Braindom 2: Who is Lying? Fun Brain Teaser Riddles

Author: Matchingham Games

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Braindom 2: Who is Lying? Fun Brain Teaser Riddles – Thinking games meet logic puzzle riddles. Wash your brain & find out who did it!

Detailed info

File size: 174M
Update time: September 1, 2021
Current version: 1.3.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Matchingham Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Vinayak gupta

Worst Experience...

naveed khan

Too Many Ads

Pooja Zarkar

awesome game nice riddles

Techi Elijah


Nixon Kaulo

I really like the riddles, their fun

nomatter bhalaki

This game is a little bit fun but I'm a grown up so my child plays this game I mean it's boring if I'm bored i don't play this game I'm done I don't like it because of the ads I love you all

Omidreza Mohammadpour

Lots of unskippable adds

SHO Gaming Yt

good for timepass

carolyne musawo


Sergey K

Are you kidding? You are showing the ads after each level which lasts 7 seconds. The ad lasts longer than the game. Have you got conscience guys?

Lynchie Bungabong Rabaya

good nice game

Venkateswararao Chintala


Andre Tepedino

Do not download. Game is shallow, barely scratches the brain - ir's more of a "know where to click". It'd still be an ok game if not for the massive amount of ads. Plenty of other better games in the same genre

Kaye Rout

awesome game

Gurjeet Kaur

It is very good game

Noor Dimachk

Incredibly boring. No reprecussions for answering wrong. Literally no challenge and plenty of ads make this boring.

Deborah Kavanagh

it is really fun and I have been playing this game all day

Michele Battista

Stated playing and after a couple of rounds you get so many ads that you just want to uninstall the game and write a bad review. Frustrating and no sense

vishal amla

I give one star because I done oustion but app say show proo ff what can i show prooff

Alissa Swayze

To many ads. Gets annoying. Literally after every level. Uninstalled.

Sumant Singhi

Silly game...full of ads on every click

Freddy's Gaming

fantastic game

vishnu gopi The beast boy

super barin fasting game❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sai Varshith

Wroist game iam try to download it also come to 96 percent suddenly stopped and downloading from first

Matias Aquiatan

like the games (AD)

Kc Juz

There is an advertisement for almost every click of the game. Also the UI of solving the puzzle is not intuitive and the steps needed to solve it are unclear sometimes.

Santie van Deventer

soooooo good

tosca space


gurd steven


Dusan Kitanovic

It's a decent game, but like unreasonable amount of ads. Very sad

Misty W

This game could be great! But if you don't pay to stop the ads it just isn't worth it. 6 levels in and I've seen more than 6 ads. They are after every level 😒


good game

David Bartlett

Great game that hones your observation and thinking skills.

Michael Geib

ahhhhhh nice

Anamika Agrahari

gud 1

Ahmed A. Rahman


letleth cacho

so many ads

Pooja Rajpal


Pauline Lothrop

Won't move to next stage

Hari Ram

Like it

Jyotika Patel

greatest game

Aditya Chauhan

nice game

Nitish Sharma

Good game. Just ads after level 10 are too frequent. If it was an add every 5 or 10 levels that would be understandable since you have to make money too. But high frequency of ads are probably what is causing customers to uninstall quickly out of frustration

vineeth puthan purayil

Full of ads

Mateen Sallar

nice game

Baby Doctor

It is not a game , it is an advertisement hub. Such an irritable ad number..I got headache by playing this

Hafsa Anees

interested game ever

Joshua H

Add after every puzzle and very simple

blaQ Y

Id like to play it a little while.. But the amount of adds made this unbearable.

Star Lightzz

fun and unique way to get your mind off things.

खाना खज़ाना


aamir hussain


Meghraj Mali

Madarchod game ahe pratyek level la ads yetyay

Ce Ja


Deepa K


Cristina Marie Andaya

BORING. You don't really have to use your brain. Just click anywhere in the screen. Waste of time

Randeep Siwach

🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Very bad game Don't download Kuchh hai hee nhi isme Bore ho jaana but ye mat khelna

Moamen Fahim

بطيئه جدا

beans beans

too easy

afsal Afsal sas

Too much adds . Can't play with these long adds.

Ahmed Kilany

اللغه العربيه مش موجوده

Tarsis Goncalves

Very easy to find the truth, then you have to watch an ad to watch other ad, and you can't get out of it, too much ad

Rebecca Mapule Sitiba

good for me

Amaljith N S


Noman Khamba




Clarissa Hancock

Horrible, ALL ADs. I would give this game negative if possible.

Hemang Mendpara

Only ad

Alfred Presske


Devadevan Firoz

This is simple there is no need of playing this game its easy of time

Y.B.Gamers Jatin

So many ads

Eliza Mae Shea Manicane

it make my brain to understand all

Lelia Khaled


Gladwin Peter

interesting game

lingubaari Veraswamy

Beautiful game 💕💕💕

Vahira Mahi


Nagesh Halakatti

Bad game chodike bosdike

Madhab Chandra

very good👍

Pergu Sunil

it's good

Bushra Ansar

very interesting game 👌programming is superb

Neha Malik

Time waste

Anca Stefania Neagu

It is not working.

Nurialam Shaikh

The game is very good, and it is a lot of fun to play, I liked it a lot thank you

Barsha Behera

So good game play perfect

Nurfadhilah Hakim

This is a good game

Kristine Corpuz


Laura Yanez


Jose Nunez

great game

Mara Clarida

this game is pretty good it doesn't really have a lot of ads and it is a good brain teaser

sunhee lee

too much ad.

Grahame James

Too many adds

Elle Morgan

To many adds

Tanishq Photography


Emma Isaacks

It is really fun and interesting game to play it features a lot of fun Characters like Michell Jackson and Nelson Mandela . It a really fun game it may look bad and some reviews are critical but don't mind that and try the game and you will be amazed with the results🥰😃😁🙏

Nabanita Devi

Too many ads

The official gamer

free likes

Nailah Singh

All that I can say is...👌perfect

Echo Somen

Level 9 gives NO live area to tap to show "proof" so cant play past that. Text SO TINY you cant see clues. Graphics too light and blurry. Game freezes on opening screen 9 times out of 10. You cant zoom in. 1st puzzle asks "who is the father" (of baby shown) . The "proof" of it is shown in a tiny blurry "photo" on wall of mom and father. You literally cant see it. you see dark hair which both men Very buggy. text and drawings Way too small and light.

Ali Algrab

Proves are not working while pressing on

Joy No

I thought this would be fun, but it makes you watch more ads then you have time playing the game. Way to many ads.