Braindom 2: Who is Lying? Fun Brain Teaser Riddles

Author: Matchingham Games

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Braindom 2: Who is Lying? Fun Brain Teaser Riddles – Thinking games meet logic puzzle riddles. Wash your brain & find out who did it!

Detailed info

File size: 174M
Update time: September 1, 2021
Current version: 1.3.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Matchingham Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

alvi Hassan

nice brain test game


Too many ads!!! - decent game at a glance after a few levels but 2/3 adverts PER LEVEL is ridiculous. You genuinely spend more time watching repetitive LONG adverts than you do playing the game. Uninstalled.

the famous

nice game

vanja mala

The horror of advertising! Every 30 seconds of advertising! Where you touch the guide, advertising!....


Way too many ads :(

Naseema Khaja

This game is so Amazing, Awesome and good

Dragan Mijatovic

Extremely polluted by ads, money sucker.

Han elrobi

If you make the questions a little bit harder, the game will be amazing.

Yuddldoud Kydod

it game is amazing you can try it 💞

modather matin


autumn oranges


mercedes christesen

After every single puzzle you have to watch a video and it's the same video over and over

Kibovi Asumi

I don't know about this game so much but i think it's gonna be fun for me others i don't know but for me it's gonna be fun game for me .....last but not the list it's very wooooow...❤️❤️👍👍👍


It's really cool to B able to play good music and "feel" smart.

Ann Korrell

Often either the scene won't respond, it it won't recognize the solution when I do it.

Faisal Dharwar

So many adds .. this is just a adds application.. no game anymore.

Ender Elohim

Too much ads

Josh Ozuem

A very cool game but too much ads made it disgusting,

ericka morning

too many ads. After every game u play 2-3 ads. Over kill of ads, that's not gonna make u buy the no ads....let people play.

Salwa M


Brian Bisaso


Joseph Branch

After downloading phone start experiencing glitching and freezing possible malware. To the developers if I'm wrong well then you might want to fix the problem.

Besim Kalaveri

It's a very good game!

Pramila Sherpa

it's nice

Gurupad Hegde

It is very interesting game.i imprsed

Abdhulla Thahseen cpppl

Y'all this good game but one little thing the quizzes are soo so hard but any ways it does help my brain to get smarter 🙂😜

Greg B

Absolute waste of time. Nothing but ads and they think you'll pay $5 for the most lazy "game" everm I hope they go out of business and end up homeless.

jaisai Ganesh


Lorena Tabasin

The ads Will you wait and play its not annoying and its a good play just good everything about the all games just no adds be proud and happy for play enjoy every 2x good doings bye

Abu Bakar

Misbah ❤️

Khano Ligavha


miss niza

so best


way 2mny ads

Ayrin Rafa

nice app

jutta McClary

this is a great game, it really makes you think in a fun way 😀 👍

andrew martin

Way too many ads. An ad after every level. Deleted after the the 10th one just to see if it kept being that bad

Linda Anderson

good game

Davere Tash

makes your mind exercise

Beth P

Ads are insane. Like. After every question. So fine. I bought ad removal for five bucks. Guess what?, still have ads. I want a refund.

Ansari Sultan


Wr Im

You play for 2 seconds and watch ads everytime which are 10 times longer.

Tomeika Davis

The game is cool HOWEVER in the Band Trivia bonus round, the last question to be exact, that band was clearly the spice girls. I'm making you aware that your game has them labeled as some band named Garbage

badriah nasrina

please don't want to put a lot of ads in one game......this will make it more complicated

Azariyah Louis

I love it thank you 💖❤️

Goog Schmoog

Way way way way way too many ads. First hour of gameplay was 34 ads alone. Hard pass.

Irfan ga

only adds

Say G

Useless tooo many ads and sickening rather than interesting

Dhiraj nmc

awesome 👍😎 and very interesting

Temwani Gift


Ellin Dionson

i love 💕 it

pankaj Khatri

This game is good. My brain.power is increse for game thanks you 🥰🥰

Cepe Mahouya

Good...but too much idiot advertisement video there...

Kevin Setiawan

Too many ads!! Auto uninstall!!

Rafiya Syed



Too many ads!!!! Uninstalled with the quickness!


Too many ads. Can't actually play the game. It's a shame cuz the game really had potential


The last picture on the Band Quiz is The Spice Girls but it keeps saying it's wrong.

Rentia Gouws

I love this game,The ads are not a problem because it's actually helping us to give our own brain a break for thinking (WHO IS LYING )👌🏻

nevaeh contreras

Ads are annoying, but overall this is a pretty good game.

Dipa karmakar

I love this game

Anc Tay

Too much ads

Kukki T


Supriyo Ganguly

Game with lots of ad. Frustrating

S Graystone

seens nice

Jason Piske

An ad after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL. It's exhausting, ridiculous, and cause for deletion. The game itself is fine, but the ads are too much.

Jaden Zakrysek

so many ads

Joel Araniel

very good

donald riddle

different , enjoy a mind challenge.

Tk Aladdin

op game

Abram Micheal


Harsh Kaushal

Pathetic. So many ads!! It's like you're watching just ads. Irritating as hell!

Bongani Dube


Ganga Devi


20ATA55 Mohamed Ashif.A

First your try and receive in our comment🤭

Debbie Jacobsen

This could be a fun game, HOWEVER, there are TOO MANY ADS!

Sona Hilalova


Karleen Fekete

Its ok, glitches a lot and lots of ads and too many gay ads.

Hazel kaur Kaur

It's kind of nice you all can try

Juan Acuña

Propagandas todo el tiempo. Perder el tiempo. Hay niveles repetidos.

Elle Belly

amazing 👏

sheryl james

This game makes you really use your head.

Michael Andrade

Is this app easy to use?

Lowell Simmons

pretty easy to play. Pick and choose the right one

barham husen

very good

Sadiq Sani Yakubu

I'm so excited I deleted the game by mistake and now it's continue 😃

Narmadha sen Muttiah


JayAre Falvey

App is totally broken. Doesn't even fully load. Hangs up. Must restart device.

Aayat tanzil

nice game

napuli to

good game

Talari Pawan kumar

💋nice game

Sbongile Mposula

I can't play this game

Евгений Биккинин

Ads that can't be skipped after every click


Ads factory...

Valerie Gray

Sadly destroyed by ads that are hard to get out of back button doesn't even get u out. My opinion is you ruined the app with greed.

shashank bhagwa

Too many ads

Soch Ki Udaan

nice game

Victor Zalimba


Lizeth Andrade

so nice

Daniel Bradley


jacob perdue

Way to many ad's