Brawl Knight

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Brawl Knight – One day you entered the country and met many companions, a brave marauding Paladin, an evil witch with a “sheep spell”, a Moorish witch with deadly poisonous mushrooms, a sylvan elf who can inspire morale… They belong to different camps, but they are united because of you How will you lead your army, defeat the enemy, save your companions and go on an unknown adventure as an adventurer?
【Relax, Put and Raise】
Light card fight is to refuse to grind! You don’t have to be online every day, you can also get many scout rewards by hanging: diamonds, experience, gold, heroes, you can easily get them every day. Too many heroes, taking a long time to update? Grow your entire team with one click! Develop your team easily.
【Multiple professions, different formations】
Card heroes are fighter, mage, marksman, support, leader, etc., different professions appear with different chemical effects, meet powerful bosses, sometimes it is a good choice to change the formation! There are not only rich hero skills, but also unique feats, so you can easily grind with half the effort!
【Hero Exchange, Resource Recovery】
What can you do if you don’t want to continue training your hero? Don’t be afraid! We have a hero exchange feature that allows you to instantly get a high level hero by replacing a hero level. There is also a one-click restore function that allows you to completely restore the materials of the updated device!
【Many Activities and Rewards】
Dig your own gold mine in the treasure cave and loot other people’s gold mines; challenge the layers of guards in the throne tower and advance; In Endless Abyss, collect equipment, challenge the Demon King and search for treasures; In the forge, choose materials, forge weapons and improve your fighting skills! Heroes, coins, diamonds, rich prizes await you! Each holiday season also has limited time activities so you can enjoy your vacation!
【Strong Battle, Highest Grade】
Can you defeat your opponent on the fierce battlefield and earn a place in the warrior rankings? With nine groups including Recruit, Trainee, Warrior, Elite, Expert, etc., where will you end up? Fierce competition, rich prizes, the battlefield belongs to warriors full of blood!
Come to “Brawl Knight” to lead an army and prove your strength!
As a small team, we considered many game formats in the early stages and finally decided to introduce our game as a random ranked card game, not just a supplement, a reasonable composition can bring out the maximum power of the game. fighting team As a small team, we still have many gaps in experience, we are willing to listen to the voice and opinions of each adventurer, but also care about the problems faced by each adventurer, we welcome all adventurers to contact us to exchange!
Adventurers can find us in the following ways.
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File size: 108 MB
Update time: 2023-02-15T13:39:37.000Z
Current version: 2.8.0
Require Android: 4.4
Developer: Doreyoo Game
Price: $Free
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