Box It Up! Inc.

Author: team TAPE

10,000+ install


Box It Up! Inc. – A New Action-Puzzle Game!

Detailed info

File size: 41M
Update time: August 29, 2021
Current version: 1.13
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: team TAPE
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jordan Wilcher

I love love love this game, especially that it's pixelated you don't get a lot of games like that. So thank you so much and I wish you can make more games that are pixel!!

Natalia Chisholm

So addicting! Honestly if i could rate higher than 5 i would. I am currently on the zombie theme and i am loving the soft colours. This game reminds me so much of tape it up and i love the games equally the same. I cant wait to see yet another game being created and released♡

Yanna Playz

It's a very fun game! I recommend.

saif daiwaly

it's a fun game

Raddie Cat

At first I thought it was a clone of "Tape it up" from the creators cookie run. It's great.



Sh3lly's Here

It works out my brain and my hand speed! I like the pixel style and graphics. The ads arent that much of a bother to me but overall its a FIVE FOR ME

Huy Tran

나는 게임을 좋아하지만 가끔은 어려워진다 그러나 여전히 별 5 개를 제공하십시오.

some dude on YouTube

I really like the game its fun its a lot more complex but its kind of like a brain workout, keep up the good work

Sabrina Chang

It was kind of boring and repetitive


Its just a complete rip off of the old game tape it up. Theres almost no new content, its just all riped from tape it up.




good gamememememmakkakajsisn

Fakhrul Razi

Ive always waited for an update on tape it up, but this works too! there way more collectables and mini games. I still havent mastered the game yet but i sure will!

Fallap konch

Very good

cookies_artz meme

Don't download this terrible!!

Alex Dornfeld

It's fun until it asks you to start moving boxes around very quickly. I can't get my phone to accurately register what touch inputs I want, and thus the game's controls just fail for me, causing boxes to either not move, or just go the wrong way. I'd have to get a different device to be able to play this better, like a tablet or something. A small-ish phone doesn't work for this game.

Hunter Yeager

Great idea for game!

courtney del vecchio

challenging and awesome game!

Carl Mangampo

I just found this just scrolling on some games and saw this i thought this was a complete copy of tape it up until I saw the description that it was from the creators of tape it up. I surely love the tape it up game so i love this also...

Marie T. Mertalla

REALLY nice game i love it♡♡♡


I was going to say that this is a nice sequel to the game Tape It Up, but I noticed that the company name is different. Compared to the other game, this one is more complex and difficult. Regardless, it is still fun and the graphics are cute.


Love it!


Just as unbelievably cute and fun as the last one!

Shuguo Greyson


Christian Cortez

Love this puzzle game...Fast paced fun

mango melon

its ok

yonatan ber

What a great game! Its addictive and has a cool 8bit style.

Aaron Wang

innovative and addicting game with charming pixel art! recommended!

Daniele Dinacci


Sam Derboo