Castle War: Idle Island

Author: Plug in Digital

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Castle War : Idle Island is a Castle vs Castle battler in PvP.
Build towers, craft cannons, engage mages & mercenaries.

Rule your island, assign missions to your village. Build your Castle to fit your strategy, using the various offensive & defensive capabilities at your disposal.

Send your troops: Archers, swordmen and pikemen will lead the way to the gate of opponent’s Castle.

Use Siege weapons: Ballista, trebuchet, catapult and cannon to destroy other’s Castle towers and weapon, and protect from their troops & projectiles.

Cast powerful magic: Call a meteor strike, invoke a powerful blackhole and protect your towers with powerful arcane shields.

Build a magnificent Castle: Use wood, stone and metal rooms, to build solid ramparts and impressive towers

Mix all of those elements to build your very own Castle, from a magic tower casting huge spells, a soldier swarm on the walls of your opponent, or a rolling thunder of spikes and stones crushing its ramparts.

Use the weapons workshop to transform your standard weaponry into a state of the art piece of engineering : increase rate of fire, projectile damage, projectile speed, or weapon durability.

Prove who is the better among your friends with the challenge mode, where you can battle with them and show who have the better Castle !

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 7, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Plug in Digital
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jason Roman

I love it


Omg your fix it so fast after I told you thank you sooo much I can play now keep up there good work

Dorinda Blake

It was going good until i pressed a item when picking item from chest i didint want the item but i couldint unpress it

Mike Clarkii

The tutorial made me lose twice with out any control, it took forever and when it crashed made me restart it


The only reason for 3 Stars is the excessive amount of adds that you need to see, until they don't change that I will give them 3 Stars, the rest of the game is very fun ,great idea fun and easy


So this is new version... Art style change from what I see off start sad I was hoping the other one continue to get updated and improved.

F1 Giant

Its slow it has ads everywhere and its not rewarding to win would not recommend

Joseph Ray

Totally enjoy the game

Tim A

Im bored...where are the daily or weeks events or tasks? Why does castle seige still exist? Still bored...update?

Karl J. Sak

It's a fun game but I haven't seen any new quests. Just the one.

Nicholas Conte

It throws me into battle every time I watch an ad for resources and I do not like that can you please patch that if that's a bug or a glitch

Patricia Saucedo

its cool i got to level up to 6 but soon as i play i will be a master


no update, grind against ai was fun takea too long to upgrade

Martin Str

You play hours to develop by just 5%.. And 22-second ads

Chad Capurro

This game is easy to learn but difficult to master. The concept is great and loads of fun. I can see room for improvement but, even as it stands now, it doesn't necessarily need much improvement. I only get hooked on a handful of games each year and this is a top pick. I seldom offer ratings and even less likely to write something but i felt with this game it is warrented. Keep up the good work and i look forward to future updates.

Rah no


Raymond Arizpe

It was a great game until your own weapons all of the sudden started killing your own troops and destroying your own castle. Will uninstall now.

kyle wolfrom

I like the original better ront understand why they made another just like it only worse graphics

Old Scorpion

Great potential, forced to use gems during tutorial that could be better spent on other things, P2W is obvious and after a few levels, victories are less rewarded. Devs got some work to do

Leon Matthews

Fun game...worth the download

Keyland Mccarthy

It's a really fun game I like the mechanics it's pretty simple so it's easy to learn but I'm also having a slight issue whenever I open the higher-tier chest I only get tier one stuff for about 70% of time but for the most part it's a pretty fun idle game


Tutorial way to annoying.

kris D

Fun game

Bill C

Bug: unable to return to main menu from editing mode, have to close the game to restart

Paul James

Fun game

Jesse House

Needs to have a way to interact some form of action command during the battle that lets me have control

Chris Rinehart

The archers are to powerful you can't evan get close to them if you chose archers your going to win v everyone it's dumb don't install this.

j sprague (Mindbender)

One of the best games I play!


I like the game it very fun and it is a relax game with a give a nice time pass on my free time. I don't have any issues with regarding to this game.

Akmal Naim

The prize in chest 2 is same as chest 1 even roll the chest again. Please increase the probability of the prize in the game.

Sweet Teeth

I'm experienced in both the old game and this new one. Both remind me of a game I loved to play, Crush the Castle but you have your own castle now with unique options and that's the best part. Pros: *Tons of replayability *Entirely possible to play without paying *Once you thought you mastered the game's meta, there is always a new challenger Cons: *Minimal communication from devs *Rewards are sparce *Very slow to start rolling *Out of control market/shop *NO DEVELOPMENT ROADMAP TL;DR Its fun


Addictive game and actually pretty good, only giving 3 stars as there's not loads to do at the minute

Psycho Damage

Fun building game and challenge other players with your army

Jeff Pezzati

Awesome game. Just my speed.


I like the game it fun but it has some problems like money and other resources take to much time to produce and chest rewards are not good (if I am getting same level troops from both level1 and level 2 chest what the point to waste 250 chest points if I am getting same from 100 points)

Nevarre Reeves

The worst time killer ever, its literally impossible to get ahead without funding money into it, and not even after a week of playing, straight from the get go

Rakib Hasan


Shaw Dawg

Fun game, but sometimes the uptiering in battle can really screw up a win streak. Ads are not bad or distracting. Love games that let you design your own things.

kenny Andersen

Can't get it to load my account so all data is lost......

Matthew Jordan

So far a great game! Have to be a bit strategic on placement of rooms, troops, etc. Rewards can be won pretty easily, obviously paying makes it easier but not necessary. Ads can be annoying but mostly help get things + gems to progress. Definitely recommend for a good time killer.

Kyle Hinton

Amazing! Been playing for a month straight. I highly suggest you buy the starter pack if you like the game. Hopefully someday we will get updates. Rockets or freaking lasers would be awesome. The possibilities are almost endless. My favorite game right now.

Kevin Alvarez


Dale G

Great game needs visible blood gore an a calvary



Riff raff

A lot of fun

Joshua Hunter

Good fun

John Rivera

Great game but needs to be optimized for foldable phones, a portion of my castle is cut off from the screen. (Playing on Galaxy Z fold 3)

RMD Dionisio


bandito dorito

How do you reset progress o chose archer and now I ant progress because I get destroyed by everyone

Md.Azmainul Hoque

Too much ads

Elizabeth Roberts

When I bought the starter pack it did not give me the chest so I think the the game stinks and I want to beat the person who did this

Sand Storm Express

It's nice game and very addictive just too much ads.

Jesse Chambless

Direct carbon copy of another game, but glitches more. Last several chests I opened didn't give me my item

Caleb Richardson

Forced ads kill a mediocre game.


Genuinely really fun time killer

Toby Walton

Annoying ads. Fun game till the ads ruin it.

Wandering Nomad

I like turtles

Joseph Bauml


Dwi Nugroho



How about giving the players a button to skip the tutorial instead of having the game play for you for 30 minutes. Boring asf.

Joseph Thompson

Play every chance I can 😆 awesome game

Karoly Gal

I love to watch all these destructions and the flying cannon balls. :) You have to think too how to build up your castle. Great game!

Michael Hopper

Entertaining game. I play multiple times daily. Load's of combinations.

Vera Wilson

Good game it's like a time killer competitive game good consept and I like the art

David F

No explanation before picking cards or village upgrades.

Trivendar Singh Rathore

Game is hanging a lot for simple tasks, check for bugs while opening the chest and then collecting rewards. The game just hangs up there.

Burny Sanders

Tight yo

Rohan Baas


Daniel Martin

Very fun. Thanks again for the opportunity to play.

John Kranich

This is so good

Richard Walker

Great fun

Jerry Randalls

Love the upgradability

De- De

ads every 5 rounds? and well hidden close button on ads. meh. uninstall. add the non ads package IAP, maybe i will play again.

Danny Richards

5 stars

Robbie Mixa


Cerita Indonesia

Good game

X Belormoroth

Tutorial gives such a quack that I can't even win tutorial fights LOL Amount of "gib money" is outstanding. Even tutorial force me to spend gems and if I don't have gems? WALLET lol

Tim “MightyZeus” Brown

Much more entertainment than the old

trever updegraff

Great game

redxiii coca


Jaron Sultemeier

fun physics based game!

Landon Tozier

Simply beauty, limited controls

Marc lester Cabana

This game need more update

Crusader Laddie

It's a great time killer, I usually play it during school and let it run while I'm working

Kyle Picard

It's okay but there are glaring issues. Despite setting my seige weapons to target the enemy king, they target enemy approaching soldiers instead, (even when the enemy king is FULLY exposed) which makes no sense. Usually they end up firing too short and hitting my own infantry. This problem was present in the previous title as well, so it seems like more of a feature than a flaw in the Dev's eyes.

James Binda

Super fun defense builder game! Really easy to get going and build a decent base. Ads arent the greatest but the game plays itself after you build defenses. Seemingly broken mechanics helps create all sorts of chaos. Worth a try

Oscar W

New issue when viewing the "state of survival AD" the video freezes and locks me out of exiting without going to the game page, it's annoying and you lose extra opportunities with things such as rewards and replying battles, sorry for the 1 star the game is fun but that gets repetitive to deal with.

Brian Tan

Wher reviews?

Nicholas Herrald

Enjoying the game but when I purchase one of the 2nd tier upgrades for 250 chests and try and watch a video to reroll to better items all of my options reroll to tier one items so I essentially pay 250 chests for for a 100 chest item.

Gary Foehrenbach

Fun easy to learn game one of my favorites


The game crashes before I can even try it. I gave this company a month to fix the problem and it's still crashing. I'd give zero stars if I could.

Rodney Plew (Indypal)

My favorite game but started crashing a week ago and have not been able to play since

Daniel Emes

Ti,t fun

Toxic Trash Panda Gaming

As the first person to rate this game has so much and there's minimal ads but i pre registered it said i would get a reward and i didn't so thats my only problem

Ye Min


Dick Hazard

Stick with the original game Siege Castles, this new version has progress slowed down to a crawl amongst other issues

Parhaam Maafi


Thomas Aulagnier


Jonathan White


Permanently Tired

So it was fine until the recent update, then the sale that is out is making it almost impossible to win since the roobs its selling r so tough, makes it really seem like a pay to win game