Bucket Crusher

Author: VOODOO

500K+ install


Upgrade your characteristics and become more and more destructive!
Tear down this wall to the ground!”

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 3, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: VOODOO
Price: Free
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Customer review

RETIEF De villiers

This is the worst game there's just ads behind every level and why do need data just a wast of time to me

QT Gaming

4 star cuz i cant find the Christmas limited stuff i bought. But its funny seeing my character have the og stuff while the game is modern lol.

Florence Adrian Sinahon

Its cool

Thorongil BlackHeart

A scam game that does not play unless connected to the internet. When you connect, it shows ads that cannot be skipped with their X button, and instead redirect you to malware sites.

Mark Jigen

Laggy and too much ads if this was offline i would given it 4 stars

Matt Shorney

It's a shame as I enjoy the game but long ads everytime I press something and can't even play it offline!


Data farming game. How disgusting.


Paid for no ads and still getting ads. Also impossible to play without internet. No reason this game needs internet. Would be great otherwise. Do not download. Edit: reached out to the developer to resolve with no response. Bad not worth the time

Jim bk

Wayy too many ads, and gameplay is too slow.

Rob y4h3ll

Cool if I could pay for ad removal...

Jan Shamsulhaq

New map update come

Платон Только для друзей

You get ads after every single restart

Viswanathan Pugazhendhi

Too much ads, an ad after every lvl is annoying

iseta cuatro

ads, so many ads


Really relaxing 😌 ❤️

Seth calvario

Adds every second don't download


This game is nothing like the ads also you can't play it (singleplayer game) without WiFi? The people who made this game just take every opportunity to get money. Its a mobile game so its supposed to be played while your out but I guess not because if you have no Internet it can't shove 5 million ads in your face every minute.

Lucas Gienau

I'm watching ads more than I'm playing the game

Anwar basha 505

Number 1 waste game friends a lot of adds will coming. We will loss internet on these game by that adds only without switching a add add will come when we press any ,if we press no thanks then also adds will coming without end button to that add don't play a lot net and time waste.

Sco Gho

ADS ADS ADS!!!!! I cant play for more than 30 seconds without seeing an ad.


There is way too many ads and some of the ads lag my phone but that part could be just me.

Dakota Bissonnette

I literally played for like 5-10 mins and sat through like 12 ads.

Josh Kuzma

Add every 20 seconds... no thanks

Bella Rose

I wish yall would add more designs and daily challenges instead of the same ones over and over

Lathan McGhee

played with an ad blocker so i can't comment on that, but it's 11 levels that repeat, skins that don't matter, the permanent upgrades don't feel substantial (you can complete most levels with out more fuel, multiplier just speeds up the already short grind per level, treadmil only matters when you first unlock it), so it quickly becomes not worth it as there's no real progression. maybe fine if you want to hand your kid some random thing to do, but not if ads aren't blocked anyway

Mr Shots

Paid to remove adds but still have adds

Mike gray

Its ridiculous to have to watch an ad regardless of if i chooses the bonus or not. Games like this should burn....

Roderick Josef Agcaoili

Too many ads you cant even play without ads u have to pay for it😡

Pradeep Kumar

This game not for play it is only for watching ad

Wellington Place

Can't even get add free the settings button is where my camera is

Simon Wilson

I absolutely HATE it cuz 1. You can't get past level 1 2. Nothing like ad. Its trash. Never buy this game!


Doesn't allow offline play.

Martijn Duijkers

Ad trash gross ad spam nothing else to say

Johnnie Harvey



Huge advert spam. Majority of time spent in adverts, shame, if they cut the adverts down by maybe 500% I'd have time to enjoy the game.

Sarah Heath

Sucks so bad, couldn't figure it out, ads, boring. Birds singing is ok.

Aoife Murray

Absolute trash. Not only does the game run like garbage but it requires a constant internet connection. Scumbag developers.


I was getting a ad after every try


It's Bearley a game. Just another VOODOO game filled with ads after every tap.

Quincy Roullier

Ads after literally every round, and banner ads. Ridiculous cash grab

Victor Fumagalli

El juego es entretenido pero tiene tanta publicidad que da asco, no lo vale.

Adam n

Any play is completely blocked when you have no signal.

Catalina Baldwin

An add every single round? Really? That's a new low, even for you, Voodoo

Danielle Cofer

It's so fun I can play it for days !

Nick Hale

Yet another Add game

Richard Gyde

30-60 second spam that can't be skip ... dont try turning data of thou ... they though of that ... i dont mind ads but this is over the top

Ace. of.spadez

I loved it! Very satisfying and addictive game. But you do the same levels over and over agian. Cant wait till they kick in more levels

Judy Morabito

Good game! But lot's of ad's.

Aaron Arney

Well they force you with a million adds at first. I paid the 2.99 to get rid of them. But the game just stays the same. The same 4 or five walls over and over again. Don't waste your time and money on this

Ryan TheCool011

It is a fun game but there is too many ads everytime I ran out of time

orion stimson

Can't play offline, and adds are aids

Marwan A.seada

It's pretty good but so much ads the game is satisfying the game is bad because ads

Jancuks VS

Can.t play iff Don.t have inet

Zack Zeman

Only 11 levels and ads are ridiculous


Fun. I really enjoy this game. Even bought the no ads. But I got too level 11 and completely maxed out and cannot reach final piece

Josh Ellison

The game could be fun and entertaining. But it is approximately 50% ads and there's no option to eliminate ads... So if it takes you 30 seconds to end the round. You watch a 30 second ad. Won't last long on my phone because of this.

Mason Garvey

Way to many adds every time I run out of gas it makes me watch a 30 second add I get to play for a minute then have to watch an add would have been a good game but the amount of adds ruined it for me

Kyle S

Horrible. More ads than game. Don't even bother.

Matt C B

Horrible. Won't let you play without being online and watching ad after ad after ad. Deleted immediately.

Edward Glidden

Can't use offline

Latrice Mitchell

I don't


Funny how you can't even play the game offline

Vijay yadav Yadav

Ye game bahut hi aachha game he

Casey Wood

Great game

Jakob Simpkins


Salty Selly

Turned my phone into a mini heater after 20 minutes of play. Clicked the "No thanks" button for ads everytime, still forced a ad everytime without a reward because duh, clicked no thanks.

Me Later

It devolves to having to watch an ad after every round which takes less than a minute and you watch a half minute ad

Christian Manga

It's a series of ads it's not a game anymore.


The gam is so good

Abdallah Nickner

Not what is shown in ads. Game is only a few levels.

Big P

Ads.... " would you like to watch an ad for an extra $$" I click NO anyone wanna take a shot in the dark at what happened. Boom an ad that you can't skip though okay maybe just bad luck nope 4 goes now and same thing quickest Uninstall I've done on a voodoo game

Rob Oswald

Way too many ads and the game does not work offline. Literally unplayable.

Angel Benitez

The ads are too much, I even tried putting airplane mode but it says that I need wifi, they're probably putting a buch of ads on purpose so you can buy they're no ad subscription.

Kuba Reszczynski

Unskippable ads that can't be avoided when on airplane mode and there a lot of lag

Garet Bailey

Ads are too frequent, but start only conveniently after you're asked to rate the game.

Mahmoud Ramadan

alot of ads please fix this and make LESS THAN 1 TRILLION ADS PER SECOND

Kevin Pascoal

Awesomeness 👌

fortnite emote

It is a fun

Murdo Wilson-Watt

Clearly a game designed to pedal adds, becomes laggy because of the physics of the blocks in later levels. This game is designed to be installed and uninstalled after a few days and will throw adds in your face the entire time so they still make a profit, I would be interested in seeing the number of people who would play this game longterm, compared to how many people uninstall it after a week

SeniorTank 19

Too many ads. Just like every voodoo game ever


Very bad and worest game

Marcus Gormsen

Where are all the levels in the ads?


To many ducking ads

connor kirkpatrick

Doesn't allow gameplay without Internet access. Too many ads.

Peter Greenwood

More adds than all the TV channels put together 🤣 makes a "fun" game tedious to play. Uninstalled quickly.

Ryan Hagarty

Ads are ridiculous


Way too many ads, I might consider playing more if I could pay to turn off the ads between every run but as it is the game is not worth playing for the amount of ads you have to watch.

Simo baaloule

The best game ever 😜

Kaithesavage4 YT

Too many ads

riovan zapanta

Wow 😲

Morgan Daniel

Fun game and all but after you get some stuff there is a ad each time you finish and you can't even play it when you don't have internet like come on.

Carlos Mathena

Add after every match... Don't waste your time.

Brayden Smith


Solomon Balhon

I admit i like the game vodoo but the game is online. i mean im fine when its online but there is ads on it its annoying because after the fuel is done u get a add everytime it gets boring and annoying

Andrew Sandford

Could actually be an okay game if the developers weren't greedy AF and didn't litter it with the most ads I have EVER seen in a game. Don't even bother

Aviel Expat in Germany

2 minites of ads for 30 seconds of gameplay, cant play without internet reception. Paint it blue and throw it to the sea

Jadi Harikrishna


David Naron

Ad farm game


So many advertisements every 30 seconds I uninstalled. I spent more time watching ads then playing the game

Brandon Jarrell

Not sure if the game is good or not you get 45 seconds of game play and 60 seconds of ads so not worth it for me