Buriedbornes -Hardcore RPG-

Author: ohNussy

500K+ install
Role Playing


“The oldest and most abhorrent Prophecy has become reality.
This is endless and merciless warfare for Buriedbornes, army can revive forever.”

# Easy to play x Hard to survive

Buriedbornes is Hardcore. Dungeon RPG.
Choose job and challenge the dungeon.
Pick equipments and skills, defeat terrible enemies.
You can enjoy strategy and difficutly with synergy of equipments and skills.
And “Choosing” is most important in the Dungeon.
Are you ready for deadly battle and ending this unprecedented disaster?

# Warfare for Buriedbornes

Heroes can not revive forever.
Dead heroes and their belongings will be lost.
However, they will become “Roaming dead” for your next enemy.
Alternatively, you will earn any supply from them.
You can remain your message for their corpses. And you will receive message from others.
You can collect “Soulstones” to buy many special jobs.

# How to play

– Create your hero.
– Choose room and move in dungeon.
– Choose skill and defeat enemies.(Turn-based battle)
– You will be forced to choose for event or drop items.
– You can progress floors by defeating floor boss.
– Kill “Ancient overload” at 10F!

# You can play Buriedbornes in PC Web browser.

* Official Site

# Used Materials

化け猫缶 素材屋

# Copyright
The author of Buriedbornes is ohNussy and all copyrights belong to Nussygame.
Distribution of Buriedbornes other than Google Play, AppStore, and mogera.jp is not allowed.

Detailed info

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Update time: Jun 2, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: ohNussy
Price: Free
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Customer review


Don't pin as offline game if this must have any network online

210 long

Turnbase game with decent development. I love the way u guys respond to my bug report, fast and professional

Black Oni

Yo I love this game...balancing yes, the Re roll on abilities should also be looked at considering I re roll and I get the same thing I just tried to get rid off, or I just seem to get one type of ability and the ones I have using are un upgraded and lacking when I reach further down. I gave a 4 star because regardless I'm still having fun thought I have to admit it's frustrating



Don Humaid


Bradley Harding

In regards to mobile games, there is no bet one than this, whether you play for 5 minutes or 5 hours, there is enough to last for countless hours, where the only reason you tend to stop is due to irl obligations. I think that, whilst some characters are better than others, and almost completely unfair at some points, it is a game with endless replayability- finding what playtime suits you best and making the best run you can make with what you are given. I wish I could write more 95/100

Dana Pratt-Hague

i love this game, the translations bring me joy


I really love this game but I have a big problem right now, a message appeared saying something about problems with the old server, now I dont have any saved data and I lost everything. :( I was a veteran, I even have the 14 game achievements from google play, I need help :c


Great game just wish you could end your turn instead of having to use all your skills

Bernard Acosta

My review before was meant for bot battle, somehow ended up here, all that aside I love this game, had to get a new phone so I am restarted but that is okay.

Callum Wilkinson

Very interestesting so far!

haze beats

small fonts, bad interface. overrated.

Adam Stevens

Way too often you can get caught in an inescapable loop. I once got hit with a cooldown debuff that made ALL my skills cooldown at least one turn. There is no end turn button, you have to use skills that end the turn or have a cooldown or zero. Since all my skills were on cooldown now, including the one that WAS zero until the debuff, there was nothing I could do. You can also have your stuff stolen, which is a HUGE disadvantage. This game needs to be balanced way, way more.

Jeremy Beltzhoover

Very straightforward&fun...no b.s(buy this, that; ads. .

Tom Burns

It's fine. It tries to be a soulslike menu based jrpg and it mostly succeeds. It just needs a lot of balancing and translation work. They do inform of needing translators, however the balancing needs a lot of help. It's unbelievably frustrating to be in a good run and get locked into a never ending battle with something that can't kill you, but can increase the cool down of all skills faster than the turns pass, so it's an infinite loop of watching your cooldowns constantly go up.

Anime saiko

best game

Optimus Prime

Not bad. Really enjoyable kinda reminds of the Wizardry games.

caes ium

Seems cool

Nunya Bidness

This game is very fun, reminds me of Slay the Spire but with spells instead of cards.

Giorgos Autias

Right now is an overall ok chill game although I can see a lot of potential and updates in the future so I rate it hight


Really original and refreshing gameplay.


peak game.

Krisnata Dharma

Best roguelike game ever

Thomas McDonald

Honestly such a decent phone game. Its an awesome way to kill time, with great replay value. I've been playing this on and off for years, and it's still fun.

Patrick Ruffell

Love the amount of customizing.

BK Kantu

Great game to play while waiting for time to pass by.

Andy Phasayaseng

This game is a hardcore dungeon crawler! Your characters do not respawn when killed which makes the game very challenging. The longer you live, the stronger you become! You also don't need to spend real money to start unlocking the other classes as you earn soul stones by completing challenges and progressing through the game. As of now, my only complaint is some translation issues. It doesn't affect gameplay and I know they are hiring and it can't be helped. At least they are working on it!

Jess Turner

Giving it 5 stars because 4.5 isn't an option It's an excellent turn based roguelite text dungeon crawler. If you're into stats and strats it's an excellent game. The only issue is the translation is slow coming so it's super confusing at times as an English only American. I'd never casually recommend it tho, because this game requires a lot of outside research to understand


Back after a couple month and this game changed a real lot , for example there is no controller button that allow us to connect to Google play games anymore Instead the game is automatically connect. Im glad still got my account Marina but couldn't connect to the Google play games + it say ERROR! SDM-PLT-001 No Data! For no reason and I couldn't connect to the game server... This is so messed up and there is no Syndicate so pros just keep quiet... I wish we could get that controller back

Justin Hopkins

Amazing game highly recommend

Bj Baloco

A nice game very challenging for fresh start, but I've noticed in versus you can't heal yourself but it went to the enemy instead you're character healed dam I can't killed even single at versus lots cheated in this game this is zero star btw.


It's great!

Caleb Brewer

Best game on the phone

I Dunno

So freakin good. Deep Rogue/RPG system. Tons of characters to choose from. No 2 runs are the same. Absolutely must try this banger.

Jesse Richards

This game is fun and addictive

Dath Mach

One of the few mobile games that has substance in it beyond trying to get you to pull out the credit card.

Jason McNeal

Good game 👌


Very fun


Awesome game

Agent Sin

Some of the ui and language can be confusing but you can still have fun. Would totally recommend trying.


Fun turn based exploration

Ryan Smith

Simple but fin.


Super fun

Daniel Hutto

Great roguelike RPG, super fun, and my only gripe with it is it's hard to learn and understand. On the other hand learning as you go has it's own charm to it.

patrick leary

Very fun an addictive, just please re-work golems lmao

Yam Tomohiro

A cool roguelite, simple yet very fun, give it a try and see for yourself.

Janetty Mojilin

Like the name suggest: this game is hardcore. It made me fealt remorse to my character. But I love the challenge. I can easily brag about my victory on any of the dungeon if I win.

EIN Torpid

A very good RPG which doesn't force ads on you. Highly reccomend.

Igor Vicente

Ótimo jogo

Mario Martin

A whole new experience of dungeon exploring!! 6 stars !!! Oww, no room for it.. 5 stars !!!

MeerKat Phantom

Just absolutely love it.

Axel Mercado

A solid game, really, this game is a great time killer and the gameplay loop is solid. When you play it for the first time it can be pretty jarring, but after a couple runs you feel a sense of gratification once you know what to expect.

Robert Luna

Great game, not so fond of disposable items. Left/right dugeon crawler roguelite. Begin, choose disposable power up, run floors, power up, die, keep permanent abilities, begin again to face harder monsters. Would install again.

Dino Tiongson

Love it

Antonny Tan

great offline simple RPG

Max Naysay

The best

Zoe Dee

Game always force close sometimes when enter another floor :( . And the translation is not fully 100% :( . Cmon dude ! You can do better

Kin Lam

Fun, simple turn based with lots of depth.

Ice Mario

I reinstalled this not knowing that I had done so. Started a new character, a bit excited due to the top reviews. Finally, into the map mode where you select paths into combat or treasure. I got horrific flashbacks to the unmarked graves of well-buried memories and thought to myself, "I think I've played this game before." There were early signs, if I had to consider it. They say, "hindsight is 20:20." I immediately uninstalled and ran to the 1☆ reviews. It all feels so familiar now. Peace.

Joseph Peterson

Good game. Give it a try.

Aaron Champion

Brilliant fun. Deeply satisfying.


Stuck at loading

Caden Supple

Probably one of my favorite games I ever found on the app store. I've had it on my phone for years. Even after little breaks I'll get back on and remember why I wad addicted. The combat is simple yet fun, with interesting attacks that you can make insanely powerful. The character choices are interesting and almost all worth a try. The labyrinth is just something that makes you wanna try to go further every attempt. Overall my favorite mobile game and I hope you guys keep adding more cool content


Really awesome unique game compared to most on the app store. Very nice old school vibes. Spending so much time on it. Love it.


Forever loading user data 0%. I surely will not create a G player account for your little game. I would love to crush some greedy asian data miner like you in rl. You should better watch your back...

Pat Deen

I'm enjoying this one a lot. If you enjoy creating characters and playing with builds, this is for you. A simple turn based game with simple combat but a lot of different ways to build your character. By the time I die, I'm already exited to try a new build.

Theodore Georgiou

I am gonna be honest I got this game for the heck of it, and because i wanted something to play. It is a really good rogue like with a lot of good classical elements. And i recommend it wholeheartedly. What i didn't expect however is how you unlock the new characters. Or that there were any. You unlock them through cutscenes. And they are amazing. They tell legit stories you should read through. The dragoon and the saint made me feel things. Thank you.

Leshka AkhseL

This would be the best phone game I've ever played if it had a better translation and a bit more transparency on what's going on. Having debuff icons or a combat log would be superb.

qwe ewq

I like it and fun game.

Corpse Party

Dungeon crawl type game, not half bad

Brian Trinh

A nice simple game you could blaze through. Refer to online resources for in depth documentation on all the jobs, skills, items, and such things. Purchase the miner job before getting anything else or you'll have to grind a while to get anything else.

arvin gigante

It's a great game. There's just a lot of untranslated content. It have a great potential. Also, the game wasn't properly explained.

Jonathan Brouwer

The game is only half translated and when is translated is poorly done. This makes it hard to learn the game and to figure out the new updates and events. I also spent some money on the game and then after not playing it for a few months I lost all of my data.

Cameron Boyd

Love it. Each character gets one shot so don't get attached but there is a way to add permanent buffs to your classes. The events and encounters are interesting, the sprites are well made and creative, the monsters look sweet, and there are countless items and skills! I wish there was more on an inventory where you could switch equipment on the fly but i guess it's just not that kind of game ;) highly recommend this game, i am loving it. Update: it's been four years and I still love it. Big fan!

sky richardson

Hi I love the game but my save file got deleted due to the servers switching and I had to start all over :(

Akuma Tsubasa

much better than their newer games. would love to see it on steam and with more content

David Gaston

Fun D&D turned base style game, great for solo play if you want a D&D experience with the stats and everything, Update 2022: It's a really amazing gamez neat graphics for that old school feel, astounding soundtrack and great combat style, and cool gearing system for level ups, definitely worth a try for those who like final fantasy or d&d!

Beverly Draper

Never could play game downloaded many updates, cleared cache, crashed at user data or something of that sort.

FireStar DMGeneral

Pretty cool simple and forward and kinda addicting


Awesome game.

Obama Spiegel

I enjoy it but highly inconsistent. Die a lot early due to enemies being impossible to even damage... Sometimes instantly killed

Adonis Loved

Love the game honestly. It's great during breaks and you can always load it right back up.


No idea what is going on

Jose Villatoro

You ever just open the right app

Mercedes Mortem

It's a rather nice rpg dungeon crawler, y'know.

mattia rebecchi

An amazing game to play, not only it's a game where it's not necessary to spend money to play (all the function are unlockable playing) but is also usable ofline

Elijah Smith

Just dope honestly


Git Gud

Femi Aboderin

The game is fun but it freezes or crash while playing

James castonguay

Addictive... Die a lot but can't stop...

Decker Miles

After changing my review after so many years Pros I like this game I'm able to play this while I'm waiting for my classes start The system for the game is a little hard to get a hang of but when it works i feels good The art style and sound is beautiful Cons The learning curve is hard Some words don't make sense To get any items is eather pay to get or grind for days Some of the parts your character auto fights (not sure it's a bug or mechanic) The amount getting item and skills are almost 50/50

Tayathe Slaya

Amazing just need a way to earn gold shards please.

Clevin David

I'm a gamer so I recommend this Enjoyable offline game. GOOD job for this game developer I really like it this game. So many role that we can try in the game👍😁😉 full support here guys

Cedric Juneau


P. Mark



Great game love it kinda confuse but still great 10/10

Nathan Mangum

2nd best app for Rpgs

Shane Reed

Fun and addicting game. Basically a dungeon crawler. Already spent 6+hours playing. Edit* My last review was in 2019 and This game is still exceptional and I am still loving new builds and monsters! Great game!

c b

Excellent. grimdark-lite exterior and style, solid music tracks and a few of them, short but succinct and interesting lore tidbits; The meat, oh my the juicy rpg meat there's so much numbers and nice colors on the effects and diablo-quality sfx and like 27 quite different classes (they have different equipment types and stats, different starter skills, 'race bonus' stats and fit a variety of playstyles, lots of shiny different currency to buy said classes for free, tweak stats..f2p!! P2skin

Meh Di

Great surprise! I'm gonna spend some hours on it. A bit odd at first when we are not used to this type of games, but a real treasure after the first 30minutes EDIT: 4 years later and I'm still a big fan of the game