Candy Legend

Author: Candy Factory Game

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Candy Legend – Relax yourself in the world of puzzle.

Detailed info

File size: 52M
Update time: August 3, 2021
Current version: 123
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: Candy Factory Game
Price: Free
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Customer review

Cathleen Williamson

Very relaxing and quick. Love this game.

David Myran

Game on

Saraa Sarangerel

Goy togloom hhde tataj bolkj bnoo🙁

Gill Hall

Good game easy too play


This game it is very interesting, I love candy legend.



Osama Zabaneh


Janice Skinner

Fun fun fun

Doris Wilson

Love it ❤️

kuwar sa

Kunwar Sa

Shekhar Parvayil


josiah younglove

It is fantastic

Tina Boostrom

Started playing and couldn't stop

salvatore ciambelli

Relaxing game easy to play

Cynthia Davis-Brown

So far so good I just started playing this game I need a little more time to get to get the real full concept of the game and understand what it's about to really know that is fun

Marie Nichol


Kapra Burton

Love it... It's keep your child busy 😊 when you busy.

Very Vee

Update the game. I'm done with all levels

Jeanette Vacek

This game would be much funner if the ads weren't longer than play time.



Juanita Rodriguez

I enjoy this game. It's Fun to play.

Mariam Al Asfoor


adegbola abiola

Great nerve releasing game

Paula Kwiatkowski

Too many ads tho!

Sharon Terrell


Tora Lee


Maria luisa Reyes


Wanda Chambers

Great Fun


Seems to go thru levels quickly

Ajoke Jones

The game easy

zahra heidary


Dorothy Hardy

It's entertainment relaxing

Mary Barnes


Joyce Penfold

So far so good although a few 2 menny ads

Magdalena Resuhento

i want candy legend

david button

Not Interested

Steven Fegan

Great to play

Kitty Haney

I find this game very relaxing and fun to play. Have been playing it on a daily basis with not one problem. That's saying a great deal concerning all the games I have uninstalled! Great work guys and girls!!!

Guy Gilmore

I love playing this game. Shoot I play it and before I know it. Hours has passed.

sandra mcgraw

I am so addicted to this it

Suresh Kumar

just downloaded but its awsome,i like this game

Tracy Lippincott

Too many ads

Rhonda Bardwell

This game is very relaxing

Janet Arif


maria touro

I love this game i play it for hours

Angela Henderson


Joan Donaldson

Way too many ads !!!!!:(

Elom Victor

Make it more challenging 💪 👏 😉

Cheryl Welch

Very fun to play

Erin Cameron

Lovely relaxing and bright colourful game to enjoy playing anytime. Very addictive. Functions well so far, no glitches to speak off. Seems to be a well put together to play at any age.

June Biver

Addictive lol 🤣 xx

thomas gaiso

I love the game it's easy to Play

Joyce Mauricio

great and relaxing..hoping for some exciting creatures to blast on.

Betty Church

Not much to this game far to easy passed level 110 and have not lost a life. A game if you want to pass the time. Nothing exciting about it either and issues loading have to log out then back in grrrrr

Marcelina De leon

It fun playing this game

Juan Scott

Just Fabolous

Lonnie Patterson


Yvonne S. Cassidy

Really super cute! So far, really enjoying this one. Thanks for creating something different. Wish there were more like these.

Marc Sattlecker

Love this game.

Jose Zendejas


Melinda Fluttrow

I love love love love this game.... Enough levels to keep you entertained for hours... Does anyone have any tips for level 1362? I've been stuck on it for a whole day now!

Granny Charli

I really like the game but there are way too many ads

Cresenciano Sastre

I like the game. It's very interesting and challenging.

Angelina Brooks

Too many ads

Marsha Feranda

This game is a lot of fun. Ok really enjoy playing it.

carol barton

A lot of fun.keeps you on your toes.

Nouha Smiri

Love it

Nicola Davies

Way way way to many ads so u only play for a little bit and get bored of seeing so many ads

Josephine Mcghee


Hajia Mustapha


Awulume Paul

I love it

Adrian French

Very good game indeed and I like it very much

Isabel Martell

Yes, I am enjoying the game. Thank u team

elango elango

Soper game

charmaine joubert

Search for monkey falling down

Maria Mckay

Great fun, love it

Barbara Saxton

It's relaxing it's relaxing 😁

amy bose

Worst app ever

Lee Ann Dials

It's a cute little game.

courtney rogers


Nelson Ah heng

not bad

Glow West


Andrea Frazier

Where are the gorillas that's why I choose this game instead its only flower petals

Ankit Kumar


Novlette Buddah


Tim Spruill Jr.

Pretty cool, ads don't seem to bad.

Ginger Conley

This game is alot of fun. I play it every day and have had alot of thinking on how to line up my blocks.

Betty Murphy

I like it and that's all I am going to say

Robbin Burton

Really a fun game to play. Once U start U don't want to stop!

Lisa Jones

So far I find it to be quite entertaining,nowI just Started Playing the game,so I will let you know how it goes from here. Thanks Have a Good Day ☺️🌷🌺🦋

Shirley Dobbins

I love this game can't hardly stop playing it lots of fun to me smile 😊

A Google user

I've just started playing its okay so far

Shoab Ahmed


Jenny Hooley

Only just started

debbie williams

To many adds

Nur Islam


Elia Favata

Enjoying fun

Patrick Meyer

It's different

Cathy Huneycutt

Great game! Ads throughout to give you boosters & they're not too long either!

Myrla Barker

Fun for all ages! Thanks