Cart Crash

Author: tastypill

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Ever thought of riding a lot of carts through loopy tracks? Zig zag road, spiral madness, up up and then down, swirling and what not? Who does not want a roller coaster feel? Well, here is your chance! Enjoy the arcade game Cart Crash where you ride and grab carts through the ever satisfying tracks and form a train of carts. Lot of carts means lots of coins and other rewards. Do not get crushed into obstacles!

Become a master racer through this arcade journey and unlock carts, skins, themes. Appropriate for all ages. Beautiful casual graphics.

What you can do –

◉ Intuitive gameplay. Tap and hold and just watch out for the obstacles. Very fun difficulty progression and you will love it.
◉ Join the carts and cheer with avatars! Form a huge cart train and get a huge amount of bonus coins. Unlock carts and skins with coins! Get free coins! Can you obtain the treasure box?
◉ A surreal feeling of riding on twisted, loopy, swirling tracks and roads from your dream!
◉ Do not forget to grab the keys. They will surprise you with new funny skins and carts you will absolutely love. How many skins and carts can you unlock?
◉ Complete levels and unlock skins and carts as you play.
◉ Want to feel the power of motion? Get the speed boosters!
◉ Smoothing casual look and feel. Charming cool graphics.

A world full of thrilling motion, cute characters, funny carts and exciting obstacles to watch out for. You will feel accomplished as an arcade race master.

Can you finish all the levels? Enjoy the fun!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 20, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: tastypill
Price: Free
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Customer review

Tanya Sharma

This game is very very amazing but only sound problem Can you add sound please i request you

Tamil Rani


kuwar sa

Kunwar Sa

Koya Raju

Super super super

Good Right

Can you please add sounds .I am putting this game on YouTube shorts and most viewers watches videos to get satisfied with gameplay and sounds both .so this is my request .and this game is very very only needs sounds

Josiah James

I will give you 3 stars because too many ads and no sound but other than that it is good game

Mayme Edwards

I love this game.

Pirate Gamer

Nice game

Khokan phluwan khokan phluwan

Good super app

Valarie Williams


Dr Rashad

Mast 😚😚😚😚

Shih-Chang Li

Way too much ads.... It was like after every segment, there was an ad to watch before you could continue on.

Bonita Clemons

Irritated too too too many adds

Sunil Teotia

Very bad

Ga Ch

You ugly

Jack G

An ad EVERY few seconds especially if you spend 30-60 seconds watching an ad for every 10-25 seconds of playtime is a total waste of my time.

mcwkain Kain

Nothing but Fun!

Gurtej Phull

Cart Crash.

Kristian Smith

This is super addictive and fun. Just can't stop playing it

Md Swapon

Jut wow game

Rahul Dev Roy

Super relaxing game. Enjoying a lot. This game reminded me of my childhood when we used to play toy cars with our childhood buddies.

Towhid Hasan

Bad experience with too many ads.

Sk Friend

Fantastic, love it. Best wishes.

Zahir ziu

Nice :)

Mrudul Pitkar


Samira Afrin Trisha

This is very interesting❤️

Zawad Ahamed

Nice game

Golden Blue Eye

This game is NOT for children. My 9 year old nephew downloaded this on my phone and was playing the game. The very first advertisement was for some kind of DILDO that you fill with water. Extremely inappropriate!! If I could, I would give this negative stars.

Karina Bravo

I Am

Ndnf Dnd

Great game funniest in a long time

max Sheehan

Too many adds

Debbie N.


Stephen Phillips

Not bad

Nabeeha Asim

Im in luv with this game and one of the awesome and fun game eveeer i luuuuvvvv it soooo muccch. Thank u funbly for making this game bestest game amazing game.🌸✨💜💜👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Michael Zendler

I WILL give it 5 stars because it is very fun but the problem is there is no sound. When I go into settings it won't let me turn the sound on and I can't and won't play a game with no sound at all. It only vibrates. If you fix the problem, I'll definitely give it 5 stars.

David Bulfoni

Gets boring fairly quickly