Captain TNT

Author: VOODOO

5,000,000+ install


Captain TNT – Explode and destruct buildings! Become the demolish master!

Detailed info

File size: 82M
Update time: September 9, 2021
Current version: 1.2.55
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: VOODOO
Price: Free
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Customer review

bablu jaint

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Suresh Nayak

Nice game I like it 😍

Mikhail Allenin

Explosive fun!!! Make robots fly!!! Ka-BOOOOOM!!!!!

Rraees khan

Nice game but add issue

Muna Lucy

Nice game

Genie. Rudzinski

Way cool but not easy.

Tommy Grant


Jodi Rowe


matt bennett

Needs more areas but regardless it's an amazing game. Cannot recommend more

Kc Did

Great game

naresh sarin

My son 5 year old, he found this game... I saw him playing and like this game... And now I have download this in my phone for my self... 😜🤣

Billy Vaco Popejoy Jr

Love this game, Excellent

Uttkarsh Gupta

Good game Good home Good mom

Akram Huasin


Abdulmazid Mondal


Subrata Mondal

Very funny game I suggested to play this game

Tinkukumar Tinkukumar




Samantha Higgison

Too many ads; they come on during a level and completely knocks you off your game. Sometimes the game doesn't even start again after an ad and you have to restart it and it makes my phone slow and lag. Fix your game it sucks. If it wasn't for all that it would be a good game

bhagwan singh

Is game ke liye thank you

Vaishali Malusare


Alka Yadav


Uzair Hasan

Very nice

Suresh Kps


Pareshkumar Mandal


Vansh Gupta


prem rajju prem rajju

Same stages are coming no other stages there

Riyansh Pratap

Very good game

james kiernan

Good game too many ads

Vijay Siva

Super gaming

FixItYourself Deb

Heeeelp!!! I've paid for the VIP package. I got a new phone. I had to reinstall. I hit "restore purchase." It says "purchase already restored." Ummm. BS! I need this game. It is the best go-to time-waster ever made for a phone. My life is not complete without it. I'm not kidding.

monika pawar

This game and this is very awesome you can tell my friend to

Umesh Bhatt


Jugjeet kumar

It is bad 😞 vvvv bad

Abhi Dholariya


Rina Devi

No.1 game.....

Gurjeet Brar

Very nice game

Karan Karan

It's getting stuck while playing. This game isn't good. One star itself is waste to this game gotta uninstal it

Bheem Singh Bheem Singh

Very super game I am like this game so much

Sonu kumar patawa Patwa

Good 👍

Bishnu Das



Captain TNT 2022 MASTER TNT 3D

Vinod Chaudhary

Thik thakr h

Rashmi Devre

5 Star


Very interesting

Anju Misra

Nice game


Problems, problems and more problems. When you are playing? The whole idea is to be able to go onto the next level, but on 20 or so instances? You stop the progress and I could have won 10 times and took it to the next country. But you always stop my progress. WHY? You don't want me to have a good time playing,,, is that it? How are you supposed to get a 5 star rating if you stop the game till it finishes? I do believe that the players have a right to play as long as they want to.

Uday Gunjal


Queen King

Is this a dress up and fashion game?

Adarsh Badkur

Veer good2

Evan Daoust


Naresh निकिता saini

Good game

Hare Krishna Singh


Gavin Schrader


Ian Allison

Ads within the game ? ? ? REALLY ? And now it won't let me enter the 'Lowlands' level. I used to enjoy playing this game, But you've managed to Stuff it up beyond belief. If you had one iota of interest in your game you would be heeding the advice in all your Bad Reviews and rectifying all the problems with this game. But, obviously you don't ! So, like many others in the review column I'm outta here. UNINSTALLED !

Taha Umar

My heart is super excellent nice day best game has little heart super excellent nice day best game 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫❤️💖❤️❤️❤️👍👍❤️❤️❤️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️🍉🍉

Viraj Bhoyar std 6thA

Very nice👍👏😊 game

Dominic Ethan / 9

Wow when i first play this game is not fun but when i turn into a pro player its begining so fun and when i turn into hacker the game is so fun

Abhinav Anand

Bad game Badgame

Gurpreet Kaur

The only thing I can do it. I am a beautiful day. I am a beautiful day. I am not going to get the most part, the first to know that the company has a great time to time. It will not sure how I am going through my email is the only way. If the best. If the best. If the best. I will not be able to make sure to get the best way to go to bed. It will not sure what the problem. The first, but the only one that I am not a big deal with the same time, and I will be in the morning. I am a beautiful day

Philip Maddison

I really enjoy this game. The physics are quite impressive. There are some glitches. Like when it won't allow you to watch ads to unlock 6 more chests. Despite the fact that the Press Here is obvious. Update: This still remains one of my favourite games, however some more updates are needed. Open up new lands. Give us more buildings and maybe some more variety in ammunition. Also, stop resetting everything to Zero so often! Please!!

Kirit Patel

Nice enjoying

Rajni Singh


Vladimir Nastić

Sorry to say, but good idea was destroyed with too much ads even during minelaying (which is the goal of the level), so the game cannot be recommended. If the ads are to be put between levels (i.e. between demolishing sequences) that would improve the game immensely.

Remy Butorin

Ads are out of control. You get ads in the middle of the missions. I understand the need for ads, but interrupting game play with ads is overkill. Uninstalled!!

Bhukya Naresh

Noob and boot game

Bikiron Deka


Anita Devi

おはよう!今日からまた頑張ろうと思ったけどやっぱこのページはインラインフレームでのご利用規約個人情報はコチラから投稿します。。そしてその結果結果はとしています。お休みのお知らせ。今日、お仕事をしていない。でもその後、 を見ることができるのですから、また、この時間の問題はありませんが、その人のユーザーは、自分のお店の情報を登録するにはログインを見ながら不動産3はよーです。。(続くと、、。今日から始めるカラダの?って

Marty Allen

I use to play this can a lot but the amount of ads out weighs the enjoyment value. Good luck VooDoo, uninstalled....

Patrick Heron

I've been playing and loving this game for a long time. Now, they not only have ads after each level, they actually interrupt your game play for an ad. The Greedy Developers have taken all the fun away and ruined my game! UNINSTALLING!!!

Nihal Giri

Very nice game

Jahir Makes


Rakshan Equipments (Cooling Tower)

Such a nice game

Aryan Rohilla


Sabera Begum


Aditya Dake


Wendell Harlow

The fastest way to get me to drop your app like a bad habit is to interrupt me in the middle of a level with an ad. I realize ads are needed. But start interrupting my game play and you've become annoying. Buh bye!

Kurniasari Aisyiah


Sarang Wankhede

गुड गेम्स

Harsh Rajpurohit

my name is harsh

Superjuli maximo

Way too many ads. It interrupts game play. Horrible.

Naman Vats


Ms channel




Habibulla S katamarayudu massive &family movie.

Very very bad quater and bad grafislxs bad game

Sathipandu Dhana

Super game

senthil Kumar


Rajesh Chauhan

Nice game

Atharv Date


Richard Holden


Mason Duangchandr


Kelli Lozenski

I love it

binsar associates

Yah game sach mein bahut Ganda Hai yah to download bhi nahin ho raha hai

mattyjd dal

Good game needs update for more levels its the ads when your half way through a level don't mind some ads but this is really bad turn data off or WiFi before you load game

Ken YesIAm

Ready? Oops, 60 sec ad. Place your bom.... 60 more ad seconds. THIS GAME IS NOTHING BUT ADS. GREAT if you're in a coma. Im not. UNINSTALL with extreme prejudice...

Jaanvi Paryani


Rj Derosier


Sonu Kosl

सोनू सोनू

Adam .4


shankar jha

This game is very fantastic