Cat and Escape

Author: 99key

50K+ install


“Cat and Escape” — Memory
We need memory to determine our identity. When we find the missing part of ourselves,
The closer you may be to the truth, the further away you may be from reality.
Trapped in an empty secret room, follow the cat’s guidance.
As the story unfolds, discover the horrifying facts buried inside.
Behind the truth, what role does the cat play?
Putting away all the fog, no one knows whether it will bring life or death.

“Cat and Escape” — Evolution
It’s almost midnight.
You are walking alone on a dark street, heading to a parking lot a few blocks away.
At this moment, there are footsteps behind you. Without turning around, you accelerate the pace. You suddenly think of the disappearance case that happened a few weeks ago which makes you go faster. But the footsteps behind you are more rapid as well.
At the end of the street, with the light of the streetlamp, a figure appears. You suddenly turn around but only to find it turns out to be a black cat. You breathe a sigh of relief, staring into the cat’s eyes, and gradually faint.
When you wake up, you find yourself on a lonely island.
The unknown message in the cave, the hideous figure in the treehouse, are revealing a terrifying truth about evolution.

“Cat and Escape”—Changsheng
Legend has it that cats are yin, and their eyes can see spirits.
Cats lingering at the door of the orphanage
There have been bizarre cases recently,
Whether some hidden evils are buried,
Detective Mike, who was commissioned, felt like a cat scratching his heart.
Do everything possible to find out in the orphanage.

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Update time: Aug 14, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: 99key
Price: Free
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Customer review

Felis White

A really nice game and each section tells an amazing story! Not so difficult, but still not so easy! The cats are so cute!! The point is you don't need to stand too much ads!!!

Camaryn Ulm

Why does the app not work all of a sudden?!?

Sangeeta shantaram Harke

I don't like V6ciygckvhyci6

Mei Hellstormm

It was fun while it lasted, but all of a sudden I can't play it though. Tap start, tap memory, and it just does nothing, just sits there. It was fun

Jessica McCann (DaftDevil)

The game is not working anymore. I played it about a month ago and stopped. Now none of the options on the title page work. It was a nice looking point and click hidden puzzle game but I can't play anymore.

Bree Moon

I liked it.

Riddle Boxx

This game looks pretty good, but I haven't been able to play it. None of the options work at the beginning.and even if I click reset, it still doesn't respond. I would really like to play. Help! I've tried everything! Will give it a better rating when I can ACTUALLY play it.

Arathi P

Very Interesting content....

Atte Pulkkinen

Poor translations. Puzzles aren't clever or always logical.

Jess Coates

Would of been 5stars but I found some parts extremely difficult to the point that I had basically tried pressing everywhere in every room. But otherwise great game

Nicole Johnson

This game is amazing so fun and quirky and I love it definitely download !!!!!

Jodie (rjodie1)

Best escape game yet.

Tina Bertrand

Would be 5 stars however Memory unable to finish due to error, unable to take sign offbto get jem

Robyn A

Liked the premise and activities. It has frozen after the last update and the 3 squares will not open for me to continue the game. Shame.


Nice game, very challanging!

Amber Ray

Horrible translations and pushes to buy coins.

graeme ives

Very adictive game, and good gameplay.

Karen Sutherland

Close to the end, lab cabinet won't open, can't finish the game :(

Korkrag Steelblood

This game is really poorly translated, as the title might suggest. I got stuck on a sliding block puzzle, hate those. So I had to watch an ad, here is where the problem started. The ad (For that really ugly goblin game.) kept opening into the play store. I could not get back to the game, even if I mashed the back button to within an inch of it's existence. Now, last problem, and the most important one... The protagonist refers to the cat as "That stupid cat"... Screw you.

Sam3 Neely

Cool game

Keith Hackworth

Good game until the exit sign. I used the screwdriver on all 4 screws, but the exit sign won't come off the wall. At this point the game is stuck. I tried clicking the screwdriver all over the sign, tried clicking all over it without the screwdriver. No luck.


Game was working fine, now its unusable. For example, cant click to play on any of the levels or reset any of the levels. Was good while it lasted.


Game was fine before update. It was fun, puzzles weren't too simple but also challenging. After this most recent update, i can't do anything past clicking start. Trying to choose a level, first or second, does nothing.

Boikokobetso Nkuebe

It's got cats in it what more can i say

tiffany lewis

Misspellings and bad translation

Mackenzie Hobbins

Three games in one. Puzzles were good, hints were helpful, and the stories were interesting. I'm a little confused about the ending in "evolution", but overall it was quite good.

Wendi HYD?

Doesn't work after apparent update. All progress lost. Can't launch "memory" chapter either. Uninstalled.

Flora Vaz

Bad game. Made no sense. Storyline all over the place. Puzzles were strange in the sense that it wouldn't be the normal train of thought a person would have to solve a problem.

Pari Samimi

اصلاخوب نبود خیلی گنگ و مسخره

Michele Velasquez

I liked it very much. Three different games was a nice touch.

Sherry Andraza

Not the best ever, but far from worst but I can no longer open the game to finish it.

Erin Florent

I was only able to play the game for a few minutes before I had to close. When I opened it again I can not start the game again it I just stuck on the start screen

Na Na

Megascans pineapple

Πετρής Φαρσαράκης

In the middle of the memory stage it just stopped working .

Rylie Dabbs

The game is pretty good, I downloaded it before the most recent update. But after I updated the game and went to continue chapter 2, all of my progress was erased. I like the game, the puzzles make you think hard and there isn't too much back and forth in my opinion, but I'm really upset about my progress being resetted.

Athena Williams (JAMISON)

I completed all the levels and I enjoyed every level. I love how there was no pressure on buying the game Or any purchase thing.

Pavel Kouzmitcheu

Great game, decent puzzles.


When 3 different developers decided to release a single game. Terrible logic. Passable story. Translation needs work. For putting CATS in the title, but having no substantial involvement of cats in the gameplay, you get 1 star.

Le Yvone B. Bandiola

I tried to open the app several times but every time it just showed a black screen

Kevin B

Good gameplay, not so good controls. Can't tell if I've already completed a task or just waiting for the controls to respond. Frustrating at best!

Sandra Swan

The game told me to drag and combine objects, but dragging just doesn't work.

Marmar Dragon

Not very intuitive, especially as the puzzles continue. Plot is loose at best and convoluted rambling at the worst. Poorly translated into English with multiple errors in grammar and punctuation, as well as a section where it just jumps languages. The art isn't all that bad but I regret playing this regardless

ashley shaffer

It was fun I just wish there was more to it

Vignesh vignesh

Super thuge game I love it It was that s kaa namuthhdiy foofgyf ffkkv fyf fjidijejhdso srtzgwihjddhujfnjifjfkkfjfrjrjrj

yami kawai

Pretty good game the puzzles aren't too difficult and it's got 3 games in 1 all of them having a difference to each other.

Melba Torres Sosa

Really bad translation and clues don't always make sense.

Patrick P Smyth

The player is obviously the Mouse. I uninstalled.


Translation is all over the place

Jessica Seaward

Didn't have the stick in the last game to create the torch....said it should just appear in the inventory but it didn't so was a bit frustrating as i couldn't complete. I enjoyed the other games though

Denise janebaul12

This game is great, didn't expect the plot twist haha!,the faces at the end creeps me out, alot of dead bodies too👀, and overall its good<3

Jared Fox

Relatively good game, let down by some poor controls and actions for puzzles

Lexi Grimbrooke

Can only play as a man named Mike and are forced to spend 2 of your 3 coins immediately. Not worth even continuing.

Charmaine Lam

The first two chapters were pretty fun but the third one was a bit illogical. Couldn't have finished it without a walkthrough, hints could be more clear especially the English isn't very good. You start with one coin and it costs two coins to get hints, though you can watch ads to gain them. Storyline were good. Overall, it's a pretty good game but needs improvement

Saucy Gossy

The English translation is terrible.

Alexander Leonov

I dislike the psychiatrist's games.

Cosmic Pig

way too dark.

Jacob Winter

Was going great until I got to the control room in memory. I'm stuck on the arrow puzzle I even bought clues and put in the code it gave me and it still won't unlock.

Allan Hart

Very enjoyable game

Christy Mitchell

Decent puzzles, poor English translation


Some puzzles (around 20-30% of all puzzles) are very vague. Eventhough I managed to solve those puzzles by myself, I still think those puzzles don't make sense.

Kanchan Lathigara

This game is so good

Emelyn Toralde

Love the game! 3 different storyline and the puzzle are in medium level that makes it exciting to play. I hope that you'll make more games like this. Amazing gameplay and graphics. Overall 10/10.

Justin Larkins

Enjoyable game. Not too difficult, but enough of a challenge to make it enjoyable. The English localization is pretty bad though - there are several parts where things are still in foreign characters.

Yvette Latina

Great game

Karl Sharro


Mark G

A fairly solid puzzle adventure game, but if things get better from here in terms of graphics and gameplay then I see a lot of potential.

Vartika Sood

Overall nice game puzzles are moderate level but ending are weird like I don't understand what happened in evolution ending did he escape or die??

Jeff Foster

Doesn't work with the Samsung s-pen.

Sanchayita Pandit

This so good I have two questions what happened to Hans? And why is cat in every story? I don't understand? I need part 2

Ayesha Thameem

Great game.

Jasmine Wongus

I was getting into this until I tried putting the combination in the door after the cat's hint. It looked like 4167. I tried mirroring it, 6349. That didn't work. So, I had to stop playing pretty early. If that isn't the combination, then whatever the cat is doing isn't helping me progress. I see the potential, though. Hope that gets fixed!

Brittany Cummins

Long gameplay, but some of the puzzles didn't make sense. Also several translations were off or not even done at all.

Brenda Brown

Excellent game! Love the fact no ads, play time is very long, great, Puzzles vary from obvious to put on your thinking cap. Story line immersive, makes you crave what's next! Nothing bad to say! Will there be a sequel and when? I'll be on look out! One of my top 5 favorites!

Maryam Saeidi

This was not a good game in this genre, I prefer Dark dome or Cube escape games. There are a lot of objects in the room but you cannot interact with most of them. The art work is nice though.

Kelsey Lynn

This game is really fun took a while for some puzzles but it was fun Ethier way some puzzles you might not get so use coins for hints there is so many puzzles and three different story's all with puzzles its super interesting also you might not get some stuff from other people playing so just use the hints they really do help


Started to enjoy it, but didn't understand some of the number code puzzles, even after watching a walkthrough. Soon gave up as it didn't make sense to me. Real shame as it was overly obscure.

Brian Hodgkinson

Best escape game I've played well done team.

Devadita Mondal

Good 👍

Linda Houston

Very dark hard to see items poor translation tedious


Really good though some puzzles were pretty vague

Bronx Latina

Update. Very happy I reinstalled game. Great graphics and puzzles! 💖💖

Alireza A

Waste of time, deleted after first section (memory). Aweful translation, you can not understand the story.

Nimmi Singh

Vert intresting game I will play very long time its a good game I like it👍👍


Dark and hard to see items...

Lisa Shaffer

good game



Shadan Bayan

Wonderful game. Long play time for me. Some of the puzzles were easy but I also ended up having to use hints for others. The stories were intriguing. The download offers quite a lot. You basically get 3 games in 1. I definitely enjoyed it!!

Sethu Aiswarya

That is very adventure

Sen Arrietty Linatoc

Pretty boring.. no recommending I dont even do anything! Do not install please

Mc D

More levels please