Brain Battle – Make Money

Author: WINR Games Inc

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Brain Battle – Make Money – The only app where you can make money by playing video games no in-app purchases

Detailed info

File size: 73M
Update time: July 13, 2021
Current version: 1.3.3
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: WINR Games Inc
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jumer Robio

Nice game very useful

Chinito Vlogg

it enhances your brain good app I really enjoy

Rogelio Sosa

It is good very simple

Violeta Nillas

Ummm I'm playing this game right now and actaully it's not that bad but the problem is if you don't amswer the game corectly,ads are poping phew!,.

Sophie Sacapaño

Nice brain enhancer!

Rusty Lopez

ilove this game. its easy to win prizes and money.

Suleiman Shale

i love this game

Lexfer Lora

Awesome 👍

Nesa Amba

nice and very useful app..

bern condes

good apps, easy games

Onhiv 17

Great app...👍👍

geodrlaw sab

Very entertaining


Nice game

Khim Jay

La lng sabi mo eh

PrincessV Villostas


Deepak Mishra

Just started its fun and interesting

Bisha Rania Rani

All the best,best,best

Jerome Juson

I love this game

Marynell Ampuyas


Anton Balza

Rushing your brain to think fastest. Very challenging.

Glory Ouano

Fun game

Princess Casiano

Great app but adds are lil' bit annoying

Aika Oxford


Md kokan

Nice game

Roselyn Loresto

Nice game..more learn about mathematics

Aldrin Valdez

It is sow fun to play

Aiza Plazos

Very easy game and very legit...

3M's channel

Nice game

Hasbel Mampo

Im not sure but i try

Camille rose Navarez

This game is good

Raquel Viriña

Love it

Jenena Espiritu

I love this game

Marvin Canono

This will be 5star when i cash out back u when im paid 😅

Edaliza Nabayra

Maganda sya,nahahasa yung utak ko na makapag isip ng mabilis..

Nicka Torres

So nice

Rowena Cepe

Its amazing game I dont know if its legit but i like this game

Charie Payot

I love this app... it refresh my mind in numbers

Jean Fusilero



ang gunthrrr

Chong King

4 stars tho i have not yet redeemed any cash i just started today and i don😭't quite understand the mechanics of the game. I can not so much know yet how you earn points, accumulate tickets and etc. I love the game because of its simple math and it must be solved under time pressure. Will any explain to me the real thrill of the game? If i do not get the chance to win the $3000 then what do i get? I just play this for the maths and not to earn because i can't unferstand it really well atm.....