Car Parking Tycoon

Author: onetwogame

50K+ install


Lead Ade to provide customers with the most satisfactory service. Upgrade every facility in the parking lot to improve the comfort, fun and attractiveness of the parking lot. You will be loved and recognized by guests everywhere!
You must respond quickly to requests from guests. According to different priorities, entertain all guests in time, and none of them can be left out. After the time is up, customers will not make any requests.
• Operate the parking lot!
Run your parking lot all over the world, explore new locations, and meet all kinds of charming guests.
• Complete orders on time!
Use your time management skills! Quickly respond to guests’ whim, set priorities, and let all the guests return with satisfaction!
• Entertain guests with delicious food!
The parking lot has delicious food for guests to enjoy. Provide guests with cola and burgers to meet their dietary needs.
• Get likes!
Guests will express their gratitude to you through likes and smiles. The faster the order is completed, the higher the degree of love you get.
• Upgrade!
Upgrade the guard room. Improve the waiting time of guests in line.
Upgrade the auto repair room. Improve staff cleaning speed.
Upgrade the kitchen. The gold coins and gems obtained from the clearance can be used to upgrade the kitchen.
• Props!
Using the props in the game can help you complete difficult levels and get a novel game experience.
• limitation factor
Part of the levels have restrictions when passing these levels. The waiter must carefully complete all the services to pass these levels.

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 29, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: onetwogame
Price: Free
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Customer review

Ginalyn Gabito

I love the game, it's like hotel games. Liked it so much. It is challenging.

Yolanda Mitchell

It's fun and fast speed gaming and very comforting

Tanushree Jain

Awesome game

Chanda Bonner

I love this game...butit constantly crashes

Sherry Todd

I love this game

Uchechi Ann

Very fun and interesting game

Monica T

I absolutely love this game, but in order to advance you need gems and those are extremely hard to get or you need to spend a lot of money to buy them. They're expensive in the shop. Please to try to include receiving gems each time you win a level.

Mashell J

The game is cutting off and sticking don't download fix the problem ok 😡

Nona Nieva Hipolito

Amazing 👍👍👍

Muhammad Shoaib


Teia Perryman


Dan Rel

doesnt launch

Emma Tennyson

Great game, but far too hard towards end of level, too expensive to keep buying items

Saheda Begum

Good game

suneet jain

Problem in stage 16 of tokyo travels. Not getting enough smiles even after playing perfectly.

April Hopkins

fun love this game

Restless RJ

I love this game. The graphics and sound effects are super cute. I've had no problems at all with glitches or freezing or anything. I'm really glad a found this game!

Louise Taylor

Great graphics,fun play highly recommend AAAAA++++



Anne-Marie Slabbert

This is a nice game, but it keeps bombing me out, and when I want to exit the game it freezes. Please fix it before I lose it and delete it from my phone permanently.

Kit Jumawan

Like it

Suzanne Wheadon

At level 10 maybe and enjoying this time management game. Worth a play if your into this sort of game :)

Taruni Parthasarathy


Meghana Khatri

Nice game

Jon Egan

Some of the levels are impossible because they can't be done the game is a joke needs to be remade

d o r a b e n n y

this game is interesting n connected with mobile data

Chantel Jones

the game itself is not bad however the gems which are required to advance are hard to get and the cost for them is too high. I'm uninstalling due to inability to advance in game on account of the gems.

مهند بسام

nice game

Aimie Amier

i like the games

Mubeena Muhammad

It's Simply Superb!!!! I like to Play This Game.

Anita Forrest

It's fun

hely hamidon

Too many adv

Esty Van Oudtshoorn

Game been updated now it doesn't want to open.. 🙈 🤒

Benvinda Benevides

Since last update, the game doesn't open. One star for now until it's fixed.

Vitria Indriani

Always hang.... Stuck..

jhade mamas

Really liked the game,I've gone so far with the level but now it keeps on crashing everytime I load it.

Kartik Jethva

A good game, and nice gameplay but what's the use if it keeps crashing

Mary Ramesh

When I try to enter into the game it closed

yasser amr


Sri Mayawibawati

Nice game 😊

Yvonne Ware

great game love it

Tamera Williams

It's has some glitches in the game

Judy Velasquez

I like this game so I'm giving it a high review, but I also want to add that my previous tablet broke and I had to load all my games back on a new tablet, This was the only game that restored under my Google play automatically like it should leading me to give a 5 star. I think all games should be saved under your Google play automatically.This was the only game that automatically saved the progress, All my other games either didn't save or I had to contact support and still being worked on.

Amy Maravillas


William Phelps

One of the better tycoons.

Laura Brennan

It's a great game to keep your mind sharp!

nycole bowie

Intriguing it keeps you interested very likable

Rhonda Fowler

Enjoying the game

Sean Dour


Cheryl Huish

Fun and challenging, what more can I say!!


It's a mind challenge and fun.

Queen Strawberry Dat Chick

The game plays for a min then it starts glitches and freezing up you can see all the way threw the characters please fix this.. everything you try to load the game it keeps taking a long time to load And every time u play it freezes I'm unstalling this game

Sherita Griffin

This game really sucks 😕 😒 it keeps freezing up. It's not giving me coins when I played for them because of the freeze. It would be a decent game but it's not worth the time until the developer fixes all the issues.

Serena Anderson

I keep getting kicked out of the game

Kara Dorrell

I just started today and I can tell this is going to be an addicting game

Stephanie Watkins

Fun to play

Lora Pharis

Like this game a lot.

Tamica Smith

I just purchased infinite life for one hour and I didn't receive it.

Shellie Shaw

It's fun keeps your mind working

Robertas Ivanavicius

Fix bugs. You can't checkout clients in map 3 If there are more than one waiting

Maura Samson


Yvette Crawford

The Game It's Awesome

Kakar kakar

Good luck 🤞

Melissa Farmer

This game would be fun if it wouldn't keep kicking me out after every game I played

Angie James


A Google user

It keeps kicking me off the game.

Sehar Nadeem

Disgusting.. full of cracks

sandra ogden

Lot's of Fun and somewhat challenging!


My game is glitching when i'm right in the middle. I used my shoes to walk fast and now i lost it due to the glitches.


Is there a bug?? There were times when I click to collect.... It sucks!!! 3 stars only!

Denise Crawford

Still trying to out how to recharge the joker...keeps downgrading my upgrades bout to uninstall negative stars no contact to help me

Angie L

Game is okay, it's different which is good but the pricing for gems and or boosters is ridiculous. At a point, these are needed to advance and I'm at that point. One of the cheapest packages is 8.99 for 20 gems and a couple of boosters. And a single boosters costs 10 gems. Yeah, time to uninstall. Too bad, it's better than most but I won't be subjected to price gouging.

Wonda Staton

I love this game period hope it never ends🥰🥰

Damita Norwood

It glitches a lot but fun

Cynthia Wade- Crawford

piece of junk

Lisa P

Don't get the update, it freezes & cars can not leave the lot, now i can't play any more due to this update

Laura Baird

Worked fine until last update. Now the screen jerks and shakes. Can't get it to stop. I've uninstalled, cleaned, restarted, you name it. Nothing! 🤬

Dk Dee DeeDee

𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚐𝚊𝚖𝚎..

DeAshee Jones

Fun game

Lynette W

The new update has messed up the game the guy will not cash out the customers when they are ready. I loved playing this game please fix the issue.

Eva Schoenleitner

Fun game, but it's too hard earning diamonds

Melissa Beekharry

Love it

Kathy Burch


Sha Keese

Fun game and fast paced. Graphics great and characters are fun. Easy to manage and addictive.

Makatherinejoy Santos


Muhammad Salman

Good game

LaVonne Bouggess

Cute game

Nicole Whitfield

Just like all the rest... nothing different but I like the graphics, all the games are the same.

Brian Duane

I paid for daily pack 1 with 15 demands never got it

Metgir Cleofa


Chantel Ssss

Game froze couple times during the game play. If it didn't do that, it would be a eas y 4-5 star game.

Crystal Randolph

Love this game

Brenda Pinchon

Its interesting to play

Lemau Nguyen

Cause this game the best game ever played

wendy wiley

So far so good

Anne anderson

Nice twist on a classic game

Betty Marin

We need more levels...

Maria Charles

Nor a bad game. You can earn gems for most upgrades by watching ads. However, in "Sleepless City", the slot chips will not upgrade. They remain worth $20 even though you purchase the upgrade.

Cecille Louie Manlod

Fun! I like it. Hopefully they will have more places soon.

Jonathan Rothenbeck

Love the game and the characters in the game.