Brick Breaker: Legend Balls

Author: BitMango

1M+ install


Shoot and break bricks and become the ball master!
Brick Breaker: Legend Balls is an addictive ball shooter game with tons of unique levels! Earn combos, power-ups, and unique items for even more fun! Great for killing time or playing on-the-go (even offline!). Once you start, you won’t want to stop! Swipe brick breaker and break your stresses away in the number one brick breaker game!

Play is simple: Just swipe or tap to shoot and blast bricks. Break as many bricks as you can at once to earn stars & gems. Use those rewards to unlock new types of balls!
Many bricks are waiting for you! Destroy many bricks and balls, pop the lock, and enjoy the breaker fun! The more bricks you pop in a single click- to more points you earn for every brick.

While easy to learn, it’s not a simple task to become a ball master! Stretch your brain to calculate the angle of the ball and rebound paths using our guiding line! Keep at it, and you’ll blast your way to victory!

Join the brick world and enjoy all the different challenges and puzzles that await you!
Download today to write your own brick breaker legend! Swipe brick breaker now!

• Bricks and balls of various colors! Break bricks and become the ball master!
• Aim and shoot to break bricks!
• Free & easy to play, challenging to ball master!
• Use power boosters to pass harder levels!
• Trade gems and stars for different balls!
• Tons of unique puzzles full of fun and amazing challenges!
• No time limits! You can enjoy Bricks Breaker: Legend Balls at your own pace!
• Bricks Breaker: Legend Balls is optimized for android & google play games.

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Join the brick breaker world today and destroy many bricks!
Play bricks and balls now for free! Brickbreaker fun is awaiting you!
Swipe brick breaker, pop the lock and check whether you can destroy them all!

If you’re into bricks and balls games like: ball breaker, ball blaster, idle balls, bbtan, ball crusher, ballz, brick ball and block breaker, then this brick breaker game is just right for you.

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: May 30, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: BitMango
Price: Free
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Customer review

Russell Wear


Arlene Hicks-Sloan

Great game

Megan Courson

5 stars for being a damn good time 😁👍

Jim Taylor


Tom Bourdeau

Love the game 😍

David Terrell

Cool game

Mary McCoy

Hope this is a good one 🤔

Patrick Long

Much better than most the other games. Patrick

LaDonna Carroll

Great game

Sofie Hudson

Fun for a while but boring when levels are impossible I would like to leave a full review but it seems like the Google app doesn't allow "Tell us more (optional)" as a feature. Let's just say, this game is trash, even if your pay for ad-free. It's not worth it. Clue: if you see bricks that are marked "0" they're impossible to kill. I'd like to attach a screenshot but the Google app isn't offering the option. Play the game if you're looking for fun, but it's not a long-term commitment.

Shar Dee

Super glitchy. Games are as expected, but it will crash or get stuck mid Games all the time. I've deleted.

Mhairi Crum

Once again another game that is NOTHING like advertised. Just the same As every other brick breaker game. BORING!Uninstalled.

Jesse Kjolso

Good game, fun, addicting. Too many adds. An add after every level? Really? And too many ads hijack/exploit phone controls so there's no way to leave the ad. Still... Three stars. Pretty fun for a free game, even if it's annoying.

Dan Perron

Great time burner

Radu Niculescu

Too aggressive adds

Sam W.

So many ads that its just rediculous. Wouldve enjoyed the game, but the amount is beyond unnecessary.

Adam Raven

Low angles break the bricks faster

Tony Gill


Dante Oblivion

When I pay for no ads, I expect no ads. Silly me. What's worse is it could be a brainless, relaxing spot of fun, but they nickel and dime you every step of the way.

ata amini

فقط کش میدن

Luis Camacho-Morfin

So fun and addicting. Love playing it after smoking

Eduardo Castillo

I had just reached the 30 level, there's many more, great! Excelent shooting control and special shoots. Just a few adds once in a while, the problem is: those add are so long and had the thinnest button to close. Whiteout that, great game in general.

Ed Sanner

Fun until the last update.

Ken Miller

Fun but must pay to play at very low levels

Charles Ferguson

Good game ....

Jason Sheets

When given the option to not watch an ad and I get one anyway is automatic uninstall. Would be great otherwise.

Timothy Horne

Game becomes nearly impossible so you have to make in app purchases. The ads are relentless.

Jesse Chambless

What an underwhelming game

Daniel R.

It's addictive

Brandon Mims

It's a fun time consumer that makes me think.


There's a game in your ads


I've been playing this game for a couple of years but now they've ruined it with the length of adverts after each level. The game is quite good but the adverts have now ruined it. Guess they're trying to force you to pay to go advert free. It won't work with me, I'll just stop playing.

Susan Vance

Colourful & fun. I like it. Thanks.

Angela K

No exit button.

Christopher Perry

Fun and addicting. Wish we had the choice of the old look.

Captain Jack Sparrow

I know you need to make money from ads but an ad after each level is crazy. Instantly made me quit this.

Jerry Charbauski

Fun game to make my 12 hour shifts go by quicker

Fred Howard-Smith

This game challenges the individual to observe where the best weakness of the brick in order to gain the upper hand.

jeremy wilson


Tracy Rye

so far so good

Abdulrahman Hussaini

I really love the game

Larry Peteet

Lot of fun but may have to spend money to keep playing higher levels even with commercials!


Great game

John David

𝓑𝓻𝓲𝓬𝓴 𝓑𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓴𝓮𝓻: 𝓛𝓮𝓰𝓮𝓷𝓭 𝓑𝓪𝓵𝓵𝓼 𝓘𝓼 𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓑𝓮𝓼𝓽

Mohamad Fitri

Excellent game guys & I love it so much 👍



Thad Elliott

Great game

Doug Smith


John Thomas

Passes the time away 🤣


Fun can't stop playing since I downloaded it

Graham Key

Very fun and addictive. I got to level 67 before I had to consider spending significant money to proceed, so uninstalled for now.


Come on still laughing that ★★★★⚪ reviews is too funny because I was on the Monday review ★☆☆☆☆ stupid laugh

علی عیدانی

سرگرمیه خوبیه

Robert Thorn


Moxy Million

Love the game but can not take seeing the vulgar adds that are not appropriate for anybody who might be a minor playing this game . Very disgusting.. if they care that much for money by playing the vulgar adds and have no respect for the ones who must see their disgusting adds.. then why play? Deleted this game despite my enjoyment from it and the money spent on it.

Rich S

Played this game for hours. Then I got stuck. End of story.

Michelle Lucas


Shady Janzeir

I've finished all 2020 episodes. Now what? Is that all there is?!


Best brick breaker game. My only issue is I'm a perfectionist, I only move on to the next level after I get 3 stars, I'm on level 429 and I don't understand how the score works. It seems so random. A level could take me like 20 min with 0 stars, I shoot once and get 3 stars, or I completely clear the board and get 0 stars, I've been stuck at some levels trying to get 3 stars for weeks if not longer. I think the scoring needs to be better because it makes no sense.

Devin Guill

Time killer

Shaun Kowtiash


Linda Keo

Helps kill time

Dr Wayne Jazz Mitchell

Fabulous free 👌 ✨

Nylo M.

Much like other games that are gotcha games, this game after level 30 slams you with ads, making it near impossible to play. The first few levels are fine, then slammed with ads. Worst part is, you can't even pay to turn that crud off. Further more, due to the ads, sometimes the game bugs so when you try to stop an ad and they show their 'deal' you might accidentally click on the deal and get sent to the Google play screen to purchase their current deal. Uninstalling this game right now.

t trail

Just fun fun fun fun :-)

Raymond Hudson

Beautiful games


Too many adds. 5 second game with 20seconds of adds.

Saber Yusuf

Always liked this kind of game. The game is great and addictive, visually and audibly appealing. The sound seems to cut out though randomly sometimes. 5-stars after that fix.

rawr !

It's entertaining

Wee Carla King!!

I love this wee game 😊 more than other brick-breaker games, however, I hate how many adverts there are 😔 I appreciate you need them to keep the game free but 2 ad's after almost every level is a bit much😖 even for me who doesn't mind watching them for boosts, moves etc. It won't stop me from playing though 😁 I do really like your game 🤙🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

James Bobery

Loved this game. Now it's awful. Don't download unless you want to see adverts every 4 seconds. Pity. Deleted

Clay Parker

Disappointed, loved this game on iPad but recently switched to Tab. The android version does not have the option to purchase out of ads. The amount of ads is staggering and ruins game play. I will no longer be playing this game unfortunately.

mohammad reza Khajewand


Andrea Stickley

I really enjoy this one can play for hours

Eleanor Gallagher

Ball Blast

Wendy Diienno


becky neese

OK so playing awhile and you barely get any reward goodies for playing the game and had to remove payment info from Google because buy me stuff pops up when u Think u are clicking to go into game almost paid accidentally so not thrilled with the game like the challenge don't like gotta buy to get anything in this game

naani vemula


Michael Case

Relaxing needs a little thought then your first move decides the outcome.


Love this game helps me relax

Judith Gould

Helps me concentrate on the escape mechanism


Nice game easy to play

Nazim ansari

Boaring and time wasting app 🤮🤮🤮🤮

Timmy Swartley

It is almost amazing! Just a little hard to control the cannon!

Matt Bundy

Supergaymatt loves it.

Jimmy Strawder


christopher harrison


Joyce Meyerhoeffer

Well balanced challenges makes playing successfully without in app purchases a pleasure.

dave bacon

Very addictive list of fun

Tina Hintlian

Like the old style break out game but way cooler in game play and graphics.

Lowell Cloudman

Its fun to play

Bo Sharp

Too many completely unskippable ads. You have to force quit the app and restart it.


A fairly simple game relying on spacial relationships but they do it well

Georgii Uraksin

Updated: thank you for fixing! That's how developers should work! Good job, guys! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 Old: Level 95 is broken! I got a key but bricks still invulnerable.

Rachel Wranosky

Great game, but disgusting suggestive ads.

William Ross

Had enough of this game already

Neal Hesser

Lots of simple fun

Angelius Angelius

Love it

James McArthur

Ad delivery platform. Served me ads for "Brick and ball" game, their superior competitor. 🤣 Graphics: 5/10 Audio: turned off immediately because of the blaring ads - 0/10 Playability - 7/10 Longevity : once you get the ads that take minutes to complete you'll want to uninstall this games - 2/10 Overall: 35% A simple looking, fun game let down by the multitude of annoying ads.

Randall Jarnigan