Buildy Island 3d: Hire&Craft Casual Adventure


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Buildy Island 3d: Hire&Craft Casual Adventure – Explore, expand, farm and hire stickmen to do work for you!

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File size: 85M
Update time: August 25, 2021
Current version: 1.4.6
Require Android: EveryoneMild Fantasy ViolenceLearn more
Price: Free
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I paid for the ad free but it doesn't remove the constant pop ups for optional ads. Followed around by creepy in game characters which trigger the popups every few seconds. Wasted money paying for an ad free version so avoid all games by this developer.

Vijay Pal

This is really good game. I really enjoyed it but after this new update I don't know what happened with this game. It was not opening only showing that yellow screen. I tried so many times but it wasn't opening.. After tired of these I uninstalled this app. But I am really in love with this game I did so many things... Now I'm crying...

Jayabrata Sinha

There are too many ads

Hello World

I would give it 5 stars. But it crashed while I succeed to more level progress more in the game

Rubel Md

After update experiencing glitch and can't poay the game

giant squidtoy

😠 you in a few minutes to the house

Jamar Asamuddin

Thes game its good

Doctor Doctor

Nice game opt

Dave Brister

It's a good game but too many times it'll ask if you want things you should only need to answer once yes or no not half a trollion times.

Robert Soria


Dylan Garrett

Just needs more updates and islands don't save my status

Ty Wilson

it telled me to

Kanakaraju Chintha

very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very super

Sanjita Mondal

Top game

Anali Villaiza

I love the game I don't care about the adds the game is so fun 😊.

Faisal Malik

Worst game ever because in my screen it didn't show how many woods , coins etc I have pls fix this issue

Dimaris Davila

its amazing and i love it! keep up the good work!

Sarah Nicholson

Can't unlock anything other than land. All buildings I previously unlocked and haven't are saying level 99 currently level 16. May uninstall in near future if not fixed.

Suhaim Bamarouf

Suhaim ☺️

phobie Grajo

Fix bug

raja bro

good game for time pass


the game is nice and good animation super smooth but god! The ads, theres so many of them popping up on my screen and i cant cancel it. Pls make the ads lesser i just wanna play the game not keep watching commercials for coins that i dont really care

do dang quang

Quảng cáo !!!! Mấy ông biết phải làm gì rồi đấy. Mọi người vote 1 sao đi quá tệ luônnnnnnnnnnnnn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Xian Dhenbert Aranilla

Dont download this game 0/10 I cant cut trees

chad smith


Heather Black

I really like this game them something changed and it started not working right, and today my man fell in the water and he's stuck in the ocean and I can't even find land help send homing button!


bad graphics and major glitched

Salty LePhew

Lol it is cool 😎 😄

Sha mae bartolome

I like it.

Sheldz Lahaylahay

My island got messed up right after the update! Cant accces/harvest my field, some building lost its function! Cant acces the ship's destination!!!!!!!!!!! Pls fix!!!!!!! I invested so much time on this game!!!!!

Scott Duede

Entertaining; a bit Miney and somewhat crafty.

Kelsey Hughes

Good game 🤣

Craig Griffin

I enjoy this game, however i have gotten and gone through my second portal which has taken me to an island with 2 enemies, 2 gold rocks and 3 trees and i cannot leave the island. Theres nothing showing what is needed to be able to access the portal to return

Christoff David Adena

This game is stupid because every 15 seconds it Quits even I don't press the Home button Im giving One star For this stupid GAME!!!😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡🤬

Steven Lee

A simple but addictive game.

Oceanic Legend

forced to see ads and had to restart because buildings were over lapping allowing me to do nothing bad game over all

Amylin Quijano

i like the game!!

Jennifer Haji

Freezes at load screen

Anne Cho

I like the games, n i play all the way untill i cannot find find any coconut trees, which i need to make drinks,tell us where to find ...OK...tks...i just play the game recently...

benji roberts


Adam Kaye

This would be a 5 star if it wasn't for the fact that I can't pay to get rid of ALL ads. Also, Beach Island has glitched. I built the coconut trees, but when it finished building, it disappeared and hasn't come back. Without them, I can't make the cocktails to get golden tickets, meaning I can no longer progress. I really don't wanna reinstall and lose all my progress. Can you fix this in the next update please, and I will give the extra star to you in return? Thanks.

Meghan Oxley


Panda Moran

It's a fun game to play IF you have an AD blocker on your phone like I do. I do think I beat the game though sadly. It's a nice little stress relief game.

Shelley Griffith

I love playing games but I just don't get this one and there is no tutorial to explain anything really.i did give it a try and I'm probably just stupid but I had to uninstall.sorry

Bella M

Fun gameplay but interrupted every 20 seconds with another ad- eventually you just get sick of it and stop playing

Kristina Foster

Addicted to this game! I can spend hours playing this and never get bored!

Parker Pickett

I Love it!:);)

Chase Gordon

The game while being somewhat fun, is annoying to play due to the forced ad every 40 seconds, and with the most recent update, the game is literally unplayable, with me being unable to interact with anything, and buildings being stacked ontop of eachother, do not download.

Mannat Kaur

Can 🥫 you said what this game I I'm play this game for money it is so good play it safe and my name is so bad but sub 5

Noi Suchin

GG,but your greedy af.

Adham Magdy

in the last update,I give it 5 stars,it was very good,but in that update you are killing. everything is unlocked and to lock it,you need to get level 99. I am in level 14,very far from 99. I will take 2 years to get level 99. I will give it 1 star. I know that you did the sound effects. another thing,my inventory is gone,I can't find it. I can't know how many money or food I had. fix it please 🥺🥺😭

Shongedzai Matangira

Paid to remove ads an they're still there .

Katie Jones

It's stuck and no way to shift it'd stupid


Vvsee to me as soon as possible as I can see that he is not I think it is not I think it is not I think it is not I think it is not I think it is not I think it is not is Fdu in hindi .e too 😌 thank you so I can 🥫 E GP free and (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ(・ัω・ั)ʕ´• ᴥ•̥`ʔ

Robert Romines

Why in the hell do you ask me if I want to watch an ad but then don't give me the option to say no? And where do you come up with the number $4.99 for no ads why not 99 cents? That would be more reasonable, you probably get a lot more people to buy it for no ads then you do now I'm sure most people just delete the app when they see how greedy you are

Iio Tlapanco

This is fun

brent carroll

awesome game cheers 🍻

Mohd Sahdan Hashim

Not a good experience

Lisa Lewis

Great game until I clicked on it one day and it had started over from the beginning. I lost all my game progress that I had built up over the last month and don't know why? Other than that it was my favorite game and it will be again. I'm just to frustrated at the moment to start it all again.

Confused Cat

Way too much fun! 😁

Charnae Leigh


lord shadow gaming

best game awesome story line and graphics . I highly recommend this game to everyone . waiting for new stuffs and updates

Asim Hira

Fan game

Hasan Hasubul

I love these game

Tammy Elliott

So far my favorite game like this. Has different locations once you get the ship and the land and bridge costs don't get ridiculously expensive like other games. Plus you get little guys that follow you to help harvest stuff. I think there's a glitch on one of the locations. It's supposed to have coconuts but they aren't there and you need them to make drinks to sell for tickets. There are quite a few ads but pretty similar to other games like this.

Riza Musa

Best game ever i love iet🤩🥰🤩😍😜😘😘😍

Samantha Rutendo Sanangurai

To much adds the game is not fun at all if they did not have adds then it would be fine but no I still have it but it's not fun I don't play it but I play roblox and I hate this game

Virginia Truax

I have been playing this for 3 minutes every few hours today. But I can NOT keep playing even though I think it's fun. For some reason when I play it the game makes my phone heat to like a piece of coal that's been cooling. I have to uninstall. It's a shame.

Monica Robertson

I enjoy playing but wonder why a can't tell what level I'm on or how much coins, wood,and metal that I have. I also paid for no ads and still have them.

Alex Orr

I love it

Michael Bandonel

VERY bad game because whenever i pick up something like axe or pack of woods there's nothing to Tap Everything is empty worst Game Ever i hate this I Recommend not downloading this Seriously the worst, #ExpectationVSReality

Dan markiel Del mundo

Cool game..

Michele Erwin

I like the Ads This game is Good

jonzem 1990

Waaaay to many ads, i like to download all kinds of games ane review them, this was a headache

Md Emon

Jane Alam Even

Roshidah Ruduan


Shnade Morgan


Nixon Rotcod


Ramoncito Entendez

Pucha puro Ads na laro!

Maia Kopenhaver

Mobile games would be so much more fun if they weren't all filled with ads. I have Netflix because I don't like commercials. That's why cabel is out the window. Everyone pays for PC and consols because the games are way more worth our time. Not only because they have more depth, but because we don't have to cut to commercial break every 10 seconds. I'll pay money to play good games on mobile. I'll pay for ingame stuff. But the second I see an ad, I Uninstall

Braxton Littrell

Has way too many adds. There's an add after everything you do.

Keith Spencer

Its a cool concept of a game. Just WAY to many ads and costs a weekly amount to disable ads.

Jeremy Carpenter

Can't open the app since the update.


annoying ads

Rohan Joshi

Too much aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaads

Efaz Mohammad

Could have been a good game. Too much ad. Bugs also too much. It dosen't even starts after I have played for 2 days.

Jeverly Villena

Happy 😊

Moises Nunez

I like it but theirs is so many ads

siti balqis

Too many advertisement shittt don't ever dare to show your ad to me 😑😑

D. C. S.

Scammer forcing people to stay in the game can't exit unless you use the circle button to get out you guys are controlling and don't allow an exit this should be considered a violation of Google Play and I am reporting it.

Fahim Ahamed (Funny Creatives)

Its a heavy bad experience. I've never played any games like this force to show ad. I know ad is a way to generate revenue from a game but trust me ads are totally ruin this game. Also have some bugs like game crash and freeze without any cause. Coins and other ingredients when shifting in inventory its freez on screen. So i gave it one star and uninstall this. If dev want any proof or bug glitch I'll help them willingly.

Ren Starseer

Could be a fun game, but it practically forces you to spend money on it. Ads and options for ads pop up every 10 seconds, and resource gathering is in single digits, while buildings and land requires hundreds, with the only option of upgrades is spending money, or watching more ad time then you have play time.

Raju Gaur



Too many ads

Songita Shib


Jomar Esturas

I'm stock in LVL13 but the boat or next level needs lvl20 so how can make lvl20?

Amos Doughty

Was enjoying it, but encountered a glitch that g Has stopped all progress. Built the coconut tree and it never actually appeared. Can't find any bug reporting in game.

Wael Abdeen


Santosh Kumar

It is good game

Chris Ellison

Fun game I like it a lot. The only reason I am not rating 5 stars is because I am on the beach island and my coconuts are glitched. I built them but they never appeared so I can not continue the game. Please help