Candy Legend: Manor Design

Author: Candy Factory Game

100,000+ install


Candy Legend: Manor Design – Solve the puzzle and design your manor!

Detailed info

File size: 101M
Update time: August 3, 2021
Current version: 2
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: Candy Factory Game
Price: Free
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Customer review

Delores Profitt


beza chane

Am on level 1166 and i enjoyed it so much i love it.

Abdullah Abdullah

Very good

Umma Hani

This game is so much fun.....i love to play this.

Ajash Nasrin

I like

Parveen Atwal


ghyassuddin sohail

hi all i am really enjoy with the game but not a big change in game as usual same things repeat and team need to add some mystey and adventure too.hope fully team take my advice seriously..

Aaliya Ali

Nice game I love it

Sadie Johnson

I just started playing so far I really like it

Cornel Le Roux

I cannot play the doesnt give a next time to play. I like the mini game more than the mother game I doing something wrong?

vikas naredi

Very bad 👎 the game was notvas shown in ad


Shouldn't be so long between rescuing mary. I means that the name of the game not building back the mansion.

Niraj Mani Tripathi


Hammad Hassan

Nix game 🎯🎮

Karen Rosenberg

Game play okay. Furniture choices horrible. Nothing matches. Poor planning on furniture. Okay puzzle 102 is impossible to do because their are not enough moves or boosters to accomplish it. Add at least 5 moves to this puzzle. Please!?!?!?

Judy Lightfoot

Very Addictive

Priyaa Nathan

Not bad

Karen Dumas

Fun and makes you use your brain

B Zajac


Lynn Gardner

Funny game.

Heather Distefano


Sabrina Hancock

Great 😃

Kingsley David

Nice game

Samie Grosnegre

J,aim sa

cendy liberal


Tamara Barklow

Awesome it's a awesome game

Sheila Moss

Great game!!

Shirley May


Geeta Sah

Very very good

samira Akter Nur

I updated but can't see any progress

Sanjida Akter

Why the game can't open

Rebecca Knight

Love this game!!!

Caronice Brenes

Nwed them to give more free stars and also be able to change the items after selecting them

Miles Corpuz

Love it 😍😍😍

Salim Sabir

I got it

lynn anderson

It would be better if she actually moved, really went 2 bed, make her talk I play another one & it's exciting listening 2 them talk & move. It has a story line


It is very suburb

Lesley Mackie

GREAT great

Benney Hess

I really do love playing this game I really do love it

Dee Alford

Good easy game and fun to play

Motshewa Moalosi


Dina McNeal

Super fun and challenging!

Madison Smith

To many ads

Margaret Haddock

Love to making the furniture match and the colours

Rejaul Karim

I would like that this game

Claire Canero

I want more mini games and will be happier.

The word of God Taught By Ralph

I love it

Ashik tamilan

I am very happy

Yhet Obsenares


Marilyn Underwood

Good game, but WAY to many adds.

Lakeisha Sprattley

Great game

Cara Evans

Fun to play!

Phyllis King

It's a game a d I like playing it

Ron Rosamond


Debbie Quincey

It is a good game

Trudi Hooper

Just started playing this app and so far am impressed with it. Will have to play more to get a better impression of it.

Iqra jaan

Good but really long game

Gareth Hogg

It is a good game

Thilini Thil

Good game👍👍👍👍👍

Neha Pandit

Good game but lots of adds

santhosh kumar


Nicole Petterson

Great except adds.

Leezil Snyman

Its okay so far..

Tna Debbarma

Very nice

Vinod Jaylal


Rose Wati

No comment

Aileen De ocampo


Khushi Gaur

This game is wonderful. And also it's a mind game with many mini games

Naga Bushan

Experience is good but ok good all the best 😊

Gregory Schoff


Marilyn Coates


Jiya Moin

good game

Dominick Rugg

This game is very addicting and super fun!!!

Gerald Gore


Natasha Mickens

It's great

Denise Heon

Fun game!

Deandrea Kitchen

This game helps me think about my next moves. I love playing it thank you.

Rudrawanti Chaudhary

Tik baa

deema khoder

I love it

Debra Leek


Jonathan Thorsen

To many ads

Brenda Holt

I like this kind of games, I can do puzzles and decorate. I still love this game and lm going to keep it. I would recommend this game to anyone who wants to sit down and relax for a while. I get started and don't know when to put in down.

Denise Harden

Just started this game, I am getting the hang of it like it so far 😏

Mary Good

Very relaxing

Manahil Khakwani

Fantastic game keep it up

Adil Shah

Just ok game not very gud

Wasiq Aziz

awesome game

Lisa Murray

Just curious why are all these games showing helpless defenseless women can't we make some of the main characters a man wouldn't it be nice to see a man on here that's being dumped and called ugly

E Shirisha


rohit gelani


Karin Leistner

The game is fun, story is ok, not too hard to play, well balanced, but too many ads. After every game, come on, this is really not needed. It interrupts the game experience to the point of wanting to delete the game.

Obinwa Victory

Love the game

suman gautam

this is a great game

Chetan Kainth


Oralia Benavides

Like 👍 it very much.

Martina Am

not bad

christine allen

It's adictive once you start you can not stop

Carolyn Bradshaw


Sara hajian


Grant Smith

Good apart from adds being to often.