Castle Craft – World War

Author: RisingWings

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Castle Craft – World War – Real-time PVP Game Where Your Skills Decide Outcomes

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File size: 57M
Update time: September 7, 2021
Current version: 5.1 and up
Require Android: Everyone 10+Fantasy ViolenceLearn more
Developer: RisingWings
Price: Free
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Customer review

Stephen Smith

Is the game dead? All i get is Failed to load game data message...

Stephen Mwisiya

Good game...only that we are unable to use the accumulated coins which makes them worthless. The disparity of players rating is too much, pair almost equally or equal players!

Elite Gamerz

Completely P2W which by comparing the original game castle burn is nothing like it unless u wanna be sitting there spending your life savings good luck getting anywhere not to mention the op bots u fight constantly that are 2-3x yiur lvls at a lower rank and the commanders that are actually good will cost u about 20$+ each they completely ruined the heck out of this game just to be greedy and monopolize it sad to say but this game is only for whales who don't have a life and have all the money

N4GaMeR_20 50_

I would like if u add and Arabic language

Tiffeny K.

Too bad the game is pay-to-win, it's still an enjoyable game. I'm also getting an error after updating my phone: "Failed to load game data". Uninstalling and reinstalling didn't work neither. Any idea how to fix this, dev?

Μłκε ŠøLø

Slow, sluggish and laggy even with good connection and a flagship phone. You didn't learn anything from Castle Burn. This game is going nowhere. How can you not learn from your previous game? Is insane!

Kim Henderson

Not for me

Matthew Stone

It's completely pay to win, there isn't a single point to play unless you wanna spend hundreds right at the start. After the first 20 or so battles you only fight bots that are twice you're level with higher troops and heros it becomes impossibleto win unless you spend money...

Saga Caerlea

I really love this game! I have missed game like Castle Burn since it's closure so I am very thankful for reviving the game in this new form. Keep up the good job!

Bernard Wallace

I played the first Castle Burn and thought it was fantastic! This game is equally as good if not better! Really fun, fast paced and interesting! A great job all round! Looking forward to more characters and events!


HEAVY pay to win gameplay. As soon as you kinda learn to play, you get put against players and bots with 3-5 levels higher stuff than you. I was looking for a game better than clash royale, but unfortunately this game tries to do too much and delivers very little.

MJ Realty

Ever since I had deleted the game I've had memories of the game I downloaded again to keep those memories on the phone and with this I will stand up for my team and my self,thank you rising wings I'm glad to have your game on the phone again thank you-Julia

Abdelrahman Khaled

Good game but cant play 3v3 or Sky Arena , very long wait 10 mins + then nothing happen , even if the estimated time shown is under a min or seconds , please fix this .

Kake Rake

Matchmaking sucks, 3v3 mode doesn't work, too many words censored in chat, guilds are basically useless. Good gameplay though,up until you're playing against a guy 4 levels higher than you.

Steve Helms



i am trying to link my guest account to my facebook but you have to delete my old facebook login my old account number is 357185 if you do this so i can link my guest account to my facebook i also have sent email to support email rising wings when you do this i will change rating to 5 stars

Anime One


Nick Michael Garbanzos

I had a great experience because I'm fun of strategy games. However, you need some more marketing strategy to drive Castlecraft. I've noticed that I had been playing a lot of AI lately.


So disappointing .... if you have the bigger gun, you win. Is just pay to win. Zero Stars ...

Luis Ceballos

Gameplay is ok, the big negative is this game uses overleveled bots. If in 40 secs there is no player to play againts, the game matches you againts a bot 4 levels above you (the castle and all the cards). Thats is both boring and unfair.

Mohammad Sepehr

Updated First thanks for listening and improved the experience about clogged chest slots. About the game loading issue, I found and think this issue goes to reading/interacting with Google play and it seems buggy as someone else also mentioned, fixed it some times by clearing play store data and some times it happened again. Currently after around 2 months of playing almost in all days it happened again, and around 2 days i cannot move to the game cause the screen stops saying loading res..

gamer man

love the game, very happy castle burn is alive again in this, one issue though is I really need that hero who's ability was to make defensive towers!!! she was the best I loved using her for a big tower strategy.

Johnny Woods

OK so this is a God's honest review I love this game but a few things hold it short. okay for starters the match making needs to be improved allowing people in the same true level to battle people will farm and drop down which makes people who are new susceptible to facing a opponent who has a strong build due to farming fix this and add more heroes and instant 5 stars but still worth playing.

jacob pannell


Mrs. Cruz


Yunkin Narido

Good enough, However it needs more players:)

Hugo Garcia

If you like stressing tf out then be my guest. This game caps players that are free to play by putting you vs insane levels that probably only spending over $2k you would be given a chance to win. This is the second version of a previous game that is no longer in some areas of the world. This game doesn't look very promising either. You play with bots that points the game against you. I'm sure there are other games to play other than this one. Started out fun then turned into unwanted stress.

Alex MH

Probably not the worst game, and this is only so I don't accidentally download it again in a few months looking for something. It's not that the games bad, it's just not for me.

Scott K

you people are really something else. I hope you were able to see my last review but we all know it doesn't matter cause you don't care what us players think.. but you guys have us trying to play without spending a fortune bending over and spreading cause that's what you are doing. 3v3? fix 1v1, there arnt 6 people online ever for 3v3. Runes.. seriously combine 3 for 1 of the same used to combine? I wish I could say more negative to you but it would just get deleted please know I hate you DIAF

Nile Seaborn

It's been a brilliant experience for me playing this game I'm in the lower ranks and just got my first rune on like 345 yet before I wipe out most players that have better cards and still outplayed them even using the least picked commander. Haven't payed a dime no legendarys either I'm just built different.

Frank Scotti

P2W for sure. Just got tier 3 units run over by a bought commander and T1 archers soley cause this dude threw money at the game. With that, i uninstalled, I refuse to play a game which REQUIRES you to pau in order to even attempt to contend.

Majid Gh

It stop in loading and wont get in. Is anybody have this problem? Whats wrong?

Radu Codreanu

Really nice game, but suffers from poor balance. If all my cards are lvl 7 and my opponent has lvl 8 cards, that is a guaranteed loss. Even if you're playing counter cards.

Ariel Colon

Kobolds dude!

Mark Dragonite


Edward Rosario

I love this game.

Phil Mcgillicuddy

Great RTS game. Quick matches but good strategy


very fun and unique game. But I just wish they'd have their own account feature because linking your account with Google is buggy, and customer service can't do anything about it.


The game idea is so cool

Rohan Shakya

The game is awesome but still uneven, and i see its potential, the only current difficulty in playing is higher and more cards unlocked players are being fought with players that do not have much unlocked cards.

Lloyd Mbatha

Enjoying the game so far

Johnny C

Can't find any matches or matches take a VERY LONG time to be found on 3v3 and Sky Arena. 1v1 takes 15-30seconds to match too. Please fix the long match time

Khorshed Alam


Thomas Steinmetz

A fun game that is ruined by pay-to-win mechanics and over powered bots. You will routinely play bots that are a lower rank than you but somehow be a level or two higher castle and unit composition. Not to mention getting the rare or legendary units takes ages, even if you pay for the season pass, which I did. Their old game, Castle Burn, was basically the same as this but had better return on play and investment.

Yehonatan King

Great update!!!

matin nemati

Such a waste of good ideas

mike colina

It's a really good game but unfortunately the matchmaking needs a big rework (This is a must especially since you designed this to be pay 2 win)


You can beat people who out lvl you.

Renato Papa

before the update it was better, now i can't access the game.

Brent Peterson

Having a hard Time understanding why anybody's complaining about this game by far the best game out .... developers thank you I love it

David Gilbert

Awesome. Favourite RTS on Android.

Travis Thompson

The game itself is fun and a great time killer. Especially if you love RTS games. As for matching against higher opponents yes it can be difficult, but knowing unit counters helps this immensely. There's a dude castle level 3, and he's good gold 1 or 2. That's not luck that he got there as level 3. Learn what counters what, and stop spamming the same units just because.

Josip Kelava

A familiar style of a mobile phone game, with familiar UI and monetization. Has deeper strategy than other similar games, but is still being brought down being a p2w rts, having too lax matchmaking and lacking polish.

Adam Vickman

They keep matching me up with way stronger opponents who have cards that I have no access to. It says if you're pushing me to buy something but I'm not buying at all ever. Uninstalling and moving on.

Dan Nielsen

It's more about cheap tricks, then skill to win... That is NOT fund.

Manuel Khoury

This game has 0 logic Omg

Vanessa Göransson

I love it

Linus Caleb Donato

I had a feeling that i will miss this game so i played it again thanks for make this game

Prénom Nom

Exquisite designs with Japanese Korean and cute English VOs, very well done the only clash royale genre game I enjoyed after clash royale itself

whats what

This is not even pay to win. This is a pay to even play. No honest free path exists. You will need to invest $1k minimum to even start with. I would expect the free path to take 6 month to a year to reach any effective state. But sadly I don't even think that would be enough time, you can't get golds to upgrade units without paying. You can't get rubies without paying money. You can't unlock heros without rubies. Due to these changes to cash grab the player base is dropping rapidly

johnny palazzio

Such an addictive game!!

Ganesh G

There seems to be a bug were you win games yet still lose points. It's happened multiple times and is extremely frustrating. Not really a reason to keep playing. Recent changes have made this game more of a chore than anything enjoyable.

old liver rivers

I don't think a single real person plays this game. every 1v1 game I play is against a generic named opponent that builds the same exact counters every single time I play. boring.

_Isaac _

I rate this game 4-stars cause I don't like the loading bug that happens when you try to play Co-op where it freezes for a little bit to load that kind of bothers me, But other than that this is a very innovative ideal compared to other games that tried to copy the Clash Royal type if Genre.

GreenBlazer 416

This game is like Clash Royale on crack. Its fun and instead of being stuck with a deck of useless cards that your opponent has counters for you get to build your deck as you play. Could use some minor adjustments but great game all around.

Miles Lewis

This is literally just a Chinese ripoff of Supercell's Clash Royale that came out years ago.

Joey D

Castle burn/craft has great potential but the constant spam units and the fact you generate resources so fast seriously hurts this game. You shouldn't be able to see what the enemy is doing on their side and the map should be another half a map longer (1.5x) the current size and make it scrolling. There's just too much unit spam to enjoy this game.

Sun Ho Ro

It would've been better if they had a campaign mode. More heros. More direct control methods.

Ralph Dane Opay

Lag issue is even worse.. Always get disconnected on start or mid game.. Fix your servers

Seronia Tarentaal

Nice game

Cedric Martens

Great game, really fun.


I used to play Castle Burn years ago and I'm glad it's back. The game is competitive and you can win even with weaker cards if you play well. I'm excited about new game modes to come.

D.K. Piccolo

I was really enjoying this game, so much so that I bought the season pass and the starter legendary thing. However in the past 3 days the games become so laggy that it's virtually unplayable which is such a shame.

חי זוהר

Downloaded the game, played the tutorial, saw the shop (bloated with packs that you'll eventually have to buy), deleted the game

Danger -_-KsA77

It's cool game it's really fun

Alif Izharulhaq

I like this game, but 1. It's hard to get rarer card, *especially* when the gameplay revolves around countering your opponent's cards, 2. Connection issues, 3. UI/UX issues (like the delay when donating cards)

Jack Young

Decent so far

Sanlim 69

Actually it's a good game but without paying don't expect too much, I keep on facing player with better cards and there's no way I can win, so sorry I uninstalled it coz I don't wanna waste my time

FaithHero Legend

Why can't my name be FaithHero in the game

Leah Barabat

It's a great time killer and addicting but only problem is that, when I am lagging the game will pop up a error in my screen even if my internet is back and the worst part is when I am almost winning and it lags I am transported back to the main screen! Please fix this this game is really addicting it just have some internet problems unlike other multiplayer games like Mobile Legends when you lag you just come back again in a short amount of time. So please do something.

ryankai kaiser

Had to uninstall the game because, its fun at the beginning but once you reach higher rank you will be paired with people with massive army collection

Djinis Naert

it has potential! same genre like Clash Royal but different enough to make it a game in its own and succeed! cool characters nice artstyle so far so good . but there are alot of bundles thats gonna be like pay to win. add some quest/reward system that average players can progress too and keeps being fun. but yeah Good job so far! im liking it 👌🏼

Does itmatter

Fun and Fast. give it a try

yes we are science

Very fun but can you add a commander that does a bomb storm keep up the work!


Fun game, lots of meaningfull strategic choices. It is a bit grindy/pay to progress faster. Still early days but I am looking forward to the next update / new content

Rogelio Rosales


Marky Bondoc

Challenging! :)

Amine Wurz


AHumbleOperator MCN#354

Though the UI is nice, the matches are unbalanced. I would often meet people higher level then me and the cade giving takes way to long.

Brian Chen

I really like this game since it is like rts game with simple operation. However, it keeps triggering Google play protect ("play protection is already turning on" hops out frequently) so I have no choice but uninstall this app. Hope you can solve this issue.

Kenneth Sapuan

I try this game.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

warhammerfreak 111

Filled with Bots that have 3lvl higher Cards as the player, prompting the pay to win strat. Card lvl7 to lvl 8 upgrade cost 80k gold and you get 200-250g per chest (3h unlock cooldown). Bots named Tiffany, Daniel, etc. all wihout a Guild, all with full lvl 10 card decks wreck you as soon as you go above 800LP - Silver League. Not worth your time, believe me.


Nice One Of My Favorite Game Out There

Hunter DeGeorge

I would say overall job well done but when I switched from phone internet to wifi cause my phone auto picks up it crashes my side of the I suggest you look into trying to get a smooth carry over process that doesn't kick you from the match.

Jae Snow

Great game, just hard to play when a popup for google play protect pops up randomly the whole time you play

Arthur Swordstein

P2W Trash with not bad graphics and somewhat enjoyable game loop that gets old very fast. Want to flex you’re credit/debit card muscles and show how fast you can burn a thousand dollars, this is the game for you, where victory can be bought by gambling on those sweet loot boxes that will boost you’re units beyond what is achievable in any reasonable amount of time.

Alex Lo

Looks nice and polished with some potential but damn do you start behind a huge grindfest wall before you can even try to use other units or commanders. Might be a nice game with everything unlocked but as it is it's just a mediocre game with everything walled off behind pay walls so that you can't experience the game without paying

in bo

Game is bad

darin magtalas

really enjoying the game.

Drew Fuller

Game is dead already? Too bad.