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Take back your kingdom
Brave Merge – Battle & Defense – Armies of the undead 💀 have invaded your kingdom and your task is to win back your rural village village by village. Hire warriors and fight hordes of zombies to free your kingdom from the scourge of the dead. Transform your simple peasant army into an elite group of powerful knights by uniting them, unlock all kinds of village buildings to earn passive income during the game, and invest your earnings back to defend your kingdom in this colorful and fun game. an adventure game that combines time management with strategy and combat.
🛡What heroes are made of: You have to level up fast to beat the zombies in battle. Recruit new troops and combine them with other warriors of the same level to improve their combat effectiveness.
🛡Turn Plows into Swords: Your warriors start out with simple clubs to defeat zombies, but as they level up, they earn battleaxes, armor, longswords and more, making them true knights and reducing trading times. with the dead.
🛡Climb the Tower: Free the towers and you’ll find your warriors are just as useful with bows as they are with swords attacking the zombies around them.
🛡 What is it? If you think swarms of skeleton zombies are the worst you’ll have to fight in this game, wait until you see their leader – every village you enter also has a terrifying monster boss that you have to fight before you can move on. Make sure you have plenty of advanced warriors to counter them 🗡 🧟‍♂️ 👹.
Back to Work⚡️: Clearing areas of undead will get the village back up and running, and you’ll get income from preserved buildings like taverns, forges, sawmills, and temples.
Coins💰: Buildings add coins that you earn by killing zombies in battle. Be sure to collect your income regularly to maximize the amount you can invest in your army – hiring new knights gets expensive quickly.
The Joys of Automation💡: Make your industries even more efficient by automating your revenue collection so you can enjoy truly passive income while you devote your energy and attention to defending your kingdom and defeating the undead in battle. If I had a hammer…🔨 There is another currency in the game that can also be won in battle and won from chests. Combined with trading cards, hammers allow you to upgrade buildings and increase your income.
Are you looking for a fun casual adventure game that combines easy-to-control gameplay with tactical challenges and time management strategies? Take your sword, build an army of fearsome knights and dedicate yourself to protecting the kingdom. Download Brave Merge now and get ready for an adventure. Privacy Policy:
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Current version: 1.0.9
Require Android: 7.0
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