Camping Land

Author: Rollic Games

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Get ready for a new camping experience which connects you with nature; forest, fresh cut woods and a lake. Camping Land is a character based game that creates a camping area to be built and managed by you. It provides you a greenish aesthetic with a relaxing gameplay.

In Camping Land, you start by collecting woods from a woodyard and build a fire for your camper mates. As you keep collecting woods, new areas will start to unlock such as caravan sites, canoe areas, and food courts areas. Camping area grows with these features by picking up coins from the tents and upgrading them as the game continues

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 15, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Rollic Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Devin Phillips

Seems to be half finished, full of ads and after a certain point the only way to progress is to watch ads to unlock or upgrade anything.

Morin O.

Fun, but forced adds are a bit much. Would much prefer no force ads, with free options for all item upgrades. That or a cheap no ads version. The hover board is useful, but the game needs more helpers so that you can set up automation. I have not figured out what the dog is for. Washrooms are passive income. Great start, but needs a lot of work.

Rebecca Romano

Games not bad got everything opened in the first level cannot open the next island it says locked nothing more an every other step is a forced ad extremely annoying specially if I have to wait on ads for upgrades I don't watch them pretty stupid and irrelevant gives more movie time all the ads are good for I'm deleting apparently games beat I wouldn't even leave a star to many ads an no advancement but have to

Win Aye Than


Tom Gard

The lag time in controlling your player is terrible. Half of the ads designed to give you a boost end up throwing you out of the game so your benefit is lost. It is also tedious to keep moving to the precise spot to keep gathering money for everything otherwise the money just stays on the ground.

Dhama Joy Vargas

I like this game very much I love all games because I'm a good person

Chandler Parks

the ads are cringe

Robert Pemberton

I always give one star if it asks for rating within the first fee minutes. so far several adds. we'll see how it goes

amine belaziz


Nareyl Celeste

It is quite a nice relaxing game, does require quite abit of ads for upgrades and with also random ads once in a while. My only issues are the bugs where no one can use the VIP restaurant (routing) and then the waiter stops moving, and also the lack of helpers for canoe/trailers. Also not sure where to report bugs to developer in the app.

MaryLyn Williams

not fond of these type of games all you do is run around like a idiot, and I hate games with ads on the screen all the time it's annoying!

Corey Giacobbi


Dj Lauren Love

cool game to pass the time. usually these type of games are ad heavy but so far so good with this one

Kendri TV


Vicki Pearson

Fun! Adds are annoying as heck though! Also, whenever you log out you LOSE everything you've earnt on the various stations and have to relaunch them all. Seems quite unfair! Developers...please change that as it really does spoil it!!!!!

janjelle steinfurth

I want the camper section unlocked please

Felicity Simpson

fun addictive game I can't put it down not too many pop up ads those you can close after 5/10seconds

atheer sma

الألعاب التي تظهر إعلانات دون إذن اللاعب لا سيئة كثرة الإعلان تفسد اللعبة

KO Myo Gyi

good play

Adam Szentkiralyi

Annoying unwanted adds

Jannah Atikah

What should I said???

Azizi's Daugther


vladimir nikolas alforque

its good and it need some alot of improvements

Rachel Vasquez

Love this game! Unable to unlock camper grounds.

Brett Villar

Can be fun when able to play. Getting pop up ads every 30 seconds makes it's frustrating

Phil Hawkins


shakir Khan

thanks you

Charles Lawson

Too many adverts

Jacquelyn LaRonde

Ads ads ads .... somewhere between all the forced ads there is a cute game ... I think I saw it *sighs

Absolute Chaos

good game, i just don't like its ads. yes you can use ads to upgrade but sometimes ads will play automatucally, plus the game make you dizzy, so laggy, you feel like using 2gb ram phone but i have 8gb+128gb memory chips😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫

John G

Everything is maxed, waiting for the camper van section to unlock

Alpha -

Good game annoying ads.. At least give the option to pay for the game with no ads. Uninstalled :(

Dannielle Metcalf

Way too many ads

Artur S

Add every minute 🤮🤮🤮

Animal World

nice game


game is fun but wt hell, commercials non stop, every 60 seconds or so, almost ready to delet, your advetizers wont have anyone to advertize to...atleast give 3 to 5 min of game time between commercials, smh!

Timmy twotwo

sort of fun game

Judith Schumacher

Forced ads are just a big NO. The game is nice, even when you also have to watch ads to upgrade everything. The game is done in a few hours and I hope, they will open up the locked areas soon. And if there is an affordable ad-free version, you get more stars. I cant imagine why Google says 5 stars overall, there are only very few 5 star reviews, and more with 1 or 4 stars.

Mo Maulana

Man this app is full of AiDS

Diana Lerma

I was enjoying it but its a disappointment that I cant open the camper park. And I've seen other reviews that have the same sentiments.

Allison Twigg

Just way too many ads

Marie van Rooyen

Popup ads

Mark Lundgreen

Unplayable trash. Devs have never been camping.

Hani Khinkarli

I finished this game in two days only too short

raizo ezkudo

This game fun but to much ads, every 30 second u will get see ads for 5 second

Ahmed Shaher

Game is extremely laggy

unknown creature

To many ads

Balajibonam Pspk

I like this game very much

Courtney Mitchell

I love this game 🎮 ❤️ 😍

Prince Cabanela

this game is hustle too many adds

Susan Beattie

Nice game. Uninstalled due to Too many ads though. Would happily pay for an ad free version.

Jennifer Ivins

Wouldn't be bad if ads didn't pop up while your just trying to move around. Reward ads would be nice, not just random ones please.

Holly Mitchell

great game but there is no text on anything in it for me so i have no idea what is going on....says my device is compatible so not sure why the game doesnt function properly....doubt ill be playing long though it is certainly a game i would like if i didnt have to play blind.

Beau Darby

Good game but finished everything and fully upgraded can't even unlock caravans game is now a waste of space

David Bulfoni

Good game need those campers

Queen Bell

Too much of the ads that I hate

Angel Ridinger

I loved the game. It's one of the better idle clicker games but rated 1 because there is no instructions on how to get to the next stage of camper park. I have bought all the available stuff and the camper park is still locked.

mark ferlyn valencia


Rob Milo

Hope you choke on your game with your BS forced ads every 2 mins of gameplay!

Travelirz world

Nice game very interesting need to updated to have more things to do because I think its beta version

David Bulfoni

Passable when will the caravans open


Nice game waiting for more updates more space more building

Denil Sudhakaran Bethel


Stacey Mejia-Jimenez

really good

Eve Smith

I pretty much unlocked everything I could in 2 days. When will more be added? And how do I unlock camper parking?

Britkr Rreid

I really enjoy this came and can't wait to see what else is to come. I have some suggestions though the cabin area needs another helper to help keep up better with the fires and Foxy doesn't help very much picking up money, not that he needs to get it all but more help with that would be nice and maybe some offline earnings? That would be good even if we have to watch like 4 commercials for an hour of offline, because so far the ads aren't terrible. 🥳🤗

Dharmesh1234 Yadav

good game but many bugs



Judy Velasquez

I'm giving it 3 stars because the game has alot of potential, but it needs changes..I get that there were ads if you wanted upgrades, but there were too many ads during game play. Also, it took too long to open the fishing area and restaurant, I never got there, I Uninstalled

Sampan Dixit vlog

Nice games

sunnymerry merry

Is the best game ever !!!!!

horseea wana


mardush aka muds

Love this game just needs better stuff

Roberto Mateos

freeze's up to much plus expected to rate not even within 1 minute playing

Janus Sotomayor


Henry Roño

ksojs ok sbosb


It's another busy-work game with plenty of required adverts to unlock very important things. Which is why its appalling when there's invasive ads that interrupt the game on top of this.

Rochelle Jones


Tracey Truelove

Urgh. Ads every few seconds. You can't get anything done because the ads bombard you constantly. Yes, I understand their revenue comes from these ads, but does it really have to be so many?? Uninstalled

sanni bhatti

Good idea still need a lot of improvement like movement upgrades more options

Scooter Doggins


eddie Travieso

Game doesn't respond well. Gave up instead. Bye.

Tania Vermolen

Ive done everything and maxed everything out.. what now? How do I unlock the camper van site?

Grant McMeekin

How much do you make from those forced ads? $0.004 each? Let me pay $3 to never see them and you will make way more from me. This game is fun but no way I'll stick around with forced ads. On the other hand the slow grind and making people upgrade by watching a full ad is genius imo.

Jimmie Dipasquale

Please update I like this game but tired of running around the same area ill give more stars when updated

Mel B

Overall the graphics are nice. The progress to get money is slow to start so you have the option to watch an ad to get something you can't afford. The random pop up ads are not to bad. The issue for me is that the guest dont go use the bathroom. They go to the camp sleep and leave. The bathroom just generates money. The people that go fishing or canoe or to restaurant they do that 1 thing than leave. Its not realistic. And simple but I enjoyed it


Great game, relaxing and fun. But as always with these games Ads get in the way. Could do with a remove ad's option to make the game 5 star. Still addictive tho will keep on playing.

Josef Andersson

Forced ads! Stay away!

tanisha hall

none of the prices are coming up and is lagging a bit

Jerwin aivan Villanueva


Robert Reyes

Forced ads are what kills the game. Was enjoying it till every minute you get a forced ad.

Chad Fields

so far I like the game it's just for some reason some things are blank where there should be dollar amounts and I can't tell what I'm doing. I just downloaded the game too

Angela Carraway

I really like this game. But, the ads are out of hand. If you like apps where you spend more time watching ads than you spend in game play, this is definitely the game for you. Will be uninstalling!!!

richard markie

Pretty good game as I can see for now. But I wish that the helper would pick up cash too.

Barkha Thapa

this game is super cool

Heidi Williams

I like the fame but it needs more helpers and shouldn't cost so much to get the helpers. Other than that it's a great time waster

Katie Green

I love this game but like others have stated I can't unlock anymore areas

jihaa jihaa


Amber Jones

I got everything all unlock I got everything all updated and the RV lot is still locked and I got 1 million dollars

Kristy Grijalba

Way too many adds. I can not move 20 seconds without an add. Would love to try this game. Played 30 minutes and has more than 60 ads. No thank you