Botworld Adventure

Author: Featherweight

500,000+ install
Role Playing


Botworld Adventure – Battle your way through an Epic Open World RPG from the makers of Rodeo Stampede

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File size: Varies with device
Update time: September 10, 2021
Current version: Varies with device
Require Android: Varies with device
Developer: Featherweight
Price: Free
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Customer review

Steven Binks

This game has huge potential, but as common with free games the grind becomes overwhelming and your hit with a pay wall. Leveling units and upgrading them (why can't they claim exp when used with recurits?) is incredibly time consuming, your recruits don't heal. If these are fixed it'll soften the grind and it make it more enjoyable!

Fishff Fishff

Very very very good and attractive game

ok no

its a very good game, its quite easy and relaxing. a problem ive come across is, the game crashing after each ad, this doesnt happen everytime but its annoying when it does. after watching an ad for extra rewards or a new contract, it crashes which usually causes loss of the reward which i was supposed to get for watching the ad.

alyssa biersack

all good

Yahya Ibrahim

repetitive gameplay

Ya ko

Change my rating again, this game it's not p2w but the more I played it's started to feel like p2w game, scrap it's hard to get I've been farming a couple of days just to get tank plating and the only way I got them by running a danger zone, I know the only way to obtain tank plating in the high place but boy no matter how many time I do a scrap run I didn't get a single drop while my chaser brawl and range bot already sitting on lvl 18 my tank still on lvl 15 lmao I'm done with this.

Marsellus W

please check stability before pushing to live. edit: looking better

Moh Moh

لعبة جميلة جدا الصراحة 😍😍💯⁦❤️⁩

excel marion

best game ever!!!

Kyle Stewlow

Not bad!!!

Much Wow Gamer

Very good game. Reminds me of Pokemon Quest.

Idk my name

Seru banget!! Game terekomendasi banget sih

Hasan Shamsi

its nice

Dr.vishal patil

Tricky and addictive..simple

Corey Bennett

Problems with doglee men,prevents installation ov maybe worth something apps,coames

Justin Scott

A nice little game. Would recommend.

Gladys Raagas

Really great game i recommend this to people who love open world rpg games and the best thing about this game is that it dosent take much storage space and its offline as well but when offline u cant do quests u can only battle bots and get some parts for ur boat but anyways this game deserves 5 stars like seriously

Lorex Yang

Funny, but the AI is just like an idiot.

wid id

many robot to create, love it


Highly Recommended Game. It was like pokemon but in a unique way and for me to make it more alive please do some storyline on the game. Like someone who's trying to control all over bots. Overall 9/10

Emarilee Whitner

I really liked it you can make your own charecter and you can explor it is a really fun game in my opinon and i really think people should try it out!


Boring game

065 - HARISH R

nice game ♥️

Joseph Ricci

I really like this game. There is a huge pay wall at level 20 that puts a hard stop on progression. Unfortunately, it's 15bucks a month for the season pass. Thats ridiculous.


I have been playing for 5 days and honestly this is one of the best mobile games i ever played. It is so addicting! The gameplay feels original. The story pace is just right for me, and it is so laid back that i can just enjoy the game whenever i want. Even better, the game doesn't feel pay to win at all. Not that i have play PVP frequently, but building team is so fun that i can just enjoy the PVE/story content and it still feels amazing. Game is also frequently updated too. Amazing job!


Tbh game is ok but the solo league is complete garbage I keep getting ppl with lv above 12 (which is my lv) and most of the time enemy player has bots on lv 20 and about bots Some are good some are bad and some are absolutely ducked up like frogger u cant hit that little piece of trash if u don't have ranged and most of the time when a close ranged bpt comes frogger just jumps away 2/5

JuanMiguel Doton

It's look like Zelda game and pokemon and the gameplay good though but the mission are kinda hard for me and it's hard to find the location and by the way I really enjoy it good game and Keep up the good work and I wish you can modify the robots or build your own design robots something like that though I not finish the game though I love it☺️


It would be best if you add new character (animals). Also, the gap level.

Tocsick Gamer

it just like a Pokemon game but pokemons r replaced with robots and stroy line is different, also we cannot catch in this game but we can make, that's all tht i found cool.

Muhammad Azfar Afif

its a very good game! :D. I like all character, npc's, and the bot's

Ikaruga 21

Please lower the level of enemies. It sure is fun and challenging but when I'm at level 10,a lot of enemies at Desert is level 10&11. It hard to explore the map when the enemies is the same level as i am.

Mitch ortega

very vert great game

Amarjit Moirangthem


Jake peralta

very enjoyable

Janet Hillion

Crashes too much


I think Story is inspired from pokemon I like the story and gameplay

Rhoi Anthony Co

great relaxing game. arena and bandit fights rely on luck with where the ai put there bots. it would be nice to have switching priority in placing bots in a fight for more strategic gameplay

Bililegend on the beat

this game is so awesome open world

Nehan Vorster

This game is amazing and I highly recommend it's fun and worth the time

Charlie Hockley

Cant play it keeps turning itself off

Dodiya Jigar

best open world game

Ehn Zenkorash

Great game mechanics really fun and would recommend

Jacey Hissong

it really fun

Jay Byagari


Akshay Titus

It's good graphics, but this game is very slow.... I think it's was a bug.... Plz..fix it...

Khalid Saeed

has to be one of my favourite mobile games (not a bot lmao)

Santiago, Aedrian Sharl

Changed my rate from 5 to 4 because the heroic danger zone is not appearing. I just got my boat upgraded to level 13 and I need the ice and lava shard to be able to upgrade my boat to level 14. I dunno if this was bug or not but hope you can fix this!

Rowaeed Saeed

It is very good game but it is too hard

Louisa Danso

Best game ever. But the problem is, can't we get the green gem from chest and now a days, i don't get botframe from chest


This game is simply a gem, nothing less nothing more just try it the heck out if you didnt already

Mr. WolFy


Ivwes Nwindy

I love this game for MANY reasons!!!!!!

Brewster Gabia

There's a bug that if i leave the game while in battle after i go back to the game, the screen is working but i can't touch the game so i decided to delete it it's my 3rd time creating new acc

_ Kitsune _


Cannot play after latest update. Auto close game after 5 second login

Kirby Lawrence Pitogo

Great game

Reymon Torillo

I lovethis app, maybe in the next update you can add legendary and mythic bots that would be supercool, and also I please add more cool evolution looks in every bot when they level up. I can recommend this to Everyone, I'll make it 5 in the next update if you add the dragon race character.


It's very fun and can be a little bit grindy at times but it's fine. I would also humbly request to be able to either recycle or sell unused items like excess ability modules and boosters. It doesn't have to sell much but at least it can be of some use rather than just gathering dust in the storage room. Thank you very much for the great game!

Josh Travas

It's a great RPG to have on android. Need Moaaaar content please!

Ek Seng Ng

Its fun at the beginning, after u get to higher char/bot lvl from 20 onwards. Grinding becomes a drag.. Cant progress to new areas cause boat lvl not high enough.. Char lvl 21. fighting lvl 24-30 bots n not much reward..even if u go back to areas with same lvl bots..its boring.. Danger zones also too risky. Helper bots abit useless/unpredictable.. Just gonna uninstall. Havent played for 4+mths.came back today n its still depressing.

TheJoker Cat

Best combination between Pokemon and TFT

Blizzr 25

The game really is awesome!

Max Randel

I find this game quite fun and competent, Especially for a mobile game. However, the game constantly crashes while even more demanding games like Genshin Impact run fine. If that issue was fixed I would rate 5 stars.


was fun playing this game but I seem to have lost my progress and my level has also decreased seems like it saved my progress only upto a certain my disappointment is immeasurable and my experience is ruined

Rizalyn Gerawa

The game is great! But the reason why I gave it 3 stars because of enemy levels are higher than mine so I can't beat them... It has also glitches and bugs... Bosses also has a new and strong bots so i can't easily battle with them... I wish you would fix these bugs, glitches, enemies and their levels

Nicholas Bowers

No matter what I do the game always crashes after the character customization screen. It has potential but they need to fix the crashes

Whisnu Maharaja Kusuma

I actually love it. This kinda open-world game that will take a long time to get bored, because there are a lot of things to explore. I also love that feature where I do not feel alone when playing it offline because there are NPCs around me. I do have some tips for this game. Could u add encyclopedia consists of bots that we already fought, so that we can get information about all bots? Also, could u maybe add more fun things to do inside the town? In case if we are bored doing things outside.

Chathush Lakvidu


Fritz Mendoza

nice game, I really love it!!!


Amazing and simple but i want more bots

Shen Xiaoting

The game looks interesting but theres a bug that if you run you will be stuck on that place and it sucks💀

siddiqui swift

This game sooo good like i love the digins and love the combat system keep on playing gamers cause u should would't like missing out on this game 😁

Pascu Matei

nici game, but man, the battery consumption is high af

Jovryl Catalan

This game is cute and kinda fun, but I'm not really a robot guy. Please devs if you see my comment/rating PLEASE make a game that is like this but like a casual one, you know like you have a house and collecting stuff and working or something (you know like a hello kitty aesthetic/style hehe) (i feel nostalgic when i played the game 'cause it kinda remind me of old nintendo games)

Arnab Sarkar

Nice Pokémon Master Adventures..

Santi Show

is the best

Cameron Louis

great adventure and expansive gameplay, fun graphics.

Kherwin Paul Coronado

its great game and enemies get hard too but why contract are so long i think it needs internet? or idk and i cant even go at desert cuz the contract! i hate it im stuck at level 3 boat but good game

Happy Rai

great game


Sometimes it tells me that I'm offline even though I'm connected to the internet

Gaurav Joshi

best game

The Wèird Clüb

As I made some progress into the game, it suddenly becomes Laggy and then crashes. Again and again and so on forth. Please fix this

Armando Bustamante

Decent controls, I like the art style, gorgeous. Can I play this on my switch?

umar faruk

Best game, good story like and enjoyable battles

rodell john clavero

great game most recommend

alex cat

Really intersting well made gameplay, loop. the an energy system that instills you into paying to recover is unreccomended because that's a punishment for playing the game so you aren't able to play it. There should better characterization with your parents, where they do things outside of your main mission so you'd care about them. Farming is entertaining due to how battles work.


Pretty fun!!!

Samuel Calderon

This is just an amazing game


Good Game!

Aiman Ali

Nice game

myhome myhome

too laggy

Abhishek Kushwaha

nice open world game and it has alot of fun it's so satisfying when you are get overpowered in this game and the simplest way to get over powered is just download the mod apk of unlimited money just simple like me

Ricky Fernando

i love the game u guys make really well made game and so far haven't found any bugs

Lucius Salve

tos a gud gaem

Joshua Ramirez


Lorenz Peter Balbuena

nice game

YEvil Yap

I strongly recommend this rpg.... it somehow remind me of Pokémon hahaha...

Mr. Peace

Love this game

Ernesto Ayudan

The game was bug at the beginning I can't play right now... Edit: still bug cant even play the damn game


good game.