Welcome to the new car game, where you will run a car conversion factory, turning abandoned cars into new cars. And sell it, it will make you a lot of money, you can use it to build more factories, hire more workers, build the biggest factory ever. The operation of this game is also very simple, you only need to slide your finger operation of your truck to move goods, come to experience

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 7, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: WangJuan Studio
Price: Free
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Md Juglul


Бугагаст Сибирский

мне нра!

Kelvin Williams Jr

Kelvin MONYE

LEGENDARY nortman678z

This game is kinda bugged do you know why because of the ads my truck stops and the game said car factory isn't responding there is so much bug and i get more car it keeps many destroyed and gamed crash please put an ad every ten minutes or 30 minutes so many people downloaded this game so please bring this game better

pilot pancake 852

It's kind of easy

Chris Randles

Ad bs

Shane Hill

game is good but the ads are very frequent, game is rather short other than unlocking stickers for the cars.

Michael Lee

its fun

Sweaty Blueberry

way too many ads

Shaun Gatt

Not a bad game, alot of adds pop up though, at the worst times too, just as your driving over a money pit soo when the add finishes it thinks you parked on that spot and all your money goes


the ads are ridiculous 10 minutes in the game 8 have been ads

Phil Hawkins


Michael Reed

Fun but completed all upgrades, what do I do now lol

Deep Singh

Op game

Greg Strickland

Unbelievable amount of ads.

Alex Vargas

This is a fun game but 1 day i accidente removed it i need to get it back but when i accidente removed it i said:Nooooo after all these progreso i been working for 50025 years: btw im gonna rate everyone 1-3 not good 4-5 amazed

Gavin Davis

Every 30 seconds there is an add

Kurt Miller

Really fun game I give it a 2 star bc of all the ads they pop up every 15 to 30 seconds there is no option to buy and remove the ads.. if yall can space the ads out more or have the option to buy to get rid of them then I would gave this game a solid 4 or 5 start

Śony Zagtoon

I can't see The garage or missions can you fix it by the I using a tablet


Its a great game i loved itbut, too many ads its unplayable tbh

Chris Petty

cool game. bit way too many adds.. get overwhelmed by the adds and then game becomes not fun.


too many adds

Hunter Booth


b mick97

waaaaaayyyyyy to many ads

Sito Berry

Ads too many Suck all the way Stupid apps game . No fun if using payment only for Noob player

Brent Devenney

It way too many ads they so bad they lock phoe up everything they start playing you need new ones

Gerald Wenzel

It used to be a fun game when I first downloaded it but now it seems like every 10 seconds the game stops for a forced add don't bother downloading it

Myrtle Leslie

emilnorman Leslie

Jacques van Tonder

Cars stop at carwash and dont go any further. Game stuck and cant progress. UPDATE 1: Game was updated with fixed bugs but the above issue still remains. UPDATE 2: Dev fixed issue. Carwash is working 100% now. Rating updating.

Michael Schlangen


Sam Templeton

Constant ads even when just moving around. Random game crashes that cause you to lose progress constantly, enjoyable concept just frustrating in current state.

Ray Farley

Good game to waste some time but way to many ads popping up interrupting the game play. When it says contains ads they aren't kidding.

Eric Johnson 2

to many unwanted ads

Kelly Marshallsay

It's a good game but after 20 mins of playing it freezes then having to leave and close it then when going back on u lose all the cars and money u got think needs fixing

Steven Curry

ads every 30 seconds

Yvette Ramos

there are so many ads it's not even funny

Matt Shronce

Not worth it to many popups while trying to play

Jennifer Charette

I like 🐢

Travis Roundy

Addicting But a lot of ads

joseph wright

Add add add

Leigh Fraser

Nice time killer but playing so often I've maxed out on everything and there isn't much point in going around just getting money to spend on nothing, so, like always when I get to a point like this I uninstall and reinstall again so at least I can keep playing for a while longer. It is a great time killing game though.

Eric Harvey

Until companies realize that having an ad ever 30 seconds just means people leaving, I'll leave these. Yes you need ads to earn money but I likely would have kept playing more than a few minutes if these games weren't ads with playable content inbetween


The ads are completely unbearable every 15 secs ad ad ad forget the game this is just the ad closing game money hungry bastards


I actually want to kill my self on how many adds there are other then that good game

Keiran Page

The amount of ads is obnoxious they make the game laggy and unresponsive but good concept

Budda Gamer

Not playable because ads keep popping up EVERY 30 SECONDS and I can't get done with anything.

Kurshid Anwar

so fun when a ads pop up for no reason

Mike Whitaker

Great concept but the ads to open more spaces will not work says ad loading try again later over all a good game

Robert jr Rogers

Good game

Tremors 5

I'd give more stars if wasn't so many forced ads even though they are short. I don't mind watching ads for rewards. If I could pay to get rid of them would be a good option, but I haven't found it yet. The cheaper things are the more you sell. Otherwise I love the game! I will not share to friends due to the forced ads though.

Russell Jr Hochstadt

too many ads

horseea wana


Neha Mittal

graphics are good. better than the other. i really like this game. i give it 5 star. this game is amazing

Jacob Runnion

I hate how much ads this game has and after some ads my car gets stuck then I can't drive and I have to exit then re enter the and start the progress with the cars that are all ready that are be washed and painted. but other than that it is a good game 3 star review . FIX THE ADS

Vika Crochet

It's a good game but the lags are not good can you flx it

Jordan Smith


Camilo Estrada

It's kicking me out

Chris Follis

I hate this game I was getting cars to wash it shreds them all And it has alot of ads

DeAnna Gentry

Love the game I just think it needs more levels

Alex Strand

Way to many ads. It seems somewhat variable but between every 90 to 120 seconds there is a forced ad.


Controls bug out and get stuck.

Faris Ikwan

Very bad experience, so many ads, I'm can't close ads. And i think this app not for playing game, just to see ads only. Very not recommended.

Aaron Mcnabb

Just platform for ads


👍 👍 👍 👍

Hafiz Hanafihrrgr

Dis game so good

David F

Awkward and stupid. Factories don't resell used cars that have been washed...

Damion Siehl

Needs more trucks, cars, and expansion

Navreet Singh

I liked this game but need more levels, I completed it twice in two days (4-5 hours in total)

CrYsxv xTine Born


kevin davidson

Too many ads!!!! Can't really get anywhere

Robert Updike

I wish i could give this game five stars but with the constant ad every what feels like 10 sec maybe 30sec it takea all the phone out of it

John Wright

Too many adds to enjoy the game literally every 15 seconds how am I suppose to go throgh a 1.30 min work boost when you get 15 secs and adds come back and its spent

Brandon Knowles

Too many adds in this game. Also there are too many glitches as well. You can't play a game or get into it when every 2 mins there is an ad or getting a glitch trying to get more cars

Eric Pausch

I enjoyed the game but the ads just made it a overall bad game not eve an option for ad free the ads on the bottom of the screen and ones that pop up and interupt game play

Shayne Williams

Game is great time waster until you get close to the end where you are making alot of money then it crashes because you make so much at once. It's crashed about 6 times today

Nathan Verville II

Way too many ads

danny Cobb

This game is ridiculous dragging my finger all over not to mention this is the most ad ridden game I ever played uninstalling

Mike Allen

Game glitches a lot. Constant adds that restart the game. Not to mention every time the game glitches you lose progress in the game

Steven Lourigan

Hopefully somethings more are coming. Finished within two days. Nothing left to do

william harris

Fun game to play but no other levels and to many adds and no way to skip them like in other games, will give a better rating when we have the option to skip adds.

Justin Clark

Seriously....5 adds back to back? That's a bit extreme

Drew Tower

Cool BRB

dabois dabois

The game has a bug with the tires but this game all great Sept for that problem recommend download this game it's com and relaxing to play.

Ashley Barger

Good game to kill time but I can upgrade my truck past 4 car slots so if that doesn't get fixed there is no point for me to play anymore

Adrian Garcia

I like the game but it just needs more things to do maybe rebirths and more trucks and levels to upgrade the cars more and sometimes my truck can't move so i have to leave the game and it resets my cars on my truck and to pick them up to please fix but over all good game😄

Ivan Alvarado

The game is great

John Chafin

Currently when you get cars with the forklift it bugs the game out and you have to reload and have no cars waiting on you, otherwise it's a nice game to kill time with. Fix the bug and I'll re rate

Bryson Warnix