Brain quiz: Erase Master, Save them all

Author: WIGO Studio

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Brain quiz: Erase Master, Save them all – Return to the tricky world of Genius Brain with crazy entertaining puzzles!

Life is not easy, you can always be deceived at any time, that’s life. Are you confident that you’re smart enough to get through those tricks? Try playing it to see how smart and creative you are. Just play a few minutes a day, you have trained your mind, it’s easy and effective. Every day, you get a new workout to give you the edge over your brain.

Do you sometimes ask yourself, is it really a person without creativity and breakthrough thinking or because you have not been able to explore it in yourself? Brain games will get harder and more challenging as you complete the levels filled with tricky riddles and logical puzzles.

Brain Quiz is unlike most IQ games, brain games, and brain trainers because it has a unique concept to improve your brain. It combines and collects the most brain hack puzzles at this time. Tricky puzzles and brain games will elevate your IQ because it tricks and challenges your thinking habits in a funny and ludic way.

– Dozens of levels filled with Tricky & Crazy riddles
– Riddles to solve, are you a riddle master?
– Great exercise for the brain.
– Simple and highly addictive gameplay, helps you relax in your spare time.
– Levels filled with brain teaser humor.
– Unimagined game answers to the great number of quizzes. Think outside of the box to solve these mind puzzles
– Clue detection system for complex puzzle lovers.
– Brain IQ tests that can test yours or a friend’s IQ!

– Logic games require sleuthing!
– Critical thinking needed to solve the game by looking for clues within the picture
– Choose this or that, just a couple options!
– Beautiful graphics, professional effects, vivid sound.

Although the gameplay is simple, the puzzles are not like that, you have to be smart to solve them, try it now to see how smart you are.
Download Brain Quiz today and start your virtual detective career!! Let’s push your limits with fun brain teasers.

Detailed info

File size: 68M
Update time: September 21, 2021
Current version: 1.0
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: WIGO Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

michelle newton

There are only 31 levels.


This is just 18+

Linh Ha

gọi là tàm tạm đi

Saiful Khusaini Shamsul Bahri

Stupid kids playing..stupid dev

Rama Moussa

I love it

Merugu Chakrapani

Good game


Who the f are u. Are u trying to sexualize women in the game, this game is for 18+ not for teens. One day i was playing a game in emulator, when i tried to open save state, this inappropriate ad came. My mom took the phone away thinking i was playing this game. My phone lost because of your ads. Remove these ads or else i will report. Ok? Yo f ing ppl

Bfah offical

Dude. This game sucks...SO BAD! It's overly sexual and sexualizes girls! I am a girl actually and I don't act like that! Children shouldn't play it! I am a child)

Zoet Bailey

It is good so far but it glitches a lot and there's a lot of add so please do something about it thank you

Lilli Ketchmen

I downloaded this game thinking it would be fun. I am giving this game a 1 star rating because it is being a inpropriate game. So for anyone who wants to instal this game they should check the reviews and the game shouldn't be for everyone. It should be for age 15-20 year olds.



Elvie Alas-as


Luningning Valencia

Its so good❤


What type of man (very likely) would ever make this terrible game

Enriqueto Faro

So good

Kody Johnson

This game has way to many adds and sexualizes women.

Faith Murphy

Ok . .

spiderman spiderman

It fun

Liyana 123


Michael Norris

So fun I can play all night

Avemar Tan

This app should not be categorized as for "eveyone" as it clearly has content that is sexually suggestive and inappropriate for younger ages

Leslie Harris

I love it so much.

RUBY Star9gamer

Idk you just say that i should rAte it

Niomi Marrero

Good game

Jackson Arooja

Nice game