Castle Raid!

Author: VOODOO

10M+ install


Cut the grass to control your army and battle the enemies to take their castle!

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 15, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: VOODOO
Price: Free
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Customer review

Bhavani K


Dave Lites

Unplayable due to adverts freezing the game

Tawon Ar

ขอแนะนำให้เปิดเน็ตกดดูโฆษณาเพื่ออัพเกรดอาวุธให้หมด แล้วค่อยปิดเน็ตเล่น จะได้ไม่มีโฆษณาเด้งมารบกวน

Rahul Bej


Sohag Das

Enjoy the game

Diana A Clay

Fun !

Derek Rollie

Ads are ridiculous. Totally unplayable

Warren Shaw


nick dietzel

Too many ads sorry ,but a great game

Alexandra Gorska

It is a fun game,but once you progress to a higher level you have to watch an ad after every level. It's getting annoying

Punit Verma

This very good game

Bharat Chaudhari


Bapon Mal

Gud jab

Prakash Tiwari

Good osm

Huero Santos

Entertaining, but the slot machine ad's are too long and boring, that's it.

13mike Asher

Every single thing you do is followed by an add. I get I understand it, but the ads need to be lessened

Chhotu Deewar


Hope Mind

Tnx in million toò you awesome everything app sir big salute you

Wes Spicer

Hope you like ads. The game itself is fairly fun, good time-waster, and easy to learn. But you complete a level, get an ad. Collect your rewards from that level, get an ad. Lose a level, get an ad. And almost every ad is 30+ seconds and not skippable.

Catherine Kelly

Castle Raid is great! I like to take namas and kick A$$

William Angelinah

Super cool

jha mael


Inara Izzara Hariiri

The game is a lot of cheats. After the level is successfully passed, we can opt for extra diamonds but when already seeing the ads the amount of diamonds is not the same as the offered.Uninstalled!


I love this game, I turn off wifi so I don't get adds, but if you're playing without wifi, you have the same game board that you've played 1000 times. If you're playing with wifi, you do be bombarded with adds. You need to add newer boards and obstacles. It's getting boring now, I'm on a level 2621. Also I have no idea why you have a castle, and upgrades on it. Doesn't explain anything on why you have it, or what to do with it, all i know is you can upgrade houses and the castle.

Geethu Sreedhar

Worst game. High ping.

Tapan Puta

ha Ha kah Bakab Bakab Bakab Usksh Hslsb Sumshs Susbsl. Ok in to

Holly Conner


Lane One

Too many commercials...

Michael G Boland

Needs guns


Such a fun game but really, ads after every level? Even forced to watch ads just to upgrade gear! Automatically deleted after the first 10 ads

Jessica Marlow

I enjoy this game. Have been playing for a while. There is one ad that pops up called "Funbreaker - Rescue Adventure". It is where ypu basically undress girls. I play thia game at work and also in restaurants which I have had to stop because of this ad. PLEASE REMOVE!!!!! I will be uninstalling the game as this is inappropriate for my children to see.

Ayush kumar Karn

Good game

Kimberly Young

Makes you think where you can go

Priyanka Gupta

This game is very nice

Muhammad shahzad hussain Dildar Hussain

Nice game

Kyle Malarkey

The game is pretty fun but OMG the ADS ruin it completely.

Shaikh Adil


Shining Careless

Very lack errors

Lklalit Singh

Mast app

Sahil Malik


maran maravan


Puja Swain

RAJAand and listen g

Lovepreet Singh

Good 👍👍

JecylMae Patiño

nindot kaayo

Vishwanath Prasad

Veri nice ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ gem

Mr Tragedy

Excessive annoying ad


Constant ads. More ads than gameplay

Ian Tomas

Ok game with ad blocker in place.

lakhpat farshwan


Taylor Norton

If you pay for no ads, that should mean no ads. They still require you to watch ads every couple minutes or you can't upgrade (even though you EARNED the diamonds to upgrade).

Dil Shaan


tonya davis


Glen Jones

Just worthless

Katie Haubrick

I like theis game 5 star (:


Game good but oh so many ads. After every go at least one.

Halos Fan

Addictive but pretty sure paying to have ads removed should remove them, not play them right after and even after restarting the app

Samar Sardar


Dilip Dawar


Arjun Nag

Veri naish

Qadeeri network

Hindi places

Graham Towns

To many F***ing ads but game is addictive

Sven Aspeslagh

Nice game

Dawn Sowell

I paid to remove the ads and still after literally every level it shows an add. When I go to try to remove ads again it won't even let me. Shows that ads are already removed yet continuously shows ads. Game is really fun but the ads are longer than the levels sometimes, I end up spending more time watching ads than playing. And it's worth the price to get rid of the ads but only if it actually works! Obviously. FIX IT

Chandra Sekhar

Good Time pAss , but number of adds

Lakshmi kanth Lucky

Phone is hanging don't install this game

Anirudh Paswan

Nice bro

Richard Avedisian

It's a fun game.

Tushar Goyal

Good🎮🎮 game🎮🎮🎮🎮

Richy Wendy Wens FLORVIL


The_ realunicorngamin


Rose Kitty Gamer


Poonam Tripathi

Good game 👌💪

naruto uzuimki

To many ads

Venu Pogula

Worst game

Carl Stevens

Take out the adds

Aditya Chandrawanshii

Why so many ads🤬🤬🤬

Rajeev Ranjan Giri

I likebthis game



Pranav V S

There can be ads in between game not game in between ads got frustrated within half an hour so many ads

Micheal Crytzer

Voodoo games suck You watch More ads than actually play the game.

Rick Helmer

I thought I'd try it out and I'm enjoying this game

Tom Voytek

More ads than game.

howard smith

Game ok but limited,,,quite quickly can't expand so becomes boring

Thomas Griffiths

It could be good but spoilt by too many adds impossible to play

Suraj Patel


Swirvin Irvin

This game is genius.

Jaypatel Jayatel

Nice geme

sarah wertz

Way too many ads, I played it for 10 minutes and got 8 ads. Not worth it at all. Fun game but not with the time spent watching the ads vs game time...

Mahesh toshwal

Tati game

Jp Jp


Dhanpat Kumar


Nazar Huliiev

To many ads

Mary Bonin

The ads are crazy, but gameplay is pretty fun.

Dr.Nilesh Tiwari

This game sucks. ! After every game there are multiple ads. Can you go ads free or reduce the number of ads. Sometimes I feel, i am playing game rather watching more of ads.

logan lavoie

Simple game jammed with adds every second

Marno Strydom

Game is fine. Paid for adds to be removed. First thing I click, add pops up. Try to upgrade, need to watch add.... I want my money back!

Abdullah ALSAUD

Lot of AD


not good many ads this app

Vidyadhar S A

Very Slow

Dan Clark

I like this game but I bought it and still end up with adds every level. Since moving to a new phone. Sick of getting adds. Sort it out. One star review deserved