Bouncefield: Arkanoid Bricks Breaker

Author: Mana Break

100,000+ install


Bouncefield: Arkanoid Bricks Breaker – Break bricks and blocks, pop cubes, shoot and bounce balls in new arkanoid quest

Detailed info

File size: 62M
Update time: September 4, 2021
Current version: 1.4.9
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Mana Break
Price: Free
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Customer review

Ravinder Saluja

Simplistic, and a bit boring really

Dale Villaver


Sergey Tsyptsyn

Add trird ball Make split into three balls (like classic one. Drop extra balls from time to time. And make speed lower - now your game looks like money puller because of hardness. Very Unbalanced gameplay for now.

Proud Mbambo

It's a wow game

Alvin Gomez


Rouner Katalbas

Yes i like it!

Thakor Bhai Desai

Y it is stopped?

rahul Kumar

Amazing game

Danilo Melendres


Rabih Tfayli


Momma Joe

Love it! Great, simple, yet sometimes frustrating!

Player Mario Scoobie

Way too simple and easy game play. Nothing much to engage with.

Niru Niru

Niru Tihu

Test OneTwoThree

Gets stupid hard too quickly to monetize

Becky Burch

It would be a great game if you fixed it so I could see the game around my finger but since I can't I can't keep the ball bouncing and keep losing it as a result. I think that this game was made as a money grabber because I seemed to use up all the free coins in about 10 minutes! Not worth my time.

Rohit k

I gave it 5 star Some people are complaining of level 88 but i just cleared it

Michaud Clement

wow amazing

David Sparke

keeps you on your toes without being too overly complicated

Dawn Keating

The ball moves way too fast, which makes it hard to pass levels so therefore you end up having to start a level over and over again until you CAN go to the next level. The paddle is too small and it hardly drops items to help you pass to the next level. The worst thing is the steel boxes CAN'T be destroyed even with the boosters. ☹️👎 I could've given 1 🌟 but I'm being nice! 😁

Kaji Ansar ahmed




Solomoni Moce

Cool running

Ryker M


sandakalum hac


murtaza murtaza


K. V.


Brenda Thomas

Totally keeps my interest while waiting

Jake Chambers

Placement of the finger under the paddle is way too small. Makes the paddle jump randomly if you move your finger vertically even a little bit

dm o

why only 2 balls per game?????

Magnus Cain


Kyaw Wai


Robert Rere

amazing game l love it

Mary Barbosa

this game is fun and enteraining

pulak pranay

worst game ever.


Janky controls. Paddle reads as missing ball when ball clips through it. Unplayable mess of a cash grab.

T Dillon

Too difficult to control paddle

Carolyn Elliott

reminds me of the Pong Vidio game. Like it lots

Karen Goodman

The game is set up to cost you money. Trying to pass the levels without having to purchase boosts or extra balls is very difficult, even for one who plays these types of games ask the time. Level 88 doesn't allow the purchase of extra balls, which means you are playing the same level repeatedly. Done with it.

Sean Johnson

very entertaining for me, helps time padd

Hanna Rundberg

Thank you for a nice game. It's very simple whitch I appreciate; the layout etc. In the beginning it's a bit hard to understand when you will unlock the booster, and also what the coins are useful for in the beginning. Also the edges moving on a tablet give me s, ight motion sickness. Something I'd love to see is a hardcore mode or similar where you can earn extra balls but if you run out you restart from lvl one. If I remember right that's how arkanoid worked.