Call of Guns: FPS PvP Arena 3D

Author: Action shooting games

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Can’t get enough of new PvP FPS action? Looking for online battles shooter games?

Well, you’re in luck! Call of Guns is an intuitive, fast-paced multiplayer with stunning visual effects and spectacular gameplay. The combat inspired by the FPS shooting! The wide range of modes, characters and skills enhancement, and the variety of locations and tactics all combine to make CoG a battle game you totally love.

Fight against other players and become the world’s warrior. You will participate in a thrilling action PvP FPS war in real time with friends from all over the world. Accept the challenge, survive and bring your team to victory!

More than 20 kinds of modern weapons for online gun first person shooter which you can upgrade, add the special bullet, modules and skins, and create more than 200 different combinations. In the PvP battles, you can use combat pistols, cool machine guns, swat shotguns, sniper AWP rifles, grenades, and other special ops weapons to destroy the enemy!

Promote your unique famous character for strike by combining a variety of abilities and equipment. Each character has a specific personality, quality and abilities. Uncover all FPS shooting games’ unique active skills, install implants providing additional passive skills, and watch what your hero is now capable of on the ground.

Call of Guns is a FPS commando game for fans of online PvP gun games. Cool optimization even for weak phones. Thrilling 3D graphics just as detailed as on PCs and realistic sound. Intuitive, customizable controls. Playing a dynamic sniper shooter has never been so easy and simple! Experience the thrill of the games, now on your phone for easy on-the-go fun.

“Team Deathmatch” — two 5v5 teams whose main goal is to gain more points than the opponent by the end of the round. Dominate the battlefield with your friends and get rewards;

“Deathmatch” — is a new cool mode for fans and your duty where there are no commands and everyone is on their own. Attack, shoot and kill robots with a cool weapon and strategy! A dynamic mode for the most advanced players in popular online PvP action army games;

“Domination” — the arena fighting between two 6v6 teams. Players fight against each other in battles. The goal is to capture all the points and keep them to the end of the round to show which team is the most powerful one in the multiplayer shooter. Choose the wars mission you like more;

This new first person war games will change your idea of PvP battles, and you’ll find out what real cool action is like! Multiple easy control: the FPS gun game offers several adventure modes for team and single combat online with your friends. On locations, you’ll find military cases like the ones in c s! Participate in battles, rank up your Battle Pass, and get access to a variety of characters, abilities, weapons, and equipment, open the Battle Royale battleground survival mode. Want to show your skill, force and test your prowess against the warriors? Download online FPS PvP shooter Call of Guns right now!

English, Russian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish.

The game requires 2 GB of RAM.

We welcome any feedback during your player experience to improve the shooter.


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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 7, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Action shooting games
Price: Free
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Customer review

AbdulHanan Macatoon

The Games Is Lot Of Fun But.. I Thought She Offline For Else But As Well The Game Look More Better Than PUBG An Game Looks So Realic And Physic I Wonder They Have A Download After Download

Jack Seif

I can t play it 1 star

Elijah Harpjr

Perfect game!! but it doesn't play offline and prompts for network connection I admit there's lots of action even enemies the art & graphics makes this even funner so I'm still checking this out!!! which is a fabulous multi-player game so great job I chose this over modern ops and that was my fav

Ashly Jonayat

Really good game if you turn off the auto aim and shoot manual .shooting makes it hard enough to be enjoyable. I think auto aim and shoot should be completely removed. You guys should change the name of your game so people don't think it's another cod ripoff because its completely different from cod. Thanks.

Yiẓḥáq Dé Sire Bey

Great game! Good solid gunplay. Hero upgrades and weapons customization. Rewarding progression system. All around a solid casual fps. The only thing missing is player stats and friends system.

David Navila

It's a good game but you should really change the name of the game because i don't see a similarities with this game and call of duty😌

Toxic Hell

Where is offline?

Dave Alexander

Y so easy seems like ai instead of real people keep U on thinking Ur doing well everybody comes in first in this game con

Liya Mekonnen

I love this game det the controls are weard for me

Mike Bauman

No controller suport...would be close tona 5 star game initially had thst option...

the l0ne wolf

It's a fun game

mr sparrow

Shame there all bots

Alexis Peralta


James Dahl

I've won 100 straight death matches but because you guys don't keep stats available there's no way for me to see that.

Sharada Kulal

For some reason it says you have been disconnected. My net is on but it still gets disconnected for no reason. I have read some reviews and even they have the same problem. You say that you'll fix it but you have not fixed it for a long time. Fix it and you might get a positive review next time


This game has alot of potential, I love the gameplay and controls, please improve on these : 1. Player profile : k/d , matches played, longest win streak etc. 2. Player name should support spaces 3. Clan features should be included 4. Friends private lobby matches features should be included 5. Character graphics Above all, very good game, will post my first gameplay on my YouTube channel : ELMITCH

Sukhvir Singh

Worst game ever you bloody fools I am irritated 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡🤬😖😖😖😖 🤬🤬


The game is good But We cant use 3 buttons at once like if i use screen ,shoot button and movement stick so its not fun for 3 fingers or 4 fingers

Thiago Lazo

Nice game nice graphics but i cant download becuz its like gb i cant download it i want this gaammeememmeem

Tawakaltu Oyekan

It is an awesome but can it be played offline

AungAung Oo

No offline games i play no offline games

Machel Bent

This game is fun no lag good graphics I would grind this game hours and won't get bored

Redentor Caraig

The game isnt really offline when ever i want to enter the game without any internet connection i cant play it. It really requires internet connection second the game buttons isnt good specially for me using 4 fingers when playing i cannot swipe the screen while shooting like lol this is the first time i play a game that cannot swipe the screen while shooting the only way to swipe the screen while shooting is swipe it using the fire button and as i mentioned im using 4 fingers & im uncomfortable


like apex


nice but the game logo sucks -_-

Xuan Hoa Dang


Ace Rhiall Caga-anan

the game is really great, although I'm having problems with the controls, like the buttons are too small for me, pls add an option to rearange and scale the buttons as well as the movement pad, I think implementing this would benefit a lot of players, it would also help me and others have a comfortable layout of the buttons for a better experience Edit: I seem to can't press any buttons other than battle, it started when a sudden pop up from support appeared when I opened the game just now

lucefar bo

So good

Samuel Sanders


azadeh sadeghnia

از نظر من این بازی آنلاین مولتی پلیر نیست چرا به دو دلیل یک اینکه نمیتونی با دوستات بازی کنی دو بازی خیلی سادس


Offline mood add 👌

Jody Lindsey

Get this game!

Jeffrey Pulver

I kept searching for something new something different for maybe two days while in between my C.O.D. and other M.O.B.A. types, coming up empty because I have played most and know, the average .....just....meh! And like a bright shining, glorious new day, I awoke with device still in hand and had accidentally installed this game, kinda cartoonish, but it's a new day, why not. I played for approximately 3 hrs straight. I am enjoying it immensely and now have a new game in my regimen.O_o

progamer AK

Add to play with friends in lobey make chat system

Phill Robinson

Neat game , great graphics , so far so good !!!

Austin LoanSome

I sincerely love this game, it's not like shadow legends of apex legends, it's more chartoonie looking, but it's really addictive and fun, no forced ads so far either and free to play friendly... EDIT: Ive run across a bug that keeps booting me, anytime I watch a video for added rewards I get a critical error saying to uninstall the game. It needs to be fixed then I'll give it 5 stars again

Janeth Basiao

Best offline shooter game ever I rate this 5 stars thanks for creating this game

hyper shock

How much longer do we have to wait for battle royale?

Niber Borah

Vvvvv good

Karl lorence Billones

This is really offline because I play this end of tutorial then she loading screen then she need data

Aloysius Lawrence Tuliba

I thought this games is offline

Bluefire Sonicfeet

The lookssz of this one looks to be gets t wooh a bit game to start with as sa fresh start to ,, many others ... Solid .. (: .

Shahil Mohammed

Worst app,lot of problems,it didn't get to open (just installed),

Justin Butler

Very fun very enjoyable

Rahevar Yaxraj

Worst game ever

Thomas Powell

It's a fun little shooting game


Here is my review make it compatible with controller because it's amazing with controller trust me also every time I play it kicks me out plz fix it and add control 🥺🥺🥺 also you guys are amazing for making the game so I'll give you two stars

Mr. Sougata Das

This is a good game , i like this game but the game has only one problem this game has been any best character. I wish.

Crimson Chin

It's such a great game I'll give you guy 4.8 of 5 cause of one thing every time I play it will lag and force me to get off and restart the game idk what it is but I still can play

Anthony Bromfield

Its not even offline

Kartik Kumar

It always says you have been disconnected internet problem but my internet is too strong I need solution

Alisha Steptoe


Teddy Cruz

Is cool and i like it very much


This game doesn't even connects to the Internet.

Dark Soul 06

Such a mofo,@@'₹+%'#"@"\ 😥 I spent thos megabytes downloading it nd after tutorial loading screen will take 1.2 Mbps but,no problem yet😀 prblm is there when loading screen is at 80 percent n it'll take litterally 0Mbps😳and it will show network error again..I tried clearing all data and restarting it but it won't work pls gimme a solution.😭😭Thanks OMG I've seen some of games they don't even reply...I appreciate ur kindness Pls fix it

Pradipta Samal

This game is best But the scope button automatically Disappear please fix the bug

james farrell

So far so good, could be great if people take interest in this shooter game and get more players to install this great fps game. The more players, the more options for the creaters, like a battle Royale version which is my favorite and specialty. Would like to see a slide button. Knocked it down to 4 stars only to find out once I reached level 30, battle royale was coming soon and not available once you get to level 30 like it said. Developers should put coming soon before you get to level 30.

HomeAloneSayhahaha Peace Still


cho cho Thain


Dragon Lock

It's a great game, well balanced. Had a good 20 games without much challenge while skill based mm kicked in. All in all a really fun game, not p2w based either. My only issue is there's not a friends/squad option, so you can't play with friends who also have the game.


Good game. Very minimal variety but still entertaining. But for a game which is not so graphic intensive, it hogs a lot of memory. Needs to be optimised. With that being said, i got this for free and haven't paid a dime, so I appreciate that and deserves 5 stars.

ET_21_10_75 Mohammad Riasat

Heeyyyyy its frustating..... cannot move directions while firing ...... it gets stuck at one direction and moves after shooting . Change this.

sameer hembram

This game does not open when i download it . Just bad experience

Prosenjit Debnath

F..., It's disconnected again and again

vida bahari

good game ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


I loved the game, but after previous season update, scope option is not functioning for me. I left the game for a season and now reinstalled, but the problem is continuing. Check that bug soon

Tasnim Faiaz

This Game Is Totally Awosome But Pls Add Offline Endless Mode.Or Pls Add Any Offline Mode.Plssssssss.

Kaung Kaung


Girdhari Girdharijanghel

Sir game ko thoda free fire jaisa banaiye please sir start nhi ho rha hai

23 W

Fun progression

Johnny Woods

OK so I played for a few hours straight and I decided to change my review. Okay so here's the deal it's genuinely fun matches can get hectic with bullets flying everywhere. Now the bad it does have a P2W aspect with being able to buy cards which allow you to open boxes and because of this epic guns at lower levels however skill still plays a roll if you use auto shoot good luck to you. I wish it had a social aspect being no way to add friends or chat and talk friendly smack. But worth a shot.


I love this game but for some reason i lost all my data all my collection i spent my money on is all lost i kindly request for all my items back

shyama murmu

Naice game

Jhastin Cultivo

This is not offline 😔

Muhd Hifzhan

Hi.this game is good but please add multiplaye rso i can play with my friend together And this game going to be more fun if you put please add this in,if you do i will 5 star rate just please add multiplayer

Nicklos McHenry

Best game I ever played. But can I give you idea for the game add a battle ro6al like on call of duty mobile with a huge map

JJ Sipes

Wow this game fantastic!!! So fluid jus amazing fun Great job on this Masterpiece...!!!

Peter Johnson

U need to install this game...!👍🏻

pes efootball


Edward Gabriel E. Atilano

I gave this a 3 star you guys removed offline mode that sucks. Pls add it back.

Tsuki Yuki

Broken game. Can't use shop, inventory or any other icons at the lobby section when i reached lv 17. Uninstalled

Pushpa Upadhyay

good game

Aman Bhatt

"You have been disconnected. "

Karl Christian Valerio

Hey i love this game but why did you guys removed the offline mode?this game suck and it has no better graphics AND THE 5 STARS ARE FAKE.....I SEE ON ITS ACCOUNT HE HAS HUNDREDS OF ACCOUNT JUST TO MAKE THIS GAME POPULAR HE IS USING RATING BOT


Fully mast game hai

Thomas Morales

I love this game to much...but why say it's offline when it's not😥

Alex Rod

This game is so much fun !!! 😃

Grimball Frampton

Will dont open every time I try and play it say that there is an error and will not load. What can I do to fix this? It is now working just had to restart my phone.

Meneme Emenem

Very good game 👍👍👍

jp Parinas

Make a offline mode🥲

Wesley Lyle

I dont like your new update it sucks cuzz you made online permanently back in 2020 it was offline i had a lot fun playing your offline game version but your latest version sucks you ruined your own game

celesther lutche

I really love the game ❤️, but when will be the offline mode be back?

Sanchez Elnidro

No profile to see games won/loss or KD. Rest of the game is pretty good, the jump system could use some work

Daniel Fernandes

Pure trash really embarrassing

Loving EatingASMR Loving EatingASMR


kmk nhi

Good game

Wangai Gitome

Best game ever

khabbab naji amrani

i admit , i have been baited into playing this . this game is irritatingly bad , graphics from the year 1998 ,everything else is outdated and ugly af ! play it and see by yourself


lagg issue

scrap metal

Standard mobile FPS experience. You had fun at the start then you get steamrolled later by people who buy microtransaction.