Bump Pop – Drag and drop to throw ball & enjoy the feeling of cloning!

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Update time: Aug 5, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Fırat Arslan
Price: Free
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Customer review

Marshall Deupree

The ads make for this game are misleading and make it seem a lot more exciting. The game despawns balls to give you fewer points. There's never a satisfying payoff to any of the levels. Not even worth the download, especially since it shoves ad "opportunities" down your throat. Also, that leaderboard most likely isn't real.

Craig S. Howard

So after every level the game causes the screen to become unresponsive. Coulda been good, but it is garbage instead.

Naveen Bhati

Very bad experience while playing game . It lacks so many times

Shawn C.

If you can stand the ads, it's fun. However once you climb to the number one spot, it starts to glitch. Cannot get past the level.

Jennifer Cook

Was GREAT.... until the VISA ad comes on and doesn't go away, which makes it impossible to go to the next level. Disappointing.

Jahshaune Stewart

I just like to double things

Joey W

I hate it it literally sucks I can't even go literally on to the next level I have to exit out the game and go back into it so I can get to the next level and plus the ad sucks

jeremiah hosler

Fun untill the pop ups wont go away especially the Visa one without an x to clear it every level since level 450

Charles Curtis (DirkRainmaker)

It's a nice game. I don't mind ads to play free. But they run a banner ad in middle of the screen, can't move it, can't close it, and it does not do anything (no music or video), but it freezes everything. I'm not sure how long it lasts, no timer, but after the 3rd time, I just close game. I hoped it was error or hiccup, but waited 3 min 2x and it just sat there. I'm uninstalling game now, something that looks like freezes everything for ages has me worried it's maleware front

Gian Schechter

Way too many ads. Unplayable.

Trevor Perry

Fun simple game, however after every level it will ask if you want to watch an ad to multiply your rewards and play an ad regardless of your choice.

Ursula Lehman

Sucks so bad. Can't play because there is an ad right in the middle of the screen

Xander Blaze

0 STARS!! They make you watch ads EVEN if you select "Next Level". Y'alls thirstiness for ad revenue is appallingly SAD!! 🙄🤬😒

Justin Bernauer

Visa bottom banner ad makes the game unplayable

Antonio Tassi

Game would be great if it didn't have so many bugs. You can't move on to the next level bc when you press next it makes a weird sound when u touch the screen. It sounds like dial up internet...

Ayan Khan

Osm hai

Koie hamel

There are errors and glitches every 2-3 levels. Getting the No Ads didn't seem to do anything at all. Upgrades also don't really do anything, I'm at lv 56 for extra clones and there's only 26 clones per ball which is barely bigger than the start. Nothing to do/reason to play after you unlock all the balls. Additionaly the ap stops all other media playing in the background for no reason, and the angles you shoot off of ramps has no effect on where the ball goes, its always straight only

Bronson Andersen

The game is currently unplayable. Ads pop up in the center of the screen instead of the bottom and make it so you can't tap any of the buttons. You have to close the app.

Brian Utz

the game freezes on level 126

Tristan Smith

Ads block you from playing the game, you have to buy no ads to even play the game.

JP Haynie

As described below, mid game unskippable visa ad will stop the game entirely.

Karina A. Alejo

Not a bad game

Steven Orchard

Uninstalled- too many ads!

Jess Effect

Unplayable The ads make the whole game glitch out. I can't even sample the game.

Lenny Kozlowski

The ads glitch up the game when trying to proceed to the next level. I get that the makers want some revenue but blocking the game while in the middle of the level is ridiculous.

Lori Bolduc

Still a few bugs on ball tracking and identification of best ball sporadically. Over all just a few time fuller game. Stats don't seem to mean anything.


Visa ad somehow blocking buttons to play and advance. It's only the visa ad. Once that one cycles out, you can play until it pops up again. Extremely annoying. Seems to be a fun game of sorts, but this one issue is driving me nuts.

Momin Ul Abidin


Daniel Wilkerson

Glitches alot and what's the point of skipping the video points if you have to watch an add anyway.

James “KingJames” McNeil

Ads kept taking over

Jess Kimball

Good game

Tim “McStache” McEachron

User interface does not work. Tried clicking all over and could not leave first level leader board. Buggy. Glitch.

Italino Pietrantonio

This game could be a really nice time waster. Mindless gaming without any specific goals or quests. Except there are ads literally EVERY level, AND at random throughout. You spend more time on ads than you do actual game play.

Wayne Hess

Broken. The visa add ends up right in the middle of the screen and you can't see what you are doing. Uninstalled.

Chris Burgos

Terrible game aimed at scamming kids, ads appear right in the middle of the screen mostly containing malware to scam your passwords and accounts

Stephanie Gray

I love the concept and it's a lot of fun but then the ads cause it to glitch so that you can't play anymore because the ad is in the middle of the screen. Uninstaller.

RaidenMarie Cummings

Lame gameplay lags too much

Ronin S (William)

Not playable. The ad is moving outside of the box at the bottom to the middle of the screen and I cant click through to move on without quitting the game after each level.

Angela Panicucci

It was fun for a while, nice time waster. I could even deal with the ads, until the visa ad started popping up in the middle of the screen and won't let you click on anything. It stays for a while and sometimes it blinks off then right back on, it makes the game very frustrating to play. I'm deleting it.

David Fernie

Advert after every short 15 second game deleted as quick as I installed it

Dana Evans

I like this game a lot, but now there's an ad in the middle of the screen at the end of every level, so I can't get the bonus points. If I want to move to the next level, I have to close out and restart. At every level. No thanks.

Terry Patrick Foster

Real fun game you can't get bored , game from the left fields really you got a gem here make some more like this game guy's

Thomas Linn

This game has a add for visa that appears and makes the game inoperable and the add doesn't go away. Your forced to close the app and try again however the same add continues to pop up thus making the game unplayable.

Tammie Mattaliano

Freezes up constantly! Tired of seeing the Visa ad!

Ray Turner

I have to close to go the game after each level

Rusty Shackleford

Buggy, overall not bad but I had an issue with an add partly covering the controls making it impossible to beat the level

Berwin Hall

Ads, ads, ads, ads... after a couple of games it shifts into ad overload. I understand it is a free game, but the ads take longer than to play than a level...

Tony Puzzello

I would love to give this game five stars, it is a 5 star game when you can actually play it!! There is a visa ad that pops up in the middle of game play and locks the game up... What a bummer but I do not believe I will be playing this anymore..... The ad stuff really has ruined the game.....

Evani Whitten

Generally it's an easy little game to burn some time away with, but the progression caps way too early once you've gotten the different skins, and it has a Major Problem with the ads taking over half the screen, making the game unplayable until you close it and restart.

Heather Leal

I like the game because I don't have to put alot of thought into playing it but getting very irritated that an add for VISA keeps popping up in the middle of the screen during play and locking the game up so it can't be played. Only resolution is to close the game but that doesn't help either. I'm using the marble skin if that matters. Getting ready to uninstall and not play it anymore!

Mychel Elderd

Overlay issue destroy playability. Ads over the play area make clicking, aiming, and playing impossible. Specifically a Visa ad that opens in the very middle of the screen and can not be closed or moved. Couldn't proceed in the game. Being stuck in a level with no ability to go to the next level led to uninstall.

larry carr

It would be a great game if the ads didn't pop up in the middle of the screen and interfere with the game.

Glenn Huey

They don't really give a reference of what needs to play.

Tom McIalwain

The game locks up after every round. I tried it 4 times then I unloaded the game. The visa ad in the middle of the screen works well though.

Rob Holdsworth


Kyle H

I'm usually not one to complain about ads, but several of the ads contained in this particular game do not allow you to close them, forcing you to close and restart the game, and sometimes even lose out on level progress. I've just compketed one level 3 times in a row and, because of the ads not being able to close, had to reset and redo the level. Also, i keep increasing the clones and money but still get the same amt of balls at lvl 100 that i did at lvl 25, same with money gains.

Michael Perkins

POS ads kept popping up on screen... don't waste your time

Ayush Soni

Véry good

Dan Rathburn

There's an ad right in the middle of the screen not letting you play... Seems like could be a good game it's just like all the others.... ADS

Samantha Angell

I actually like the game. It's weirdly satisfying. But the bottom banner ad will pop up in the middle of the screen and you will not be able to click the button to move on. Now it happens every single time. Haven't advanced for ages. I updated the game, uninstalled and reinstalled- still no luck. Sounds like this is ongoing and not even the worst of the problems. Doesn't seem to be any effort on the part of the devs to remedy this. Guess it's time to uninstall :/

safiullaquadri Sayedsha

I see

Shannon Stanfield


karina lazo

I cant get past the 2nd level because of a glitching ad making it impossible to hit any buttons to continue. I've closed out multiple times to fix it and nothing.

Hanh Trieu

There's some type of visa ad popup in the middle of the game that disabled the drag feature to where you have to choice but to refresh and get stuck with another ad playing. Was over this game in under 5 minutes

Lauren Ashlock


Nithish Kumar


Jesus Perez

Fun fun fun

Amanda Ramirez

I really would like this game if it wouldn't cheat you out of wins.

JJ Douthett

Fun game


Fun little game. Not sure why I like it but I do. No real challenge once you learn the game but it's fun.


Very basic game. Works for just wasting time. Way to many ads. Definitely feels like there could be more. I reccomend looking into what information they get from you when you download the game.

Rita Robinson

I love the game


It's... Fine. It's incredibly repetitive after only a short amount of play time. The upgrades are basically worthless and the leaderboard you're progressively climbing is fake. It's a decent idle game for a little while, but replayability is low.

Alex Wolf

It's a good time waster. I'm sorry, but that's the only good thing I can say about it. There's about 20 levels that recycle where everything is the same except for the ball placement. It'll glitch randomly and stop in the middle of all my balls rolling when I haven't pressed on the screen at all. It's very easy to go out of bounds and lose the level if you go too fast, which you have no control over. I've been watching my income, and from level 38 to 52 it hasn't changed. It still says 2.1.

Daniel Aamold

Fun game but ads are forced and stupid to deal with can't pay to remove makes game suck done playing hate ads

Lee Dunbar

Too many ads

JayAre Falvey

Could be fun. Too frequent ads delete. Get me hooked then I might spend money on your app.

Donald Sentivan

Fun game but fix the Visa ad that won't go away and makes you restart the app.

Shachaf Goldstein

Way too many ads for this


It looked fun to play, but it's rigged. I had times where the ball hit another one and it didn't multiple like its supposed too. Its very frustrating, another issue is when you do bounce the ball it only goes few inches and stopped. Uninstalling the game, it's not worth it

Peter Cook

Game not good enough for the number of adverts they push at you. Uninstalling.

Haley Powell

Like the game just don't like how when the ad pops up you no longer can play and all of the progress you have made is useless

Cory R. (8-Bit TV)

Another time waster that you end up spending more time watching ads than you are able to play. Skip an ad to get an ad. I'll pass. Free shouldn't mean pelted with ads every few seconds.

Dolly King-Nelson

Totally RELAXING!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


Too many ads and will not let you continue without watching 1-2 ads. Just after level 3 ads were forced on you.

Mikayla Katz

The game is fine at best. Easy, mindless, and a complete time waster. The game constantly froze and I had to exit and restart. I uninstalled in about 10 minutes.

nicolas suwardy

Great game.

Zelirious “ ”

Ads show a perfectly possible and codeable game. Then under delivers on even that.

Cheng Tianfu

Not a bad game but an ad after every level or retry, bonus or not,is just too many...

Ant Reviews

A real shame. I did enjoy this game very, very much. Lots of fun a bit of thinking and excitement, But.... Absolutely swamped with add after add. Which leaves you annoyed and frustrated as they are long adds that want you too download everything. Note to developer give us 20 minutes of play and then play 5 minutes of adds so we can go to the toilet or make a sandwich. Nobody watches these adds but I understand you gotta make a living 👍 Uninstalled.

unknowm tdm

Ads in the way. The little pop up ads on the bottom frequently pop up in the middle of the screen making it impossible to click "next level" when you complete a level. Otherwise it's a fun game to pass the time.

K3y D

Way to many ads.

Donna Rountree

I like the concept of this game, but it glitches pretty bad. It digitizes too much. Is there a fix for this?

Linda Davidson

Different from other games played

Tilly Tinks (Dory)

Far too many ads in 5 minutes I had more than seven ads every 3taps you have a ad break I've uninstalled and an ad after every level. If it didn't have so many I would have kept it.

Mymymyyy Usafyne

So addicting. Love it. I prefer to play off line not as many ads

Nate Adams

The ads are ridiculous. You spend more time dealing with ads than you get to play the game. I didn't download ads to play a short game. I downloaded a game that looked fun.

john shettle

Kinda fun, Pool ball like game, satisfying but, ads ads ads, i get thats how its free, but when given an option that after completing a level to either "watch ad or go to next " you make us watch ads regardless of choice smh im done

Curt Williams


Bhagwan Singh Thakur

OP game