Camp Defense

Author: stereo7 games

500,000+ install


Camp Defense – Protect your camp from hordes of zombies

Detailed info

File size: 54M
Update time: September 13, 2021
Current version: 1.0.494
Require Android: 5.1 and up
Developer: stereo7 games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jacob Casey roblox Del Mundo

can i have admins plz

LouTheFlu LilSonic

Game easy to play 5 Star Beast game

Urich Williams

It is a decent game. But there are multiple problems that make the game not fun. I'll sya the main ones: It's EXTREMELY pay to win, You BARELY get any gems, the chest in the shop takes like 7 days to open yet gives basically nothing, and all the FUN and PROPER characters cost money. And to add the cherry on top, you added some STUPID premium for more money. You devs are greedy as HELL. This basically makes the game not fun AT ALL. I would definitely make ALL the characters free. Make it better.

Nej Gaviola

Ajaw nako pansina

Ethan Maveric Maguiat

You can upgrade your truck and collet units rate 200000000000/10

Almarai 515


Novelyn Baguio



Chill cool idea


Nice game

J Lipago

It's good


I can't seems to find the syncing button?

Mehdi Khodaee


Andrew Beaver

Negative money again! :-( Pretty fun game! Keep pumping out great content! It'll be 5 stars for sure when the negative money is fixed... Maybe just a small check that sets it to 0 if negative at startup?

Ryelle jacob Rico

Its beatiful game

Glenn Wyer

Change from 1 to 3 stars lots of things have been fixed but u still can't exit the game properly

Marc Mercado

Its all good but i need more money

Anthony Genna

Blah blah blah

Michael Metli

It's a cool game .

OX03_Giovanni Anicete

This game is amazing


this game is fun and great time killer but after update, my progress is all gone. how do i load back my progress? how to load back my progress by emailling you?


Well, I must love it


Super chill

alvin alagdon

Best game ever

Michael Ballena

Nice game

mharl kyvler


Renny Sotto

This game is good so i rate it 4 star

Devendrasingh Maurya

It's a very good game but later on it take really long time to upgrad

Ouryay Ummay

Nice game

Luke Game

Good game

john calpo

Pampalipas oras

Ark Gabriel Castil

i like this game but bad LV100

jeff gallgher

It's pretty good , a bit repetitive, and some details need clarification

Letecia Arevalo

the game isn't gready like full of ads I'm surprised you peoples don't force us to watch ads unlike the other game I like the design

nimrod caluyo



Another lame pay to play idle app.

Samuel Chin

Can u pls make a binding account so that im able to continue playing even if I change phone. Thank you

Htet Myet


Ashley Vilela

Good game

Ameen Alfahdway

Amazing game keep up the hard work

Renato Santos

Good 👍 game



Resma Katilman


Kenneth Oriendo

It is a decent game but it is boring

Donny Henderson

What's with these games wanting to charge me for a monthly membership?

Priyanka Das

Good game

Maxel Mantalaba

I like the game but it's unbalanced and the enemy deal too much damage same as upgrading it cost too much i get it that its for the defficulty but i see no option for that when i start the game i got bored by wait for the mine to give some coins and yet it's not not enough to go on the next wave

Yusleni Rusdiman


Ninnjhun Coronado

When I'm downloading the game and started playing it said Error please try again so I redownload it and still it happen

Flaco Flores

This game is good

Nancy Jackson

Very good gameplay and upgrades. Never gets boring.

Rolando Montesclaros

great game because its can be offline or online super fun

Chad Heath

Really needs a different ad than jackpocket but still a great game

Wendy Olson

Fun so far. Easy game play. Good instructions.

Richie Llamera

This game was so fun 🤩

Daniel Williams

It won't download

Kiara Murphy


Jeric Diestro


Christopher Wipperman

How many clones of the exact same game are out there?

Callyx Soldevilla

This is scary vpice i dont like it😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

Izuku Midoriya

Very awsome game

Terry Yarbrough

I made a purchase and haven't redeemed it back

Chris Underwod

Fun game

Hamed Safvat


Rein Wyne Untalan

Ok nice

Miles Legarde

Nai ko agid sin roksi nokoka naja ulok

Noty Magdy


Axel ross Onaznam

Is good 😊😊😊😊 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻♥️💗💗💗💗

Ross Addiss

Not a bad game as I was looking for an offline game and this came up been on it about a week and still playing

andrew perez

yawa si ela og si Aman baho og bilat si ela bahog oten si aman

pranav jogalekar

Nice game

John Lamkin


Cyrus Melendrez

This is my first time playing it,I was already addicted its good thanks for making this game

Jesse Pate

I like it, it's fun tower defense games are fun.

Zac Davis

Very fun and a overall good experience I would definitely recommend it

Isaiah W

It is a very good games

mike beirne

Good time killer. Addictive! But I am bored now at wave 300, when will clan button work? Is there any future developments or is this game dead now?

Hosein Mostaqel

Nice! But clan is locked

Jian Symon De Guzman

I am very addicted to this game now because its so fun and cool the zombies and heroes are so cute elly dayum

Tammy Rodes

So far I love it 😀 ♥. I played it on trip I took in the car. I also loved I could play it without having a internet connection.

John Gladean Abordo

Is ez to play

Vera Brown

Its kind of a good game just the ads look better than the real game

Josue Palacao

Nice app ❤️

Michael Higginbotham

I went from a note 20 ultra to the s22 ultra guess what my progress and purchases didn't transfer over I'm still going thru the first 10 levels to see if that is still the case

vans hank

nicw game


Very great game. Would be great to see more organization when putting things on the camp. Like by when you unlock something, because Its hard to easily find the new stuff, also could sort by damage and other stats

Wiley Champion

I just love it


The game is great, also easy to learn. I suggest can you make event for those cannot afford top up? Its to high to purchase such as SSS item. Ty!

mark craig

It takes a bit. But strategically selecting which ones to upgrade and place makes a big difference in success or failure.

Money Toon


Connor Davies

Good Game For spending Time



Devoughnique Solomon

I love this game alot

Troy Turvey


Ashton Cottrill

The game is fun but it gets boring after 3 days



Stevon Stoner

Damn good game

mark mark

nice game at all i love it


this game is cool..

Bernadette Borilla

Great game, period!

Anila Gjoka