Bounce and pop – Balloon pop

Author: Short Cut Games

500,000+ install


Bounce and pop – Balloon pop

Throw your slicer to the balloons.
Satisfying experience when you clear the levels.
Easy to learn but hard to expert.

Detailed info

File size: 73M
Update time: February 17, 2022
Current version: 1.16
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Short Cut Games
Price: Free
5 votes

Customer review

terraria pleb

The ads do stop when you turn on airplane mode because the game needs wifi somehow so you can't do that because the developers can't make a popular game so they make a mildly fun game at best and give you 1 billion ads i definitely don't recommend would give 0 stars if I could

Tsholofelo Mastro

This game is perfect but the ad is showing up much more than that

John Ferguson

The ball is located to close to screen Edge making it difficult to aim and shoot on mobile.

Jordan Lagasca

Full of Advertisement

Definetly Not Clarence

so bad its has ad after ad

Juber ONLINE Tech

wah amazing games

Roblox Gamer TM on YT ALT

evryone keeps ratin ght e app low rating, you can just turn on airplane mose or turn off wifi or data bro. now u dont have to worry

Ali Soufan

perfect game

James Albert


Yousuf B. Buan

too much ads

Amr Atef

Ad galore


ads too much

Watson Thomas

Stupid ads ruined this

Jessie Amato

This game is fun but after every level its a ad but this game is fun but I still don't like the ads so yea


Too many adds

Oussama games

Not goood

Callum Butler

It is a bit over rated

Walden / Cayden Vong

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your boy L

to many ads

Lyte Andronic -PaRappaTheRapperYesNoellaMarcanoNo

Mr. Incredible becoming uncanny

Clyde Dexter Fuyonan

too many ads

Slogoman Faker


Faeiq Esfazari


Moosa Kadhem

thhhhhhhhhaaaaaaast issss ssuchh aa niiiiiceeeeeeee gaaaaammmeee

gyannd singh

Fu*king ads so annoying

Rosalie Caranto

Nice game


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Vic Tory



too many ada

Meca 31

god amazing game

Thomas Brady

Lots of ads but for a game I found on yt shorts it is pretty good

Jayson Espiritu

So many ads before play popping ballons

Vuelle Deece Mariano

Barabarabara bereberebere

Adrian Shey

Too annoying ads

Dillon Schott

Fun for 5 minutes till an ad pops up every 2 levels that are super easy

Arad Shahirabbasi

this is fun game

Luther John Morata


Yahir Valdivieso

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Badr Bouamar

Too long ads

Hoba DiAb

It's looks like the one on tiktok and they amde a video on yiktok saying that it's the original, which it isn't, also too many ads and lack of designs, and on top of that it needs internet connection, i would've loved it if it was offline but for a game like this it needs to be played if you're outside with no connection