Bunker: Escape Room Horror Puzzle Adventure Game

Author: Euphoria Horror Games

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Bunker: Escape Room Horror Puzzle Adventure Game – Search and craft items, solve puzzles to escape the maniac! 💀

Detailed info

File size: 156M
Update time: April 5, 2021
Current version: 1.1.6
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: Euphoria Horror Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Amreen Khan

Did euphoria games just sales this game to you But why 🙁?

Karthik vibes Telugu

Waste game

Anirudh B R

Not really impressed with the storyline. Could have made it way better than what it is. The interfacing of the game is horrible, wish the character was free movement instead of clicking here and there to move. Puzzles made sense, so that's great. But at the same time, it could have been way more nicely made. AND ADS ARE TOO MUCH MAN! THERE'S ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSES FOR THE AMOUNT OF ADS YOU PUT. Let's see if you can bring in a change in the game in future updates, until then, here's 2 stars!

Peggy Dutton

I was really enjoying this game but the ads are ridiculous! And I'm stuck on chapter one level 3 it freezes up and refuses to let me go back to the body

Friendly Facts Tamil

I dont like game because we cant move and there is no story and differnt chapter why you are wasting in devolping such a worst game , i like your all games except this ,i will reccomend all your games except this,thank you.

rommel ibabao

This is Funny!the last picture says find your wat out

Thenix plays channel

Good work.

Melissa H


J Ellicoe

Unplayable because of the ads really. I don't mind some ads for free content, I appreciate they are needed, but this was just too much!

Electric V Gaming

This game has no enemy 😭but still this game is good.

Gloria Mccardo

Please add a joystick and a 3D graphic ok?


geez i got nothing but goosebumps in this game love it 10/10,if yall are going to make a sequel could u make it with less ads?

Subhash Grover

Pls add level 5

Bud Metts

Great game!

Shuntavious Woods


arnema vlog

Worst game ever nothing to do.. could not understand anything

River Nelson

This game was awesome please make more

Paul Clarke


ShuZ Gaming

The game is pretty boring because it's entire puzzle game unlike a walking around game to experience a horror part this game is entirely for a puzzle gamers i'm aftering adventure games overall you tried your best plus the game is buggy i didn't complete the first chapter and stucked on the locker area and after restart it unlocked chapter 2 for no reason the first chapter is a bit buggy i think you should check it out

Nouman Iqbal

Really worst

Shubham Pandey

Really love this game. It has great puzzles, and requires lots of logic + common sense. I used the hint/sixth sense feature in level one only. In other levels, I completed them with my mind. If you want fun in this game then please don't use the sixth sense part because it help you to solve the puzzles. Waiting for other levels.

Kishore Kishore

We want death park 3

Anathi Ma anny

About this game is super scarry and fun but the problem is it doesn't want to play in my phone

Ridgerunner 66

Ads were CONSTANT before paying. Never experienced bombardment like this. Was wanting to find a worthy escape game i hadn't played yet but didn't cost an arm and a leg, so I paid the $2.50 to get rid of ads. Game crashed alot. Had to turn brightness up all the way in order to see anything which took away all the atmosphere. No storyline, just moving from room to room. Lots of "number" puzzles. Then much to my surprise it came to an abrupt end after a measly 4 levels!! I just feel ripped off.

Տᑌᑎꀤᒪ K͙u͙m͙a͙r͙

I think this is also will become very popular. I can't take out any mistake as this game is free of cost and also minimum ads. But a very small kindly suggestion from me to this creater is please next time make a option so that we can actually walk (by joystick) as it make us to feel like we are ourself walking. At last great game. I give you 5 stars as u deserve this. "thanks for providing us free game"

Mohammad kaif Toor


Kim Curwen

Edit: I'm not sure what level but it's where I need to make a net to get the key. I'm not stuck, I know what to do, the whole game has just frozen. Was great until it froze and now won't let me do anything even after a restart. It's because the "seeing eye" wants me to put the saw in the combine but I've already done that so have no saw anymore but it won't let me progress without doing that. I can't move or anything. Frustrating.

nicky thompson

Absolutely disgusting! I had not even got the game going and two adds had already been and gone, I think its disgusting how you dupe people into downloading a game only to rob them of any expectations by inundating them with adds. Pathetic! If I could give you way below zero I would, but in order to leave this right here I have had to give you one star lol. A waste of time, DO NOT INSTALL THIS JUNK!

Mr. Raiden

Maybe good I think

yogesh biddappa

This game cant play propurley its going to main menu

Bryan Butler

Too many f'in ads

fanashia 23232

Too dark


Wow! This game is also well developed! I got good news for you developer! I have told all my friends and lots of people on among us to download your games. They are giving it rave ratings!!! And for me ill also give a rave rating.

Angel Alam Mir

Hey! The reason i gave this game a bad rating is beacause there isnt really that much action. And i know you guys make much better games then this i mean im just that kinda guy that likes action so yeah. Sorry but anyway there is nothing wrong with the gameplay i just dont like how the game is but yeah if you made it like other horror games where walk around trying to find items to help you escape and fight the enemie anyway yeah bye.

Elijah Obua

I dont like this game

The Michael Brooks and Puppet show.

Another awesome game! I like the awesome puzzles, the graphics, and the gameplay! I hope this game will be a success like all of your another games! Thank you for making this.

Noshin Badian

Good 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


This game is good but its not what im used to from you guys but i still liked it

Rajesh Welly

This is the best game ever I played the puzzles are very hard and very nice I like this game very much ☺☺😀

Jesse wilson

hey euphoria games make new updates bunker games so need be shop got 1.1 today update please euphoria games please thanks you euphoria games make update on bunker games