Call of War – WW2 Multiplayer Strategy Game

Author: Bytro Labs

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Call of War – WW2 Multiplayer Strategy Game – The 2nd World War in Real-Time: MMO Strategy with epic military PVP battles

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File size: 40M
Update time: March 10, 2021
Current version: 0.102
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Bytro Labs
Price: Free
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Customer review

rayden Frissel

I love this I'm the UK I took over Paris this is so far fun

callum Brailsforddunn

Amazing game just don't like the fact AI always attack you and trade embargo you out of nowhere

Manoj Mishra

This game is sick

Minecraft_ fanoy

This game is good it actually doesn't need graphics to be good, the game play is so realistic, but you guys put the finishing touches on the game and it looked gorgeous!!!!! Anyway thank you guys for the memories you created -me

Seb Cooper


Matthew Allen Inocencio

Can you please explain to me why did my anti-air attacked a shared map allies province in the game that has been stationed there for more than two days

Alfredo Suico

Love it but the links of other yt channels said if you download the game through the link it gives you stuff so fix that

Ajay PM

Exceptional marvellous must play game in Play store. High strategy and Addictive game.

Tom Gwilliam

Brilliant game tbh, keep up with more updates I love it

Divya's DIY Decor

I love it but I can't use airbase sometimes


Its a pog game

Barbara Truan-Riojas


dioniball hd

Allies can really back stab you I was allies with russian empire and then they called the cossak republic Finland Estonia to attack me

Chris cheney

Well.. would give 5 stars but the mere fact that they are cool with racist comments is deplorable. Sad part is the game is decent, but I can't support a platform that allows others to use demeaning language and refuse to do anything about it. If your cool with some random person calling you a n#$%# or any derogatory other term for any minority than this is the game for you! Edit: Ya'll were contacted multiple times, did nothing. So hence why I have you the review, after you did NOTHING!


They say they're gonna change the Spanish flag. 5 stars I recommend It.

Ma zen

I love this game so much but actually I do have some recommendations and I hope the company takes them seriously the time could be a little bit faster and the performance of the game is not that good when lunching missiles I hope u guys can fix that ❤

yeetus deletus

Nice game but the devs just wants you to buy gold

Shilpi Sri

I liked the game a lot and was the best strategy experience I had on mobile but I wish it would be more like the pc version too!

Fenil Kheni

P2w model

Big Hash Games

amazing game


How could that be? The beta version of 2018 was better than this, now the game is loaded with unnecessary thing's that make the game impossible to play dues the lag, fix this please.

Corla Jones

Very complex but you can still succeed with surface level knowledge

Vinegary Eagle82

I play in chrome and it is amaizing, but, when i try to play with the app it doesn't work, please fix it


It's a bit laggy on high quality, but it works like no other. You can also play with friends!

Drew McCabe

I do not recommend this game to anyone.. due to the fact that the moderators are able to ban you just cause and that moderators will act biased when banning. Also the community of people in call of war is extremely toxic

Amirmahdi Fakhri

چرت 😐

Walmart Shoes

Keeps crashing

Matee Taylor

I like the that you can take actively to teammates.

peter jankowski

Awesome game


Quite good game


The game is good and all but I rather play the PC version because the mobile version doesn't include the other important details PC version have like, the Arrival time of when will a unit will reach a province from another province and the Status of the Province Morale if it's Increasing or Decreasing etc. Please add those important details the PC version have.

John Lloyd T. Manggob

I hate your historic because Everytime I click as a German empire someone have been taking its unfair time because I weak in 5:45am and until 8pm I can't get the German empire it's unfair I have Bean waiting to get the German empire


It is a good game I got used to the feature where it takes too long but I give 4 stars because we can't find our own servers and it takes a long time to find one

Drake Dragonkiller

I love the game so far, but mobile version needs bug fix

Dilshad Alam Channel

Best game for Adventure and war game . very good game 😉👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨💪💪💪

Gabriel___ Noronha

Toxic players and can't compete with people how spend money on it. Terrible game. 100% pay2win

skale jsj33

I think this game is very solid it however it's not 5 stars since unless your high ranked you can only play on map

da master of cheese

Great with friends

Andrew Rambler

This app is glichy, can you please fix it?

Theodore Karakiklas