Build Up!!

Author: VOODOO

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Build your structure as high as you can!
Gather additional building nodes along the way and reach the checkpoints!

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Update time: Jul 21, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: VOODOO
Price: Free
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Customer review

Lucas Larson

Fun little game with very few invasive ads. I wish there were more upgrade levels instead of having a level cap on upgrades. But my biggest grievance is that I've gotten to a level where the path seems to be blocked by black bricks and i can not figure out how to get past them so im to a point where i literally cannot play the game anymore. Please fix this issue.

Jessica Hensley

Haven't 'beat' the game yet. On level 50 I think. It's super fun and addictive. Win the levels on first try every time. Could be a bit more challenging that would make it epic. Or add, just something lol. To make it more exciting. It's fun and worth playing. But it could be better. It's close to perfect. 4/5. If any updates are made in future then will Def play again!


it's makes me busy

Brix Rabanos


sumit kr. kushwaha

Nyc addictive game for basic level .

Jack Olicious

Game was pretty fun until I reached a level that is seemingly impossible to finish. There is a barrier you cant go through and no bomb to clear it.

Luke Leslie

Really fun

Carolyn Forrester


Hangry Hufflepuff


Dion Brown

I like the game but there's no way to get past level 50. Stuff is blocking the path.

Maura Causor


Nicholas Sheppeard

Every time an app asks me to rate it, i get annoyed because if you rate 5 star they send you to the app store. Inflating their 5 star ratings. If you give it anything below a 5 star they send you to a dev email so you caj give them "feedback" thus avoiding low star ratings. This behavior pisses me off. So i give 1 star to any app that does it This game is also full of ads.

Alty The alt

This was going pretty good at first, then an ad popped up and it fully crashed my phone, the ad stayed on my screen until the battery went out

james parlett

So far there isn't many adds and can be a little time killer if your bored

Devios Cat


Dennis Gurski

Very very good game

Judith Roberts

So far this game is pretty good, it's one of the only vodoo games that aren't packed with ads!

stew ped

Fun not overpowered by ads love it!

The Gold Dragon

Very satisfying to pass the time, it's pretty cool tbh

Kyle Martinez

Engaging gameplay, ads aren't the worst

Aidan Glynn

Just so many ads 🤦‍♂️

Daniel Gingras

Loaded the game, built a handful of things as part of the tutorial which took maybe 30 seconds, immediately got a 30 second ad

Flamelord The best

This game is super fun and I love it! It's sasitfying and it takes skill!


it's good

Sabastian Tucker


Michael Fuller

Without playing, this is a variant of a old game called World of Goo Great game that was

Brothers Gaming Plus

A little too much too much

Nicholas Gifford

Good fun little game but you will reach a point where there's just no more reason to play

Tyler Henden

The funiest tower defense game in history T

Mark Croft

The adverts are questionable but overall good game

Sai Vasudatta

Too many ads. As usual with all the games from this publisher

Cameron Oliver

Second level gives you 2 overlapped walls that completely block your ability to build with no way to remove or pass them. Not worth the download until this is fixed

689 Muhammad Tayyab

بہت عمدہ گیم ہے لیکن تھوڑا سا کام کرنا باقی ہے اس گیم پر۔

Carson Jones

After about 50 levels it started to have random pieces from other levels and I could not get through them.

sai surya

After some level it has too many bugs in it

Dayn Rees

Fun, cheap to remove ads. Simple

Zackary McLaughlin

It's so hard to play it


This is actually an amazing game! I saw an ad for it and I just supposed it would be nothing like the ad and ads everywhere since it's from Voodoo, but it's actually great. Everytime you complete a "level" there's an ad, but that's not too often and there's a lot of variety in the gameplay.

FD The Best

Nice game 👍 Please make more levels Little bit harder. This is very small levels no challenging part. Please make it harder Thank you

Devon van der Maat

Completed the game in under a week, needs new content update; node and income upgrades cap at 100, base structure caps at 30. I got a high score of around 10800 meters, can't get much higher because can't upgrade anymore. No more incentive to play the game because there's nothing past Mount Everest at 8800 meters. The bonus abilities that sometimes appear on the maps are fun. Great physics.

Tristan Moors

This game is DOGWATER

Lakshay Chauhan

Bdiya h

Phineas Brown

It's good but it's a voodoo game recommend 👌

Ali Dawi

This game is amazing you can't get bored of it 1,000,000/10 would recommend

Zara Abbas

It's not the same exact game we would expect from the Ad. It's quite deceiving.

Anga Biyela

Too many Ads

Alvinus Kurniawan

I'm stuck on this level that there's a solid block across the entire screen. Is this a bug? Really can't pass this level. I'm unistalling this game.

sylas muray

Solid game so far

ali gh

Ful of bugs !

Marquis de Suave

Fun time killer but can basically be finished (levels maxed) in an entire afternoon. Hope they come up with some new levels so you can take your towers into space.

maria chechak

Interesting kids a challenge no crazy ads worth playing an seeing how far you can get

Tiaan van Staden

. Hh

Redso Locup

Doesn't run well on cheap phones but it's super fun and a good game to pass the time

chris Looney

Really fun unlike a lot of Mobile games

Nicholas Ellerton

Simple, fun, and addicting, but the ads are almost unbearable sometimes.

Adesh Kolekar

Game is good but so many add playing 30 sec and watching add 1 min this is not good 😐

Virya Pasya Aditya


John Ronaldo Cariaga

Is it purposely trying to block my way up?? I can't build upwards because there is a wall blocking my way. Help I don't know how to pass that level


pretty nice I like the part of the game where you actually need to think about what your going to do nice job hope you make more games that are quite hard in the future

Murilo Coda

Too many adds

Will Thorn

It's a voodoo game so you know what to expect. Short levels, long ads. I don't know why I keep falling for it.

Andry AgSet

I remember 🌎 of goo

Thomas Clive

Fun thinking game in the beginning. But you will reach a point where it's impossible to beat the level. After that it's pointless.

Alejandro Ramos

It's fun that's it no ads just a bit but it's good

steven schilt

Fun casual game. Not a ton of ads.

Ken Ho

Ads galore

Nawaf Abu-Ghazaleh

No instructions.

Royce Thompson

This is the only way to make the most recent comments about your blog post on this site and then make a few changes in your blog about how to use 😀 so you don't need a new account

Ethan Norcio

Level 17 is impossible. Uninstalling this game...

Badrul Syahin

I cant not gitar up

Noah B

Good game for passing time. little ads, most of them are for quicker progression, 9/10

Kim Hartgrove


Edward Donovan

To many ads

Joey Goodwin

Love the moment! New challenges excepted!

Andrew Scheffler

Look at that! They made a game that is good and not ad littered!

Jake Junkus

Fun for a few hours at most

Tracie Grimmett

amazing game i have played it for a week now and its a favorite

Chuck Suddy

Love me

Nun Yu

Good game the ad for the game was real there are little to no ads on the game

Hello There

A fun challenge

Chris Sivo

Unskipable ad after ever level.

Juicee Thomas

Fun game

Isaac Hoffmann

Ok game but too many ads and the game starts to break after a while

Dylan Riley

Ad started not 10 seconds into the game, not worth the price of free

David Ross

Way too many ads, had to uninstall.

Flamingo Boy

I literally played this game until I broke it. After a certain amount of levels the game with start stitching together random parts from other levels and it turns into a mess to navigate until eventually it generates in such a way that you literally can't complete the level.


Crashes every time i try to open it

dj bonnie fnf

Really fun

Bryan Mitchell

Its a voodoo game with voodoo ads watch a ad to get a bonus orrrr click "no" and watch a ad for no bonus.


You can just turn off your wifi if you dont like the ads its a pretty good game without the ads

Justin Malin

The game itself is fun, but you spend more time watching commercials than playing. I'm on with some commercials, but this is ridiculous!!!!

John Musgrave

Voodoo, your games are great, but all of them are like this. There are 30 second long ads after every 15 second level. You are way too money hungry to make fun games

Tristan Donle

The game is fun but when I watch an ad to get the coin multiplier the extra coins don't seem to be adding to my total

Ian Weed

Normal voodoo game good concept too many ads. If you want to play a good version of this I would recommend world of goo. It has a good story and really fun gameplay.

Good Right


Joe Pimp

I can dig it!!! Can uuu diggg itttt? Lol.

Nerdy Animations

Voodoo moment

Alexander Sando

Good game but too many ads, there's an ad after every level, other than that it's a great game.

Togie Melville

First review. You guys are great!!

Ben B

As usual, good concept completely ruined by Voodoos incessant need to add far too many ads.