Bullet Stop – Catch whatever your enemies shoot at you with your telekinetic powers and shoot back to reach the final boss!
– Over 50 levels of fun
– tons of enemies
– 6 different weapons
– stylish environments
– more fun!

Detailed info

File size: 87M
Update time: February 18, 2021
Current version: 28.4
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Frozen Equator Studios
Price: Free
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Customer review

Mohanmad Zahid

wow that's a good game

Michael Harmon

Good but lag

Najouni Cameron


demon slayer

you stop bullets

Gerardo Salazar


azar daneshvar

خیلی بده

Nayla Tariq

Htv3 f jنبتیفهزب۶خاطرات ا


I can't even complete level one every time i play I just leave

Tahira Yousuf

The game is great reminds me of star wars but it keeps on repeating the same level on on on on and on that's why I gave it 1 star plz add more levels

Coletyn Zanth

The game is ok. There is no sound just vibrations. I wish there was music and sound effects. It gets boring esspacially with all the ads


Its kinda cool and hard at the same time

Conna Rosenquist


Ayham Saleh

It. Loks. Niceguys


Good game



Vincent Ramos

Ads every 2 seconds

James Rivera


Cyril Prescotte

Ads simulator the game the advertisement. 1 ad after every 3 seconds of gameplay and not even an option to buy the ads free version. It's a crying shame because it's fun to play.... WHEN YOU CAN PLAY. It's very reminiscent of super hot in a casual fun way. Devs, tone down the adds MASSIVELY or give us an option to buy to remove them. Till then, this is unplayable garbage.

Ernestine Jackson


Ethan Hall

IT a good game but the version


My dad taught me away to disable ads for free turn off your internet


Its good but what other players didn't realise that You can't die. That makes it boring.


It's okay but there is one problem. ADS SO MANY ADS. It would be a five star if the game developers would bring the ads down a LOT. Thx

luca price

I loved it

Levi Adcock

Best game ever

Carla Andrews

It bad

Tyler Bennington

This game is bad the game freezes and very bad graphics

Vanessa Rivera

This game is fun

alvinleonard lopez

I hate it it's the only game that is disgusting it's sooooooooo bad


Doesn't install just crashes the app store

Oliver Dack

Good game dood

Zane Mosier


connor pullen

it would be a 5 star bc the game is exactly what it is advertised to be but every other level comes an add and if you switch of your wifi ur gsme freezes every time there would be an add, and if you have your wifi on the hand which stops bullets lags. therefore i was highly disappointed. other than that, it was a fantastic game, well sone to the developers!

Shana Byer

hate it i do not like your game


If I could rate this 1 star I absolutely would the amount of ads is horrendous

Chamath Prabashana

Good game😁😁😁


Way too laggy

Deklan Hutt

Great deal 1.20 dollars is a good deal for no ads

shannonn matthews

Great but that after the third level theirs hostages and after every round there's an add

Darius Petrulis

Dis game is so trash