Car Crash Racing: Stunt Master

Author: Rapid Rabbit Game

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Welcome to life in the fast lane! 😎
Car Crash Racing: Stunt Master is the perfect game for all speed lovers looking for extreme thrills. Push the limits of physics with crashes, jumps, drifts and many other fun racing stunts.
🏎️ Harder. Faster. Stronger: There is no limit to driving speed. Multiple levels that include various terrains and obstacles that you can drive over and around at speed, making your adventure even more exciting. If you must crash for a boost, hit hard and don’t look back.
🏎️ Race, Break and Fix: Watch out for sharp turns because the stunts are very dangerous. With deadly speed, you can swerve 3D roads and hit obstacles in the way. Fix your vehicle in time to get back on the road. Or if you want to see epic crashes and explosions, you can have them.
🏎️ Come to the Garage: Enjoy the latest and trendiest sports cars in your garage. In this amazing racing game, you can win the championship and unlock even cooler cars by doing stunts. Upgrade your car’s power, speed, condition and nitro to improve your ranking in the race.
– Glataj stiradoj kaj movaj kontroloj
– Malfermaj vertikalaj kaj horizontalaj deklivirejoj
– Mirindaj terenaj vetkurmapoj
– Ekscigaj niveloj kaj misioj el la kolekto de ekstremaj sportaj aŭtoj de GTA-
kaj vi perdas iun parton. Download Car Crash Racing: Stunt Master and launch your Hotwheels! 🔥

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File size: 98 MB
Update time: 2023-02-08T12:17:39.000Z
Current version:
Require Android: 5.1
Developer: Rapid Rabbit Game
Price: $Free
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