Calibria: Crystal Guardians

Author: Tartarus Games

10K+ install
Role Playing



1. Balance adjustment of all hero skills

2. All heroes can be upgraded to 6 Stars

3. Light/Dark 5 Stars can be extracted with diamonds

4. A strategic RPG with a high degree of freedom woven by more than 200 heroes came on stage!


The war around the sacred “holy spar” kicked off in the Caribbean continent.

The guardian of the holy crystal of the ancient Summoner family was surrounded by the enemy and had no choice.

Calibria: Crystal Guardians – Protected by the dwarven jetley from the enemy’s attack, you, as the last descendant of the guardian Saint crystal family, take the airship AK to travel with the “Saint crystal” who controls the destiny of the Caribbean continent.

“Demon or lie?”

In a world where we don’t know whether the devil did it or the human desire did it, and who wants to take it away, only one can be trusted.

Download it now and start a new adventure! Now lead the great heroes of the Caribbean continent to save the world!


[gather more than 200 heroes!]

“You can collect more than 200 heroes from five camps. The heroes of each camp have rich skills.

Enjoy the historic battle with the legendary heroes!

Free combination of heroes into the strongest team, fight with the dark forces! “

[cultivate your favorite hero skills!]

“It’s up to you to develop any hero skills!

All heroes have skill trees that can be customized.

Learn skills in battle, let heroes evolve and release various skills!

[defeat the boss through strategy!]

“Heroes belong to five camps: order, chaos, evil, light and darkness.

Choose the hero you like, let the hero and the character of roon wear it, and make your own strongest team!

After being the strongest team, you can conquer the tasks of infinite tower, main stage, arena and underground city! “

[manual? Automatic? It’s all up to you!]

“Caribbean combat, you can switch between manual mode and automatic mode at any time!

Because it can rotate automatically, you can play easily when you are busy! “

[players all over the world can cooperate and compete!]

“Hero sect, help your friends win!”!

Assist other players to fight together in the guild, and strive for glory with the goal of ranking top! “

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Update time: Sep 3, 2022
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Developer: Tartarus Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

i DExTeam

Please remove Duel with friends as a daily quest. I don't live for drama, don't want to wait for them to be online to accept my request to fight them.

แดกถูก ถูก


Luke Teeters

Can't get past stage 4 it won't load properly


Profiles seemed to have been wiped so I lost all my progress and money put in. Seems like they bought reviews as well.

walid kemmech


Ling Er

Thank you for bringing this back! im veteran player and glad this game have new updates! pls make it better.

LOnnie Guillerault

Ang software ng application na ito ay talagang madaling gamitin, inaasahan ang paggawa ng mas mahusay! ! !

Thuy Tien Duong

I'm in love

Shoemate Duff

Medyo mabuti at kapaki-pakinabang.

A Google user

Really good. I think it's great to like it! !

Ngoc Khanh Tang

Beluga :D

Stephani Sedotal

Very good, good, sana madagdagan pa ng kaalaman para maging mabuti.

A Google user

There are not many applications that are easy to use, this is one of them.

Goold Gezalyan

Napakadaling gamitin

Vo Le Do

Good app!

Aghora Kamble


Aveles Banerjee

Napakahusay, napakahusay, kahit na ang kulay ay solong, nagbibigay ito ng bagong pakiramdam

Indrarjun Sarkar

I think it really good app

Ngoan Duong

i like it

Finchum Grammatica


Choute Hyldahl

Mula noong unang beta test, magagamit din ng mga sibilyan ang software. Maganda ang software at nararamdaman ng software ang laban. Medyo mahirap gawin ang ganoong bagay sa China.

ANH Phan

Vary good project

Siegrist Tilda

It's worth using. Not bad

Tridib Sarkar

Good app cal :))

Kniceley Serey

Magkano ang impormasyon doon? Napakahusay

Jagan Yadav

It's good 8 like it

Minh Tran Bui

The best!!!

Isip Dzinski

The resources are very rich, it is good and useful,,,

Sheil Lista

Nice and cool app

Ngoc Anh Trinh

Great experience

Monzo Kinning

Kung mas malakas ang function na ito, mas mabuti ito.

Gunaketu Khatoon

Enjoying my time

Mckissic Jaarda

Maaari mong gamitin ang lahat ng mga bagay nang hindi gumagasta ng isang sentimo, ngunit ito ay tumatagal ng oras, maaari kang makakuha ng libreng mga diamante araw-araw, ang software ay hindi sumasakop sa memorya, hindi nagkakahalaga ng kuryente, maaari ka ring makinabang mula sa pag-hang up, tulad ng

Hue Hoang

I got groomed

Flower Carlene

Ang interface ay simple at maganda. Ang pag-uuri ay makapangyarihan. Maliit na paggamit ng memorya. Isang napakahusay na software. magrekomenda! ! ! !

Firoz Nath

Best chatting app ever

Sabdarasimahesvara Ram

i can talk to all my friends

Minh Van Vu


Khue Pham

good game

Reactor Type

A major disappointment the other version 9f the game that I had would not kick me out every single time I tried getting into my old account or even starting a new one with this version.

Nijad Bahnam

This a turn strategy game where you collect heroes and then upgrade . It isa nice game to spend some down time and keep you entertained.

Chris Drost

Enjoyable, but expensive.

Avita Kamble

Best app but no update notice 😂😂😂

Avajita Yadav

Bestlingomate 🤩🔥

Pummill Tenore

Yes very good :)

Sarcia Greenlow

Yes very good :)

Mo Bui

Yes very good :)

Athiya Ram

better than whats app

Asruta Acharya

It'slingomate what can I say

Codispoti Zillman

A really good app

Ashraf Acharya

Superb ....

Hackbarth Spivack

A really good app

Thien Tu Duong

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Arsya Ram

So good app and i see nfsw

Shrigley Nichois

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Arha Behera

This app is great

A Google user

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Waugaman Kennemuth

It works now and its great

Archit Devi

Best app for talking,chat and gaming

Anirudhha Thakur

I like because i earn from it

Dubourg Avants

#wake up devansh

Amitrasudan Sharma

COOL I'm 5 years :>

Akand Ram

Can take a bit getting used to but I think it's a great app

Sartoris Munn

Love the app.

Aghat Singh

Awesome app

Agapito Kumar

Good apps

Criscuolo Lamberty

Love the app.

Nguyen Thanh Chau

Love the app.

Anamitra Lal

Best.lingomate is something everyone should have.

Acchindra Lal

Very good.

Minh Canh Ho

No ads, so its cool.

Scribner Winchester

No ads, so its cool.

Grambo Skura

No ads, so its cool.

Abhisneha Behera

It's great.Thats all I gotta say

Opie Allnutt

Some problems in yggdrasil.

Grayer Guys

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Abhinava Patel

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Rappley Elsinger

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A Google user

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Abha Singh

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Aahlaadith Prakash

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Pallav Sarkar

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Gehling Serrell

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A Google user

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A Google user

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Padminish Prakash

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Padmesh Thakur

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Padmalaya Yadav

Best messaging app ever!😊


Best messaging app ever!😊

Padmalaya Thakur

that great

Violett Marthaler

Best messaging app ever!😊

Dan Reed

I found this game to get boring very quick.

C C (Likenew)

When I finally decided to open the app, it said to touch here to start. I did.... It loaded so I put the phone down for a moment.... Picked it up "touch here...." so I did again, loading...... Touch here! This happened 4 times before it finally actually loaded. Went looking for friend codes and I see this is an old dead game turned into a phone game and money grab. Yea, uninstalled, plenty of bugs and for those people that lost money.

Anthony Lotus

So far so good