Captains Idle

Author: Nytro Games

100K+ install


Are you ready to be the deadliest pirate of the seven seas, ever? Now is your time!
Gather your crew, upgrade your ship and set sail! You can unlock idle ship contents or new cannons! Watch for enemy pirate ship that will try to sink you! Explore island, slay bandits, find your X mark and claim your lost treasure!
Do not forget, a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor!

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 28, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Nytro Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Gabrielle Mieher

The fighter crew rarely fires cannons and you have to do all the work. Otherwise the game is ok

prettylady mahinhin

I could not open the app so im giveing you a 1

Safi ya

Fix it i can't install it ifyou don't fixit i will rate 1 again 😠😠😠😠

Costas Raney

I honestly don't know why this game has such a low rating I was about to not install it bc of this reason but I instead actually really enjoyed playing the game, sure it could use a little more content and some minor bug fixes but it's overall a great game

Jhonson Belisano

Cool game



Omed Hussain

Jkkhj Kkkkkkk Kok mzjamiw

Rashidin Idris

You rm999999. 999999999

mr, oof

Garbage app laggy and way to much ads make a better game kid

Kayla Weryackwe

It's not that good for 1 I jlopened it and it was very glitchy and it kicks me out after a while I do not like it please make it better

Eric Ruiz

Will not start up

Maricon Santos

Bro i hope they read this because the game is literally not playable everytime i click the game it just brings me back into my home screen please fix this so that you will have more donwload.And also other players have said the game is laggy please just fix it and your game will be better.

Adam Bartek

Great game, but not enough content. Once you fully upgrade the galleon, and your crew there's not really anything else to do. Also not regaining any health is not great. A great addition would be a town that could be upgraded.

Engkeruak Man


Remi Nystrom

Very It's is bad

Cezar Castañeto

It was too laggy, hard to move and no sound or music..Ill will be back if this game gets a better reviews or ratings

June Jr Villamayor

Somethings wrong with this app, too laggy

masterchief gaming 2

This game was too laggy and it was glitching alot

Morné Koen

Well...It's awesome but if you can fix the lag I would appreciate it:)

Evan Arvan

Good game but please its too lagh please make it smoother

Quinn M

I downloaded this game, when I open it this game app closes itself and not let you play.

the God man

The game is fun. But it's so laggy and there are ads that don't have rewards in them. Don't waste your time with this game.

Daniel Wiejaya

Such a good game but can just please add the game sound and music, and for the game content can you just add the future to add the figure head into the ship, sails colour, ship colour, and many more content like the other Pirate Game's so maybe this game will be more interested. Good job, keep the work.

Cooper Townsend

DO NOT INSTALL. This game is not worth your time only a small percent of players can actually play the game. The game literally just kicks you out when done loading

ehab kamal

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Aidan Cable

I can't get into the game I tried Uninstalling and reinstalling

Trickle Pickle

I hate that game it keeps glitching out I hate it 😡

Brayden Lindsay

Awesome game. Needs more content and upgradable health and sword

Ty Davis

I think this is the best

Cam Ramos

It's fun but the adds will open the play store and when I go back it kicks me out and I have to rejoin

Debra Molnar

My grandson is in tears because the game keeps crashing. Hope you get the bugs out soon 😭😭😭😡

Dean Smith

Might be a fun game, but it's way too laggy. Can't play it as the controls don't respond, so it's extremely difficult to play. Maybe another time, after they've fixed it.

Patrick Chaves

It just bugs me out of the game but has potential

Farisha Isha

I hate it very much it cannot install


Great game, cool concept, just a few bugs. 1. Sometimes if you watch an ad you get no reward. 2. If you run another pirate ship and you lose a crew member, and you get another crew member, once you rejoin the dead crew member will magically appear meaning you can have an infinite crew because this bypasses the crew limit. 3. You cant hire a cook, there is an option to hire a cook but it always say you have the max amount of cooks which is none. 4. There should be health regen if you take damage.

chris pitch

Why does your game force shut down after it loads and it happens with your others games as well so fix your games guys

Tiffany Selmon

1 star! It's laggy as heck and I got to a boat..... And it scammed me I watched a ad because I can and after 1 level on it it disappeared! It went back to the previous ship! FIX THIS PLEASE

mike mr donut

Very nice game has a lot of potential to be good here's some ideas I would love to see: make it so the crew mates get hungry so the cooking thingy insnt worthless and make it so the crew memebers get tired and need to sleep and they get injured and u need to pay 60 coins to make them go again and make it so crew mates die when they get hit by like 3 canon balls or get knocked out so it's more realistic and more ships and you should be able to go to ur enemies ship and raid them with swordsmens

Rebecca Pool

Really enjoyed this game, easy to up grade, with everything upgraded...there's nothing else to more new boats, is there going to be more boats to up grade? New adventures?


Has A Lot Of Potential IF The Game Didn't Crash All The Time

Harvey Miller

This game sucks it always shuts off😡

Donnaven Kroenert

It'd be ah cool game but keeps closing down i tried to reinstall but no luck before i couldn't get threw day 5 now i cant even get threw day 1

Joseph Queen

I didn't even get to play because every time I got on It loged me out the game but the one time I got on it was nothing but lag.if I was you do not play unless you want lag.