I am gonna give 5 stars

Bianca Hawkins

I love MiM and enjoy this game alot, but once you fail a level one too many times and use up all of your canned food all you can do is watch an ad but now no ads will load up for me. I haven't been able to play because of this. I assumed the game would have an energy based system that once you run out of turns you have to wait a certain amount of time till your energy fills up to try again but i don't know if that would work for this game in particular. good game overall tho💕

Dakoy Bodino


SLY MobileGaming

The game's so cute with lots of funny dialogues, nice puzzles and amazing art style! I play this kind of games a lot so the puzzles don't really bother me. They were in fact fun to solve, but I wish we could get more hints (canned food) as starters when the next chapters are available. Looking forward to the next updates!

Franchesca Hitchon

It's been too long since Ive been waiting for level 12, any new update?

Thrianna Claudine

Funny cute game

Alyssa Stephenson

Even the 5 can hint doesn't explain how to do it

ryan humphrey

Okay this game is cool. Nice graphics and brain game. I deleted it though cuz its really tough. But I'm sure extra patience will help you with this game. Keep making more fun games please.


The game is good and sooo cuteeeee. every level is exciting because there are problems to be solved, waiting for more levels. Thankyou for making this game so much fun. ღ’ᴗ’ღ

Maricon Empleo

Great game! More levels please ❤