Bricks vs Balls Breaker

Author: Bricks Ball Games

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Bricks vs Balls Breaker – The best offline brick breaker puzzle game! Aim, shoot & break bricks for free!

Detailed info

File size: 21M
Update time: September 7, 2021
Current version: 1.4.2
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Bricks Ball Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Philip Marshall

So far so good, but I haven't been playing for long. Not too many adds. We'll see

Delower Hossein

Very very nice

new stutas W.B

Thik thik

rahul yadav


Victor Ramos Huarachi

Free to play and very few ads, I enjoyed a lot while traveling

aria dardashti

بازی خیلی خوبیه

Phony Phone

Fairly typical block breaker, nothing special. First 100 levels are boringly easy, second 100 are good (challenging but possible), from 300 on though, it's very much pay-to-win, not possible without paying for consumables

Prasanto Halder

Good 👍

Chris Hillard

Very fee ads very addictive


Best game, no lagg, no paywall, no ads at all!!!! I like the strategy in it especially the shooting indicator line.

Jeffrey Winter

Love this game enjoy playing time consuming 😄



ajeet singh

Awesome 😎 cool game

gaming bros

Awesome game so far

Jeremiah Tolson

This Game Is Really Nice And Addicting For Alot Of People, But There Alot Of Ads. Despite How Many Ads There Are, I Rate This A 5 Out Of 5!

Charles Ritzmann

Great brick breaker.

Mohamed eldaly

Love it

Sameer Shah

Love the game. Skippable ads.

Pieter Kahts

Excellent game

Hany Ammar

Nice app.

Trey Corley

Love the game, just a few minor tweaks that would help out. Need more free options to receive more balls.

Enrique Gonzalez

Love this game

Eleanor Gallagher

Brick Blast

Marti Popham

Really enjoy this challenge!

Gordon Connor

Great pass time

Michael Marshall

Very addictive

Prem Tamang

I love it this game 🤗🤗😍😍😍

Enea Rustemi

Welcom your help

Tyrone Allen

I like it so far I'm giving it 5stars if anything changes I'll be back to change those stars

Joy Burdeshaw


Ntuthuko Ngwane


Amanda Murray


Liam Webb

Great way to pass time

syed mustafa.a

Nice game

Lisa West

Simple but enjoyable!

Martin Dent

Exactly what it says on the tin.


Fun, easy to play, very relaxing 👍


Great little game.. yes there are Ads but not annoyingly long. Top Game Guys deserve a 5 star.

Stax Didi


Ralph Smith


William Cox

Honestly, an all around great game!! And for those that complain about ads. Just turn your wifi or data off and poof.... No ads. I can spend hours playing this game and not get bored. 👏👍

Robert Black

As good as 155.

Niranjan Nayak

Very nice

Tom Roe

Fun and fast moving

laxan Malaha

Ndak seungajoe jumpoe noe di bagas duniyoe ino ndak gagah kanoe kitoe nonton soe pilem lucu-lucu di video New Marriage di video New game ataupie

Jessie Enoch


Craig mygrant

Fun game


Very good game for me

Ryan Kilborn

It will pass the time.

sara lomonaco


Bongani Phiri

Great Improvement!!

Margaret Shewchuk



Ads are usually five in free games but this has become downright intrusive. There's a banner ad on every page and then un-skippable ads after every single round you play.

Annette & Don Anderson

A fair game for a change

saeed farzad


Md Milon Hossain


Juliana Siriman


Travis Harder


Gavin Waksman

It because of the ads for that's it

Ethel Espino

Love it

Ronald Stovall

Great game and good way to pass time

Baloch Jan

Saddam jan

Tara Ghasmi



Love the sounds so much in this game!! Really makes it for me ☺️

Bless innocent Tanko

Game to love

Yvette Medina

Hope and agree with the all points . A Happiness game.

Timothy Horne

Everything wrong with this game......ball doesn't go where it's aimed, ball always seems to go right back to the same ever so inconvenient spot where you don't have a good aim. levels become impossible for developer to gain in app purchases or ad revenue. Levels become so bad that once you get an opening it stacks more blocks with higher counts. And to go on top of impossible levels it has the 3 star progress that nobody wants.

Aayan Sohail

It is a good game

Rob Dingwell

Love it, so very addicting lol really addicting!!!!

Tina McDowell

It's cool game

Demi Daniel

To be fair this game is actually the best bricks vs ball I played in a while. It's on point 😇😇😇

Gh Hayg


Loquendo Tarik

Nothing 5 stars just thank you for making this game!

enslin Hendricks

out of the year game

Maria Dow

Fab game, very addictive

Sarah B

Lots.of ads but fun to pass the time!!

Robyn Smartlight

So much fun ®

tanayha hampton

Good amount of ads. No ads are better but this is good

K. Saul

Really good brick game. Daily freebies and ads aren't bad. My only wish is a slider at the bottom for aiming when the ball is close to the sides of the screen.

izzy hunter

Buttons were unresponsive on my motorola g51, was unable to play.

Adam Tabor

Kewl game nice levels and rewards

Wikus Grobler

It's fun keeps me busy


It was so fun when I have to watch Ads more than actually playing the game

Sylvia Nombulelo

Interesting game

Mr Manoj Kujur

Need more accurate

Johnny Rowland


Chris Estep

It's fun. What else can I add?

Steve H Sprague


James Dean

Nice game to make ya use that brain aye lol

Frank Garcia

Level 10 is sus🤔🤔

Mathew Hodge

Good time killer. Good graphics and fun game. Levels differ some east some challenging.

Simple Simon

I really love this game. It is loads of fun.

Willie Rivera

Fun game 😁

Mahyar Khavanin

Good game

Steve Jenkins

Great game with refreshingly few/short ads. Other devs should take this as an example of how to produce a good game, not just a platform for a ridiculous amount of ads which totally destroy gameplay. Five stars

Tyler Mcdonald

It was I guess little bad or little good idk?

Megan Courson


Kevin Jones

Great pastime

Peter Thomas

Great game. But I have reached level 1757 and it will not let me progress. I have tried to contact the developers, but their link does not work. I am hoping they will read this review and help me resolve this problem

Walter Duncan Jr

Great game and very relaxing thought provoking playing.