Brake To Die

Author: Kiary games

1M+ install


Racing championships existed at all times. At the beginning, they took place on the race tracks. But it bored, and racers find the way… they start competing on the open world roads with traffic. After a while it became boring too…

Introducing the new and totally mad way championship format – “Brake to Die”!

In this road rage game, you take control and drive a car contains a bomb. The objective is to survive as long as possible and don’t let the bomb explode. Crash into other vehicles, destroy the environment, make the maximum combo of these actions to get more points and coins! Wreak mayhem on the road! Or you can drive as long as possible carefully avoiding obstacles. Only thing you must remember the bomb attached to your car will explode if you slow down.

Key Features:
► Low poly graphics.
► 50+ different cars
► Rockets!
► Fast-paced, unique road rage game-play
► Different camera view: Top-down or 3rd person.
► Control your car with 4 ways: Default, Tilt, Steering wheel and Arrow buttons.
► Quests and challenges
► Endless randomized world
► Google play services: TOP ladder, achievements
► More to come…

How to Play:
The rules are simple No Brakes! Just tap right to move your car right and tap left to move left in this speed racer game.

So are you ready for this racing adventure? You better be!

If you like playing road rage games ”Brake to Die” is just a perfect and a must have speed racer game. The game will challenge your focus and timing skills. Be sure to have some practice before challenging your friends and family for a high score. Happy racing, have fun!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jan 11, 2019
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Kiary games
Price: Free
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Customer review


love it also the arrows are to far apart make them closer also make buttons resizeable i like a little bit smaller arrow

Mona Chaudhary

Good guy m drops

Stefan Creanga

Awesome game

A Google user

It was super fun I love it and the gas tricks are gine

Soarele coxat

The idea of The game îs awesome

janjelle steinfurth

Stupid games. Cant get required speed or control the bloody car so i die. Wasted my time and got excited for nothing

antony cinicola

Good game

Adisa Idowu

It's not installed

Canute Fernandes

Vbb the car 🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗

Zian Xander Lacanlale

i love this game so much!!


The garage is terrible. Driving is so-so

Hunter Leitzke

It is fun

Crazy Chrome

It's a good game great time killer u half to watch out cause next thing you know hour even day slip by lol

commander gaming mohammed

I like is bc of the cars and more

Gideon Heck

Love it!

Gary Stroebel

Good bro

Fat Tony

Hardly any ads. Simple controls. Etc. Recommend

Shikhar Garg

Great gameplay, UI, Sounds, effects Great work team!!!!!!

Andreas Vartalamis

It's perfect.

Marcus Kgoete

🇿🇦uhm lovin it😉

FaMon Iza

Good concept but I don't understand how to play it.

Nikolai Powanda

🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿/🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿 Five _ out of five

Kiarash Bahmani

Not instrening

Dean Freese

I can't play so I will like to play the game but I can't

The Modern Prometheus

Only for short ads

bohlool divaneh

Very good

Trevor Millokowski

A lot of fun. Great game for killing time. I love the graphics and the way the game plays

Kyler Walker

Really fun game not a bunch of annoying ads either of course there's some ads but not as many as others for sure shoot rockets and get different cars as well


Best game i have ever played

Nate Olson

GREAT GAME & FUN FREE time killer that's HARD TO PUT DOWN! Fun game with very few ads and they are the nice n short only 5 second ads that thankfully & surprisingly don't occur very often at all. Also lots of ways to get coins, no need to ever have to pay real $$ to have fun and complete missions, plus its not too hard at all but still hard enough to be a fun challenge. And almost no wait time between games. Did I mention it is fun!

sheree shoemaker

this is the best game ever yaya

Eda Robert

One funny game


Wuld be great to choose either same direction as driver and both directions.

Siphesande Nogela

Good game

si prima saung children arts

when i jump a ramp and jaump a nother jamp it keeps exploading can you please fix it

Sachin Bodke

THlS is sooooooo HARD Because I keep die ??.

Real Fantasy

Ehhhh... not really my cup of tea, although it runs smooth, with these graphics it kinda should. Same squarish mess made in unity with the most annoying mechanics.

Mohammad Nemati

I think 1 star is too much for this game

eyad shenawy

Please make new app

Alab Sagip Rañola

Is this a hard game or is it a stupid game and is this offline?

EL Khidr Mangum

It's dope. Hard but cool

Roham Darvish


samual briggins


Landis Jaxson

You have good cars 🚗 By jaxson Landis.

Nahla Salah

So cool just make some cars for free and add Tesla's.

Maryam Shalbaf Esfahani

عالی بود خیلی باحال

X Buddhija


kamaljit singh

Great game

Bhavya Juthuga

Worst game in the entire world


Nice and hard game

Mystere Ebouldegom

UI buttons won't go back to default. Stuck with the arrows on the right and I'm left handed. Ridiculous sloppiness...

Thabang John

Good game has good graphics and is a cute game

Hector Peralta

Very fun & exciting.

Muhammad Akrash


Mateus Alexandre

Awesome game!

Muhammad Oki

This game is great. If your car is slow down, your car will explode and it's game over.



Atilla Terlemez

I love this game but I'd want u to uptade something and that's is like why can't we do like car safety check for example like I create half SUV half hatchback can you please do this uptade I would be really happy.

Jonathan Cody


leart-roblox Zhegrova

nise game nise game

Jamie Bloomer

Hard to control

Danni Renee

To many ads

Geraldine Gorme

Dis game gud

Haroon Karimi

Just explod

Carina Carstens

Sorry sorry i canexplane it was just there were no data everyone sorry now i have the game now i can now play bye everyone😅😅. Can you add Miniguns in and a powerd fan in plz just to make the game more special plz am verry sorry plz just to it for the gamers in this world👍🏻

Chelsea Mclamb


Kaiden Hallon


Neeraj Malav

Awesome game.

Larry Schwartz

Too repetitive


It's not that bad. But the controls are kinda hard

Unity refinnej


Sparky Vazquez

Fine game

Ann Greenheart

Just bait for ad watching, particularly obnoxious since most rounds of play last less tha an 30 seconds.

Tom Cruise

Good game

m. macati


Samuel Panjaitan

Oh god the nostalgia 5/5 great game it's very challenging and the graphics are nice (at least since last time I played)

Austin Kwiatkowski

The games been fun so far and it's pretty steady progression. So far the only bug I've encountered is the fuel tank trucks don't actually explode. The rocket hits it and it just dissapears. I have a clip of it if needed. I also noticed my car isn't blowing up either when the bomb goes off, and I have a clip of that as well.

Isaiah Baird

Love the game! Simple graphics and fun game concept. I like how you have to weave through traffic but you can also blow up anything in your path. I wish there were police though. Police will sure add some thrill to the game. I also like the fact that there are so much customization options for the cars. Makes me feel like I am driving a piece of artwork; and then I immediately wreck it.

first last

This game wowi. I've 100% it it's epic!!!!!!1!!1

xXjorgeXx playz

Yeah I used to play this game

Batgerel Ganbold

➰➰➰➰➰➰➰ very good game

Даниил Сотников

A good game. Good quality. Few ads

Mark Lovejoy

Fun quick timewaster. They should make a movie based on this game.

sumanth pedamalla

Control are so bad

Stuart Little

No matter what device i play it on, it is always laggy

Chaman Rawat

Nice game

Virginia Searls

this game is getting bad its cool still though

Gábor Balásy


Anthony Freiwald

The control is unpredictable and sporadic. Tried different controls and sensitivity.

Shubhangi Rane

This game is very nice ,,, i like this game because i love cars and in this games there are so many cars there is f1 car racing car and i like colours and skins

Win Htut

Good game

Jordan Brailey

I found a glitch I got -19 I found a few I flu off the map and I got a magic car and it can fly and I love it make a power up plz I will love it make it a spring

Ponnada Gopinadhsai

Very fun game graphics can be a bit clear but good worth playing plenty of time

Daryl Roberts

Thar is a varies

George Atef

This game place in trash

De Britto

Too much ads But easy riding


Superŕ game

Marcos García

Challenging and fun. Good time killer!

h i

i died

Mandi Wosser

Grate game