Bring me Cakes – Fairy Maze Swipe, Sokoban tribute

Author: Potato Jam

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Bring me Cakes – Fairy Maze Swipe, Sokoban tribute – Classic maze / labyrinth puzzler with fun fairy tweaks. Try to find the way out.

Detailed info

File size: 14M
Update time: July 6, 2021
Current version: 1.83.01
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Potato Jam
Price: Free
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Customer review

Linda Withrow

🥰 Fun, ingenious gameplay and challenging!!! Love, love!!

Alexey Gulev (AGulev)


Sheza Rifaya Dwi Anggita

great exercise for the brain

Katrina Kehn

I love the game, but new boards haven't been made. I'm on the third section, the story isn't finished and it's been almost a year I've been waiting for the next section.

Rohaiza Harun


ivy stanich

I like the game but had to pay twice. $1.99 fee to remove ad banners, but it did not remove the chained levels it was still trying to get me to watch a video so I had to pay another $1.99 fee to unchain levels.

Jude L.

One of the best game played

PlayerTadEasy 777

Awesome puzzle game! Loved the storybook format 👍👍 Red riding hood,wolf,bear, granny r all nice! Music so different 😎 Finished! Ya with all help by the sweet characters ❤️ it! Bring more soon plz!

Mikhael Anthony


Lisa Rothberg-Olds


Sathya Sathishkumar

My sister played before her death recently. I dont know how to she find this game? So this is her memorable. That's why I give five star.

Blackview10000Pro BakaNoMi

Fun , addictive.

Ramonarose Is free

This game is very addictive too much fun! So hilarious that Red dances when you take the right passages-love it! Oh- and thank you guys so much for helping me with that little ad glitch I was having- I greatly appreciate it! ~M~

Muhd Nor A

Nice game.

shaista naeem

amazing good time pass

Jill Loud

A feel-good, fun simple yet challenging game!). I'm so enjoying playing it!. :)

Syed Ali Kazim from India

What a wonder game !🥀 A very simple game but you'll never get bored. You will enjoy its each level.🌺 The fun is not going to end. The smart puzzles will boost your mind, so enjoy.

Rinky Yadav

It's awesome game I like most of the talk of granny and red riding hood. So, pls make more games like this

Emmanuel Texty

My sister loved it

Rupa Das

This game so good. I enjoy very much.

Hannes Feiner

A good game. I can't wait for the release of the next chapter

Dra Mon

Amazing and Perfect Game

Gracy Gracy


Chelsea Pink

If you didn't have you double the reward for cakes every stage, just to get into the next world, it would of been 5 star. Great game otherwise. Dose require internet to obtain more cakes (watch adds)

Ratul Das

😍😍😍😍😍😍 nice

Tomas Slavik

kids maze, they love it

Alexander Leonov

!!!!! The game has three chapters: The Forest, the Line and the Ice Land. It is very good and creative puzzles. Thank you.

Robert Pop

Loving this little game!

Василий Петрович

Cool! I love those games. But I regret what this game so short.


So cute, So addictive, and so Puzzling! Loving this game. ❤️❤️❤️

Gretchen Workman

Would have liked to try this game but as soon as I opened the game I was hit with multiple ads. Could'nt even get to the game. About to delete this one and another game downloaded from this developer that I didn't even play because of this.

ron west



Excellent little game, looks simple but the puzzles can take quite a lot of thinking. Cost to remove ads is very reasonable.

Alm Pazel


MollyJayne Callisse (MJ Calli)

Good difficulty progression. Controls lag a bit. All aspects of play not made clear from start thus you end up havingvto waste bonuses before you are told... would have been 5 * if not for that. Two difficulty paths to choose. Can double helps watching videos but not required.

dancing Strawberry

Simple and amazing

Alex Taran

Интересный пазл! Жду новых уровней!

Marco De MARIA Designed by GOD

Funny puzzle , more tools and more difficulty challenges would be great for the next version announced

Adrianne Sparrow

Nice wake up call ...

Sarah H

Loved it, but how do I get to chapter 4? There's lots of ads but I'm cool with that. I also accidentally bumped the granny help button a few times which ruined a couple of puzzles, a confirm button would be nice.

Salma Khanom

I would give this game 5 star but it's too much hard to unlock the chapter 3. Without that it's a very challenging and entertaining game. If the requirement of the cake in chapter 3 decrease I hope it'll be more enjoyable.

Taseu Ryugi

Good but too repetitive to me. Maybe kids would love it.


Nice game for kids. Smooth and simple game play. Good graphics and easy to win. Hope the developers will keep on doing a good job.

So Lo

Nice game. It make me relex and i get feel like I am a genius after win with all cakes in every level 😉

Pablo Camarasa (Antylope)

The game is pretty good but 30" video ads triggered by completing or restarting a level is a little annoying. I know you need the ads but maybe it could give us something in return instead of just instantiate them just because. Again, it's not an interstitial or a 5" video, it's a 30" one.

Cimo Heglajda

Aeesome game! hope you get to add the new chapter! I am excited about the upcoming mechanics

Lorielyn Gumafelic

I like this game😍❤

Ridoy Khan


Eugene T (E.T.)

Witty and fun


Nice game addicted

Nikka Ella Correa

Really fun, entertaining and addictive, this game had me thinking in all rounds! Great concept in each round and chapter. Nice storytelling and copywriting, these made the game more engaging. Can't wait for chapter 4!

Alia Elina

Game are good. Each chapter has different and new enemies/friends. Storyline is good as well. Gave it 4 due to limited amount of levels(no updates for new levels). Also you cannot go to new chapter without watching multiple ads to get the cakes

Sosial Sastra

Stuck everytime a tnt explode

Brin Sherman

Great game but getting a perfect score on all levels of the first two worlds does not give you access to the third world. It seems you need to watch the "optional" advertising along the way to earn the tokens needed.

Andy Ehab

ilove this game but wen i chat no chat

Almira B. Zainsjah


Brenda Fierro

Excelente, muy entretenido y en verdad te reta... 😊

Madhuri Kanitkar

I am.not able to move ahead of level 25 i cleared 25 levels still

Ana Shanti Paulino

Great Game!!!! Love the challenge.

Geeth Kapurubandara

Hi i am @Grass_dev, and I give you five stars for this game. Really, It was a great experience for me, so, I will hope you another game release.....

Michael Bresil

Really great game. I'd give 5 stars if after 100% finishing all the levels you could unlock the next chapter without having to pay. I'm not stuck waiting for the daily challenge which only gets me 9 cupcakes a day. At this rate I'll have to wait a month before I can open chapter 3. And by then I'll probably lose interest.

Miss Estefania

Nice game

S Brian Treelife

Super fun game, very reasonable amount of ads! Allows you to learn logic and STEM skills, while having lots of fun. Good for kids, too. Highly recommended!!!

George Skariah



Five Stars Definitely!!!!

Wilson Mukiri


A Google user

Awesome game.Very lite but still fun for play.

A Google user


A Google user

Not easy at all, challenges are moderately tough and it's cute! Collect your cakes to unlock the next chapter

A Google user

This is a great game, but when I reached Ice Land, I was promised a new arena coming soon. There don't appear to be any updates in several years. I will increase my rating to 5 stars when the developers come back to it & add a new chapter as promised.

A Google user

Very amazing game I really enjoy playing it

A Google user

So cute! Challenging levels and no glitches. Not too many ads either.

A Google user

Not bad ,good game

A Google user

Cute challenging I love it

A Google user

Very cute. I like the trolls the best! Is there a level after ice land?

A Google user


A Google user

Very happy game

A Google user

Nice game

A Google user

Excellent. No less than a tough game of chess. Only beautiful and sweet

A Google user


A Google user

A great game.

A Google user

Cute and challening puzzle game, enjoy it very much

A Google user


A Google user

It is fun to play a lot

A Google user

Wowo amazing game . ❤❤❤ Hey I can't pass anothee chpter why is that 26 one. Cannot pass it

A Google user

I really enjoyed playing this game. I just wish it has more and more levels after ICE LAND.. i love playing it. 5th star when more levels comes. More power! 🙂

A Google user

I love this game its so relaxing💗💗💗

A Google user

Enjoy it

A Google user

I love this game

A Google user

Nice story, nice graphics, everything was perfect until I reached level 21. The game crashed and I can't move. I hope the developers fix this game. It would be great.

A Google user

Goin 4 stars for now, have issue in Chapter 2 certain levels where Character is freezing in place when the "Red" Explosives are triggered to explode by monsters, mine carts, etc. Paid for Infinity Dynamite, Granny's Advise, Removed Ads, Unchained Levels, and Unlocked Chapter 3 (short on cakes to open, didn't know they would be used.) Where is Chapter 4?! Beat Ch 1- 3: Easy & Hard Pathways! Want Fifth Star! I Want To Beat Game! Overall Great Game: Wicked Twisted Sliding Fairy Tale Awesomeness!

A Google user

Small size and great performances.... Great games

A Google user

Fun maze app... we'll see if it stays that way for a higher rating

A Google user

Won't let me unlock the next level because I don't have enough cakes . Spending money is the only way

A Google user

This game enhances your ability and your thinking

A Google user

Good game

A Google user

Great fun. Puzzles also get harder as you go from episode to episode.

A Google user

Great puzzling fun. Wonderful cartoon style. 5/5 Cakes. EDIT: *** Suddenly gained a LOT of 30 second ads that even locked levels previously completed. Confusing range of in-game purchases. Drop the forced adverts (chained levels & 5 second random ads) and keep the optional ones for more cakes/add-ons. Have one unlock price for the whole game instead of multiple individually priced pieces. Score reduced to 3/5 cakes which is a pity because it's a great game with a unique and humorous style. ***

A Google user

This game is a lot of fun! Not too easy and not too hard. Youll lose track of time trying to solve it.

A Google user

Tricky little puzzler indeed. Hilariously funny, great game play and good support for free players. Cheers