Bounce and collect

Author: VOODOO

10,000,000+ install


Bounce and collect – More balls!!!

Detailed info

File size: 61M
Update time: August 27, 2021
Current version: 2.3.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: VOODOO
Price: Free
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Customer review

Yahaya Braimah

Good game nice it is just that ,every time I play a level it keeps telling me complete but then it says failed then I have to replay the level again

Delvin Taylor


Samina Bhojani


George Fisher

Don't waste your time too many ads 5 seconds game play for 30+ seconds of ads

Natalie Aldava

Barely started and already an ad... garbage. If I could give less then 1 star I would.

Lifeguard zach

More ads than game, even ads in the middle of the level. The ads have 4 different x's you got to hit to get out of them. Not bad of a game thou

Daniel van der Westhuizen


Gyanendra singh chauhan

Nice game

Corey James

This game is fun after a month or two I was able to make it to first place in the leaderboard

Lee Elzey

Too many ads.

Patrick Baylis

Unplayable with the quantity of ads.

Mark Matheson

Too much forced advertising... but other than that it's a fun game


this came is completely stupid internet needed to play so you can show off your other stupid games too and non stop adds

Phillip Bailey

Sweet game, stress relieving.

Jordan Hawkins

This game is great, I play it for hours at a time. Some say the game lies about how many balls multiply, but I figured out how the math is done, if a ball goes through a x2 it doesn't double it, it adds two then those three go through a x3 adding three for each and keeping the original 3. 1x2=3 3x3=12 12x4=56. And sometimes one ball will multiply more than one time on the same bar. Overall its a good game😁

Golu Saini

Nice good game

olivia gusse

fun game for when youre bored!!

Abigail Larson

I get caught in playing it and time flies by... lots of ads though

thetru one

Great Game!

Savage Hassan



Balls lmao

Ariane Balmores


Lin PanD

It used to be the best thing ever, I played everyday and all. Now there's an ad every 30 seconds.. please fix the ad problem! I want to enjoy playing again!

Ainna Shofiyah


Ramzan Nagi


Robbie Martin

great time killer but THE ADS ARE INSANE. thankfully the airplane mode trick works

Claus Tschiersky

What a waste of time. I'm more busy to click away the ads than with the game itself. When will they ever learn?

Tajmamad Bhatti


Jennifer Evans

Far too many adds. I can put up with adds, but this is crazy amount

Ar2 You2

5starno adds

Joey Rivera

It was great the bad part is you have to unlock the ??? Thingy


Cool silly game with a TON of ads. It's not like you have the option to watch an ad to get some kind of reward like other games. They literally force you to watch an ad every 10-15 secs just to keep playing. Another scam game. Don't bother installing it's not worthy your sanity.

Trever Stearns

Could be a cool game,but because of ads in the middle of a game that already has short enough levels is a waste of my free time. 15 minutes, and uninstalling.

Michael Arnold

Too many ads

Josh Hayslip

Very fun game great time killer

Nate's Gaming

just another game with ads

Jaliya Jones-wilson


Mohamad Nurushobirin

Too much ads after play

Janner Bryant Asturias

I got 400k balls idk why but I didn't hack I'm pro I got laggy but I leave and join and said 400k

Casey Delaronde

10 seconds game. 30 seconds Ad

James Bagnall


Josiah Black

It is so fun and it a good time killer just like that other guy says



בר אברהם

Good game, Too much ads

I am Alx

And another game full with ads. Cant rate it 0.1 stars cause thats all you deserve

Karina Brazzi

It's awesome

Stephanie Arnold

It was fun but way too many ads. I removed because of too many ads.

Matthew McCarthy

Ad bait garbage. Not even a game, just a platform for adverts. Avoid.

Sheila B

O my godd this has made me happy thx

Nahsir Tunstill

Good, ads aren't too bad

Mickoul Spithaler


Huyền Thanh

i have to watch ads, if i trun off my wifi i can't play

Deepak Thakur


soe lin

Good game app for relax

Dustin Webber


Olive Jelly

lovely 🙏

Alvin Daley

Forced to be spammed with ads, can't play offline when I am not in wifi range. Don't recommend downloading

Pop It


Yallappa Raju

ಲಕ್ಷ ವವರೂ ೊ ೧

California man


Keid Barkdale


Kyvon Redmond

This game is so fun I just got 99 percent

kenneth malson

Get rid of the gameplay ads, very disruptive

Emma Morgan

So basically I was collecting lots of balls then an add appeared but when the add finished it put me on a different levels.

Toon van vlasselaer

Not a bad game, but the fact you can get 1 or 2 out if 3 stars yet can't replay levels is ridiculous, uninstalled.

Lazara Shoup

This game has been awesome

Damon Carter



let me play it offline, cowards

tooken files

This game can be fun but it has to many ads and it can lag alot


I'm shocked I just started and then one of the levels it wouldn't stop then the better than other players stopped at 98%!

chad georgia

I love this game, it passes hours


This game is fun, just an ad every single level and I know ads help them make money but I feel like it shouldn't be every single level maybe every 3-5 levels. They do give you an option to remove ads for I think it was 3.99 but I'm not quite sure how much it was. But overall the game is very fun and somewhat addicting. You do t replay levels, you get a new one every single time, and I know that developing so many levels is a lot of work so I'm glad they didn't just have us redo levels.

Isaiah Sanchez

It is so fun.


Good game, I really love it and have no complaints. But if yoh are someone who is not fond of ads than you might have a slight problem

יובל כהן

A real fun game I play it all the time!

Jamie Davies

Pretty good not many ads either


It's 3 stars because I'm mad-I had 250k something close to it then my phone dies my apps stay but.......THE APP LITTERLY DIDNT SAVE MY PROGRESS!!! It really just.... 😤 I am...... 😤-😔 just..sad I really wish it would've saved so please update it to where it saves progress even when my phone dies! Thank you...😔

Valery Bell


dre Scheppel

Too f#####n much ads, sick of it voodoo games used to be fun highly disguised, this game would be super fun if it did not contain as much ads DO NOT DOWNLOAD ITS A BIG WASTE OF TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

James Robertson

Good but too many ads

Eon Years



Please add upgrades!! If not, I'll rate 4 star rating. Please add it!

Mekhi Campbell


dan david

Horrible advertisements experience

Dod Hamilton

Was in the to 40 and have had to uninstall and reinstall since the update as my game won't start up........paid for ad free as well!!!!


Awful, pointless, no rules

Jennifer Bee

Good game but, it needs less ads

Harley Garrison

Still like always too much ads too many ads just very sad 😥 to play

Ingi Þór

I knew it included ads but it should be illegal ro have this many

C Biv

Constantly freezes. Manure app

Dan Siverns

A satisfying experience for stress relief

Ryan Radford

Make a speed up button and you'll get 5 stars

Lucky Nkosi

Great game

Ethan Talayumptewa

Balls 🙂

Rory Dillon

Can't play without wifi, the only time I want to play is when I don't have wifi for other things.

Carl Sebastian Asinas

Last time I go insane and I fill up there entire screen!! AND IM DOWNLOADING IT AGAIN

Mokete Mphunyane

I like the game it's fine you know joking I'm enjoying it

Leizer Weiss

Too many ads. Ad after each level.

Richard Evans

5 seconds of game play per 30 seconds of ads

Nathan Markel

Love it so much