Bunker 21 Survival Story

Author: Moon Tean Studio

1M+ install


The main character finds himself in a situation where it is impossible to find a way out without your help!
Help him make the right decisions, overcome all the puzzles and unravel the mystery of the Scientists’ Bunker!

In the game you will find an interesting and exciting storyline in the spirit of classic quests and adventures, simple puzzles for attentiveness and ingenuity, an abundance of enemies and various monsters, the presence of weapons, as well as resource management.

According to the plot, the main character finds himself in a world where a virus is raging, giving rise to mutants and destroying people. He has to find a secret laboratory, fight with many different creatures and figure out what is happening.

Friends, this game was created by one person. If you like it, you can write your review so that I understand that I should continue development.

The main thing in the game is that this is an adventure quest based on solving puzzles, exploring the game world, as well as various interactions with objects.
Each level has its own unique goal based on solving puzzles, shooting enemies, movement speed and so on.

In the game you will find:
– Interesting story!
– Lots of puzzles!
– Offline passage of the story campaign!
– Atmosphere of adventure!
– Survival in the Zombie world!

You can play without internet!

Hope you enjoy the game!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 22, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Moon Tean Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Steffen Hau

At first it made fun but my tools randomly disappeared and now I can't continue the game because my screwdriver is gone and I need this tool to open a box.

Damaris. De la rosa

You should add more characters and not make them die please more weapons

Julie Ledesma

Cool game😁

Arch Moore

This game is a lit 🔥


It has a great story for a mobile game and the amount of hours I spent on the game is unimaginable because of how difficult the game is, later on.

John Mark Manlambus

Please fix the keyboard and mouse function. The mouse is not working.... Great game by the way, one of my fav survival story games now....

Reyven Balogasan

Best game I've ever played

B52 Cats

Loved this game it makes me feel badass

Nibedita Das

Wow This game is creative

Adit Afrilianto

Good game. We need more episode of this game!

andrew will will be mario

Great game, great story, managed to beat it somehow, hard game, super challenging. I got frustrated and raged quit somehow, just leaving the bunker was hard, the ending was a meh just sailing away, and I swear there was a bunker 22, when tpying it in the search bar it appeared, and I also played. Where did that go?

Karthik kp

Excellent ⚡️⚡️

Joseva Lacanikaibau

Too good of a game. The story is really what kept me interested in the game. Keep up the good work

Abdullah Azam

Very gòooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood game

Liam Van Schalkwyk

Dude this game is the best game I have ever played but could you please tell me how to get through the sewage system please 🙏🙏😀

Michael Evans

Best game I have played on playstore so far.

Saneesh SS

Very nice game!! I completed all chapters ♥️

supun sandeepa

පට්ට ගේම් එක

Christian Hanson

I don't expect this game to finish this long. I like it. The story is quite okay, but it kinda confuses me. One time there was a mutant then super bacteria then tech viruses? Story aside, I specifically dislike the flying vehicle thingy, firstly the fly button is too sensitive, secondly it runs out of fuel too quickly, lastly the checkpoints are pretty much useless since there is no pause after the ad so the flying thing directly crashed after the ad, so I was forced to do it from start.

Eliane Thermidor

I don't know what bunker bunk'd


Absolutely loved it. I didn't feel like anything was missed. If there is a Bunker 22 coming out, I definitely can't wait

Snehal Patil

Cheap game i went to moscow after following the diary of gas station and now my screwdriver is suddenly vanished not even in backpack nor storage 😑 suggest something i cand continue my game


The game was very fantastic.I love the story and excited for the bunker 22

Marc Abraham A. Salcedo

love it

Baatar ganaa

It was really good game i need more game and finale there s one note that is you studdio give us be fast i will be waiting for the bunker 22

Mohammed Faizal

I just love this game 😍🥰

fahim rahmat

This game is the most great game in the world you can drive and you can drive a plane or something I forgot the name this game is so scary but fun I would like this game to continue because it's the best game

Tayo Omoluwa

The Truth it is so good and great

amy melendres



This game is really great, the story and the atmosphere are really great

Emon Emonhgvhg


Tom Wilson Rizalda

I would like to rate this game 10 stars if it's only possible, i never thought this game is such a masterpiece.

Aniruddha Guha

Loved the story and the game play. The user interface is easy and simple to understand. Graphics are good. Waiting for Bunker 22

Christ Galangera


SENTHIL GANESH Balasubramanian

It's a little hard

Loes van den Berg

this game is great, seeing you made it on your own is very impressive. I enjoyed playing it, the story was great, some parts i was really lost in the puzzles and finding objects but thats part of the game, the excitement when finding the things or solving the puzzles. It's just great, i cant wait to play Bunker 22 :)

Shaheer Malik

It was too awesome game I have ever played. It is so much interesting

Prankraz Groß Scholz

It's a good free game. You just need to improve the control scheme, the graphics is bearable. I'd rather have this graphic style than a horrible story.

Ema State

Sorry my bad it was notting.😅

Jeremy Lehman

Was a cool little game. Loved it

black rose lady


Google Account

As a one man to develop this game you have done a great job fella and i appreciate it also flying machine was a difficult for me abut after some tries i did it and i am really hoping to see what is next for us into bunker 22

John Paul Palaganas

Very great for passing time. Finished the game the whole day. After entering the portal, the story changed and it's somehow similar to half life alyx. I'm very lucky that I don't need to wait for bunker 22 to be released

Meek Airplane570

When I entered the portal, it really broke my heart.

Rabia Hadjersi

Mannnn such a great game


Hey can you make more game like this even it's a simple graphics I'm satisfied with that.Its so good a survival game with a good story and adventures, I hope they make a game this good. I like it very much.

Bad King

Best game for those who scared to play horror games its not that scary or creepy and i enjoyed this game to to the fullest thank you

Hot Potato

Great story and gameplay! Can't wait for bunker 22

mark paulo badajos

good storyline

Villota Justine Khier Ruben C. Villota

Nice game

Jack Fox

This game is truly a unique game in the vast world of mobile games. This game is very extensive but never fails to give you a challenge. You meet many characters on the way and there are multiple plot holes that add up all the fun and excitement. This game takes my No. 1 for best mobile game and I hope this game developer continues on to create many great games like this. This game is truly like no other and I adore it for that.

Advait Suratran

Very nice game. I liked it so much.it is so nice game. Everyone play this game at once

Aldy Agung

Awesomeeee! Can't wait for next chapter...


Very Nice Story . Best Story Game Ever Played .



sharvil Sawargaonkar

Like this is really good game can't even believe that this type of game would be available on phone


It was a pretty decent game kept my interest peaked and was difficult at time I really enjoyed it and iam the farthest thing from a gamer I actually think this is the first game I have ever completed

Ato Galarza

loved the game. found some grammar errors and stuff. sometimes it was hard to actually hard to understand what to do or what did the game tried to communicate. hmu if u need help with it, i can help with translating some stuff

L. D. S.

Im proud of you. I dont now how but this game is so grate👏👏👏. I'm finally done I love the gameplay the story is awesome ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐👏

Eyna Martushev

Enjoyed it alot. The story was good too. Didn't finish the final chapter as it wouldn't load. Pretty disappointed there:/

under coverman

Sooo coool but when is bunker 22 gonna be out i just finnished it and was preparing for the final fight

Kamikaz AN

استمر !

Varun Kumar

Great game

nalejade canuza

I really like the game but i suggest to add crouch and jump button also enter exit vehicle and open world free roam mode

Denas Strelčiūnas

Very good game, i liked the Kenopia feeling


It's so cool

Ajdin Butković

Amazing experience. Great work!

marc justin angelo



Nice graphics and feel, couldn't find the addiction to play again...

Mg Ezung

Best game I ever played... I hope they make a bunker 21,2(part2)..i wish

Eyad Mohamed

Very good game

Abinash Patra

This is the best game I have ever played. Finally I completed this game today. This is an addiction.......👍👍👍👍👍👍........ Hopefully waiting for "BUNKER 22"

shadowsyus Sentry

ya cant add a premium to this cmon man its such a good game tho gamepad could use mapping


It was a great experience while it lasted, at first I thought there was something wrong with the sewer area with the crawling enemies, but I was just stupid all I had to do was look up at the end of the area to leave, overall a masterpiece for what it was

Risima Mathebula

I did not play the game yet so yeahhhhhhh ill rate it 5 star for now

Artist Raj

Superb Game With Interesting Story Line And Nice Mechanics,It Amazes Me By Experiencing This Masterpiece Made By A Single Person, Finished This Game A While ago And Going For Bunker22 I Hope I Would Experience This Same Experience In That Installment Or Maybe More And Hats-off To The Developer Keep-up The Good Work.I Wish You Would Create More Games Like This....


It was a total rollercoaster of genres in the games and story was very interesting to play👌 I recommend it if u like adventure and roleplaying also overall 👍👍

Vennuss Cabrera

I love the game and I just beat it and I wish you were done with bunker 22 I would definitely play it even if it was still Russian

Melusi Zondo

Best game felt like I was watching a movie.


Fantastic game I like it I have tab 3 lite but my dad buyed me a j7prime2 so I quickly downlowd it and played last chapter so keep on doing fantastic apps bunker 21 company and also we need bunker 22 fast becuse I am excited to see it

Luis Retanal


Alexander Leonov

It has no "game save" function, and every time it needs to star over and overfromtye beginning.

Dannii-Leigh Topley

Great game! Really enjoying myself so far but i've been stuck fighting the fore mutant for more than an hour now and i'm really unsure what to do as i literally can't kill it. Any tips?

Luna Padhi


nam nam

Really good game 👍

Mohd Ubaid

Best game I have ever played Nice work bro 🙂

tay za

Very good story and simple game My type of game

David Junior

The game is awesome

كريم أبو المكارم

Well . It is the best offline survival game I have ever played . Pls make another chapter just like someone (bot) came to help me then our car stopped and we came out together . It is just the beginning.

Евгений Балакин

Очень интересно и очень достойно. Просто браво

Faris faris


Millen Natalea


Ronan Rodrigues

Was an awesome journey....i really liked the plot and everything good job ..the flyer mission was difficult and addictive like flappy bird and all the best for the next project looking forward for it

Alexander Bradley

Desperately need better customization for controls and a sensitivity increase, I lt took me 7 seconds to completely turn around.

Josep Yule

It's good but I don't know how to jump so I got stuck in where the gasoline

dummy account

It's so hard to use the machine flyer!

aries fernandez

This is not ah RPG GAME this is ah puzzle game and a RPG GAME are fighthing games

Rey Allen Buday

Nice game bro!

Farida yasmin

Best ofline survaival story game

Mausam Acharya

This game developer knows what he want to do and do it perfectly👍