Boyfriend Battle : Friday Night Funkin

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Boyfriend Battle : Friday Night Funkin – Battle Mod for friday night funkin

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Customer review

heinrik_playz games

It's not that bad but pls. put all weeks pls.

Louie UwU

It's good


This game is so real ngl, the same graphics and songs. But the only thing missing is that all characters only sing their phase one song and also no senpai, still good game. Just fix smth and I'll give 5 stars

Pauleen Garcia

Wow it amazing though but hard is faster than easy normal is a little bit faster but cooool!


OK I just downloaded the game the game is great it has the songs and stuff but there are a few problems 1.the arrows don't sync with the song so it throws you off a bit 2.the game backgrounds and details need to be worked on by a lot the game there are arrows that need to be hit 2 or 3 times in a row now it was a good idea but the problem is that you need to hit it multiple times and theres another arrow in the game you can't sit simultaneously so thats the problem with it 4.the timer why

Jareal Stonestreet

it's like the thing it has every song

fire diamond

It's a cool awesome game but can you please update it because the two other songs on all the weeks is not there and can you make it so the other characters from the mods of fnf are there please and thank you

Erica Guzman

One of the best I've ever played the it may not the absolute best but it is good

Willie Ezebb


Ma Cristina Tapawan

Great game. Could usecsome new controls. Buttons and screen for the game. New weeks could be good. And options could be good. But still its a good game. And i think the hits are innacurate but good game.

Audra Myers

I LOVE IT!!! ITS BETTER THAN ALL OF THE ONES ON MY PHONE!!! <3 Thanks for making it! Plz make more weeks! I really want to play winer horror land! But the spookez are good!

Cameron Barker

It's a great start to making fnf moblie! It still needs some improvements but if the developers continue to work on this, it will come out nicely in the end.

the poopersons

Good game

Bryce Rings

This game is like the other one that's on PC or something good game easy for experts there are only 4 weeks in it which are gf dad,the 2 spooky month guys,pico and the gf mom there the same song from the real game and I can't wait for the creator to continue this I always wanted to play this game when I saw it on YouTube now that I got it it makes me happy to actually play it even tho it's a different one mint be ads after you finish a song or click into main menu but its still fun.

itan boss

Wow the song is cool say ugh aaaaiiiie

Khayra Umaira Ameer

I love this app. Sheesh,im still practicing on pump and skid's song and i keep losing...some of my friends sometimes battle together at roblox.. But i tried my only missed like 5 or 10 and i was good 20 Soo my friend was really good at friday night. She said the more i practice, the more i get better! So yeah, im gonna continue that south thingy-

Meylin Ramos

Can you add more to this game it is awesome


It's not bad but as soon as I pause it an ad starts playing and they also copied the real one but this is okay

alvaro gavriel maringka

honestly its fine but if i do hard it the normal song and the game is to easy or maybe im just good at fnf games idk

its miku gaming

Love it can you add some sarv or ruv?

FNF Clay Man

This game is awsome!! Best fnf mobile ive seen, but i do only have one problem can you please make it so theres an option to make the arrows upscroll? Thanks. Other than that, a perfext fnf mobile. Def a keeper.

Junairah Alawiya

Im so so exitied in dowload

queen sassy

Good fnf game

gamer tr0nic

Well I haven't played this game yet a matter a fact I'm downloading right now but from the reviews I will give it a 4

Jboyz playz

I like the game please add week 7


Doesnt even open...


This is a really good game! Plz add the rest of the weeks because this is really fun! 😊 ♥

Elliot Elkins

It's actually surprisingly good for a unofficial recreation

Off brand pico

Five stars it's so good the control's are in track it's not bad and because it's like the actual game

It's Jassy J

needs a update but its cool

Haydn fielding

It's the best out of all the other stuff but the other stuff is very bad so this is ok enjoyable but let's you play one song unless you play free play and it's buggy sorry for bad review but yea

Mechablood Call-o-duty


Minecraft Community

Nice plsss add wewk 5 week 6 week 7

Nor Madiah

To be honest this game is great even to this game not same like the original well nice work!

Tammy King

I have it playit wat

Kaski Bakugou

That's game is amazing but there's only 4 weeks

Zack Yo

It's not that bad

nothing but not

good copy but not as good as the normel one so 2 stars

RicksKidsVlogs! RKV

Its great! Its worth getting! And would you add more weeks?

A Google user

Not to be a Karen but this game is bad like REALLY bad, the notes are off and bad quality

Emer Goza

I like this game pls put week 5 week 6 week 7

Steven Nunez

It looks so good I hope Big 7 week 6 and weeks I hope they come out I give it a 10 out of 10

Aidan Madden

This is game is the best you should start adding thorns I love that song


You can move the hot bar

Sad Tankman he blue

Actually really good, my hands are suffering. Cant wait till they add weeks 5, 6, and most importantly, week 7.

jay tap

OMG the best recreation of fnf ever! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. But pls add new controls like buttons and screen press please.

Maly Chhay

it so good but thare coming soon?ahhhhhhhhhhhh?im good at this in hard mode woooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww okey hahahahahhahahha

Isabella Junio

Nice but please add a week 7,6 and 5

I like asmr and r6


Rangsek Koireng

Thats good i have so much fun!!! I think its not bad at all this is fantastic game 👌. That sounds are not bad either i love it.

purple loves rainbows xd

Thanks for making this mod

Hisyam J. Ismael

Its a good game😄 but please add week 5,6,7

WildFox 87

Cant wait for updates! This app has potential!

Funtime Cat Gaming Channel



Sure- I mean the touch is not that's sensative like really-

jeremy maestro

The best remake EVER im used to seeing OOOh FNF PIGGY MOD

Aleigha Ferris

It was a good game but it was ad loaded, everytime you die or complete a level, BOOM! Ad. But it a good game either way. Would recommend. 👍


It's one of my favorite games

i am just only Cloudyy

The app is great! But I'm having trouble with the buttons :)

ACI Fans Mikael

Its real friday night funkin

Rasev Van Gadian

🙂🙂 nice

kerrine mills

It's amazing 👏 it's just like fnf so play it now or no fnf for you lol

EAB Gaming


Felix Lee

So this is pretty good game but there a bug where when the opponents turn it break the combo when there do multiple move at a time and also the movement placement make it a bit harder to 4 finger when have a sound that use 4 arrow key really quick so I suggest you make a option for control where it put beside your screen so can click easier

Tyler Rodgers Sonic

I wonder if this has a lot of ads

Alex kitten 739 Alex kitten

I think this game is okay but u need to update this game little pls?

zach Freddy 's



This isnt a good version

Elysa Astacio

Honestly not bad for a fnf mobile game, best one so far in fact. though sometimes the sounds dont match up with the arrows being a little late which can really mess a player up. Also maybe the controls could be customizable because it gets pretty hard to tap just one side of the screen. Otherwise really great game and definitely worth a download.


You need to add more dude add mods please

some one

If your desparate for FNF downaled this just be warned this only has week 1-3 and it has adds but its an ok game

Khali El


Charlie Maxie

This game is awesome can you add more updates for this game? And keep up the good work

iiniight -_-

it's really good but please put weeks 5 6 7

Maria Garcia


Michael Hampton

Its very nice but add weeks 5 6 and 7 pls

A Google user

Yes the best wow! And when you updated it I'm really want to have week 4 and 5 and 6 and it will be better but 5 stars for you butty 🥳🦔

Chester Dave Francisco

I want all the weeks and made this all of the weeks please and i want to see Tankman i love tankman s music please made all the weeks

Gabriela State

Pls ad week 5 6 and 7 and I LOVE THIS RIP OFF

Lily Goh

This is easy, I need it to have easy, normal and hard difficulty

Genesis Lebumfacil

Pls week 5 6 7

Anne-Marie Fairchild

1 out of 5 BC everytime I do it, it will not work


I think it's a good game other people who can't install the realFriday night funkin can install this one it's a great game and please please please add level 4 5 6 7 and 8 and more ☺☺☺☺☺😀😀😆

Eduardo Monroy

THIS GAME IS THE BEST but im still waiting on the NEW WEEKS so i can play them and its kinda like the real game me likey

Darlene Rojas

Good game



Amie Kabia

If you added a bit more effort like making the notes on key and you fixed the other spooky song you could make a lot of money keep up the good work

Terry-Anne Morgan

Love it its the same as on pc but it could get more weeks though

gucci pico

This is like the real one this is like the best game like friday night funkin dont listen to haters who only give it one star cause there should be a 10 stars and i would give it 10 stars so just remember dont listen to haters

Jason Garcia

This game is fun to play

Carmen Ruiz

I love it it's so good I just want to do more

Michael Ragland

Can't wait for week 5, 6, and 7🥳🥳🥳

Great Czar

Maybe this is hard but i like it

Potato cat's alt

Can you add week 7 daddy

ji ayato

Can help people that wants to play this but dosen't have laptop 👌

Ros Sydelle Reble

I like this yeahhh


Cool Ripoff But Remove The Timer And Why Theres Clouds Everywhere?

Dranreb Paul Senica

I like the game so good 🙂☺️☺️😄 Fnf!!!!!

Gladymar Rodriguez

It is fun you should have more weeks

Jasmine Baral